Dreaming that a glass breaks

Dreaming that a glass breaks

Have you dreamed that a glass breaks? Have you dreamed of glasses even if they don't break? we see the meaning of dreaming about glass glasses.

Dreams, and the dream world in general, have captivated people for centuries, trying to know what the meaning of what appears in our minds during dreams is. They have been related to visions of the future or premonitions, with warnings and therefore It depends on what we dream, one meaning or another is given. 

Dreaming that a glass breaks

Before getting into the subject and seeing the meaning of dreaming that a glass breaks, let's talk about crystals. Normally the crystals, or rather Broken glass is related to a bad omen. We all know the years of bad luck that come with breaking a mirror (which is actually glass). But we don't always have to reflect bad signals on broken glass. Sometimes, it reflects something positive even if at first it seems like an unpleasant idea.

Breaking a glass during our dream has been related to meanings such as betrayal. It is likely that We find ourselves in a moment of our lives that is fragile, like a glass. A glass is delicate although in reality if we pick it up it seems strong, but with one hit it can shatter. We may be going through the same thing, we may be in a difficult moment and in the face of a blow like a betrayal we still fall apart.

As well It is likely that they have already betrayed you and the dream reflects not a future moment but a present moment. We feel that our life is shattered by something that has just happened to us or something that we cannot overcome. In this case, this dream is presented as a way to assimilate the moment we are in, in such a way that now all that remains is to put ourselves back together.

In Japan there is an art that is kintsugi, where broken objects are put back together and they are marked with scars, but those scars are made with gold. It is the art of rebuilding ourselves, of appreciating what we have been through because now we are going to be more valuable, stronger. We must apply this philosophy in our lives. We must not let the things that have happened to us shame us, but recognize them, close the wound and show the scars with pride. 


Dreaming about a broken glass on the floor, but we did not break it ourselves

When we dream of a broken glass on the floor but we did not break it, it implies that we are in an important moment of demotivation. Maybe we feel insecurity or sadness about something that has happened to us and that makes us feel paralyzed. Our unconscious is giving us a cry to wake up and take charge of what is happening to us.

If you have dreamed of a glass in these conditions, it is time to stop and reflect on what is happening in your life. Maybe we need to leave something aside, say no and give more value to ourselves. And, of course, turn to those people who we know are always on our side. Asking for help is strong.

Dreaming about everyday objects like a glass

Dreaming about objects from our daily lives seems to be something trivial or normal, because we see them often, but sometimes They are the ones that can have the most meaning. We must stop to analyze what we have dreamed, how that object appeared, if we have it, we find it, they give it to us...

In the case of broken glasses or crystals, we have already commented that they reflect a certain danger and we must be attentive to how they appear in the dream and also to what is happening in our lives in reality, outside the dream world.

Broken glasses often tell us about our sentimental life, about the deepest things we have and that we often do not share with others. They also reflect our dreams and how we see them slipping out of our control. It's easy that Someone who is going through a breakup or disappointment in love dreams of a broken glass. somehow.

dream about glass

dream of broken glass

We may dream of broken glass but We don't know for sure if it is a glass or what it is. In that case, the broken glass has a meaning similar to that of the broken glass. We must look at who broke those windows.

If we have broken those glasses ourselves, we must see what is happening in our life, why we feel that we are breaking and if we need some freedom or take something or someone away from our lives to feel good and recomposed again.

If we dream that we walk on those crystals and they hurt us, It implies that we feel afraid, we are carrying out some work or life project and we are truly afraid that it will not turn out as we expect. It is that illusion that we fear will be broken.

The dream is pleasant

If the dream has broken glass but it is a dream in which we feel good, it is a pleasant dream, it is reflecting to us that there is something that we cannot achieve and it is simply because something stops us, break that limit and get what you want.

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