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Postposmo is an AB Internet website. On this website we report on Culture, reviews, movies, books, music, economics and finance, self-improvement and religion. An interesting mix for all those who want to be informed and become part of the citizens of the XNUMXst century

Since it was launched in 2005, Postposmo has had spectacular growth to become one of the leading companies in its sector.

The editorial team of Postposmo is made up of a group of experts and passionate about information and culture. If you also want to be part of the team, you can send us this form to become an editor.

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    • Jennifer Monge Sanz

      I'm Jenny, passionate about culture and art. Since I was little I was fascinated by works of art and their stories, that's why I decided to study Art History, Restoration and Conservation. My training has allowed me to work as a tour guide, a profession that I really enjoy because it allows me to share my knowledge and enthusiasm with other people. In addition to culture and art, I am also in love with nature and animals. I live in a country house with my horses and dogs, who are part of my family. Although they sometimes give me more than a headache, I wouldn't change them for anything. I love nature, including human nature, the body is an incredible machine about which we have much left to discover. I like reading about science, health and wellness, and learning new things every day. But above all, I like to write, express my ideas, transmit and talk about history, art and curiosities.

    • Alicia tomero

      I am Alicia, very passionate about culture, art, mystery and its curiosities. My studies have led me to be involved in a multitude of projects in life, especially in photography, food styling and writing. Hence I always want to improve myself, transmitting my knowledge to the viewer. You can find me on other websites, such as Thermorecetas or Madres On.

    Former editors

    • infinite nature

      Since my earliest childhood, I have always felt captivated by the rustling of leaves, the singing of birds and the mysterious world that hides under each stone on the path. My passion for nature, animals and plants has grown with me, becoming the center of my life and career. As a wildlife writer, I spend my days exploring and documenting the beauty and complexity of wildlife. From the majestic flight of the eagle to the delicate balance of an ecosystem in a dewdrop, every aspect of nature inspires me to learn more and share that knowledge with the world.

    • Growing in the Word

      Since my earliest childhood, I have felt a deep connection with spiritual teachings. My soul found refuge in the sacred scriptures, and since then, I have dedicated myself to studying the Bible and spreading the word of God. Each verse and each parable have been like seeds planted in the fertile soil of my heart, growing and blooming in unwavering faith. Sermons are my daily bread; In them I find wisdom and comfort. Prayers are the bridge that connects me with the divine, an intimate dialogue with the Creator that strengthens my spirit. In these times of uncertainty, where the shadows seem to lengthen, I hold firm the torch of faith to illuminate the path of those who seek hope. Cultivating faith is not only an act of personal devotion, but a service to the community. It is sharing the warmth of the divine word in a world that often feels cold and desolate. Therefore, I am dedicated to teaching, guiding and inspiring others to find their own spiritual path, because in faith we find the strength to face life's challenges and the promise of a better tomorrow.

    • The Corner of Knowledge

      I am passionate about economics and financial education, and I have dedicated my career to sharing knowledge that empowers people in their financial lives. In my corner, you will find detailed information and practical advice that will help you better understand the financial world and make informed decisions. With a mix of in-depth analysis, market trends and investment strategies, my goal is for you to discover how to manage your personal finances effectively and achieve your financial goals.

    • Journey to the Cosmos

      Born under the starry sky of a quiet summer night, I always felt a special connection with the cosmos. Since he was little, he spent hours contemplating the constellations and dreaming about the mysteries of the universe. My passion for astronomy led me to study astrophysics at university. After earning my degree, I decided to merge my love of writing and my fascination with space by becoming a content writer.

    • iamolaliterature

      My passion for reading began in childhood, devouring classics and contemporary novels with equal voracity. Over time, that passion became a profession. I have worked with publishers, literary magazines and digital platforms, always with the aim of bringing literature to more people. My specialization not only covers the review and criticism of works, but also the creation of content that explores the history of literature, literary movements, and the lives of those who have left their mark on the world of letters. Each project is a new challenge: from adapting a classic text for a modern audience to analyzing current trends in narrative. Literature is a reflection of humanity, and as an editor, my mission is to be a mirror that clearly and deeply reflects the spirit of each work.

    • develop your life

      Since my youth, I have always been fascinated by the human being's ability to transform and grow. This passion led me to study psychology and literature, fields that are intertwined in my career as a content writer specialized in personal development. Over the years, I have collaborated with various platforms and magazines, sharing strategies and reflections that motivate people to reach their full potential. My focus has always been to guide others through their own journeys of self-discovery, using writing as a tool to inspire and educate. I have had the privilege of seeing how my words can act as catalysts for positive change in the lives of others, and that is what drives me to continue writing every day.

    • Learn about Cultures

      Since my youth, I have always been fascinated by the richness and diversity of the world's cultures. My passion for exploring different ways of life and traditions led me to become a content writer specializing in cultures. I have traveled to numerous countries, immersing myself in their customs, learning their languages, and documenting their unique stories. Through my writings, I seek to build bridges of understanding and appreciation between people. I firmly believe that by sharing knowledge about different cultures, we can foster a deeper sense of global community and mutual respect. My work is not just a profession, it is a vocation that allows me to connect with humanity in its broadest expression.

    • Elijah Garcia

      I am passionate about culture, television and modern formats. Since I was little I liked to read, write and watch all kinds of programs, from documentaries to reality shows. I studied Journalism and Audiovisual Communication, where I learned the techniques and tools to create quality and attractive content for the public. I work as a content editor for a digital magazine that is dedicated to analyzing and commenting on the latest trends and news in the world of culture and television. I am in charge of writing articles, reviews, interviews and reports on series, movies, books, music, art and other topics of interest. I also participate in podcasts and videos where I debate and share my opinions with other experts and fans. I consider myself a creative, curious and critical person, who is always up to date with what is happening on the cultural and television scene. I like to investigate, contrast and delve into the topics I deal with, seeking to offer an original and rigorous vision. I really enjoy my work, as it allows me to express my passion and connect with other people who share my tastes and concerns.

    • Naomi Fernandez

      I have a degree in Biology with an unwavering passion for knowledge and exploration. My academic training is complemented by studies in Psychology, which allows me to approach topics from different perspectives and deepen my understanding of the human mind. My professional career includes teaching experience in Secondary Education, where I have had the privilege of inspiring young minds and fostering their curiosity. I firmly believe that learning is a constant journey and that we all have the capacity to marvel at the world around us.

    • Thalia Wohrmann

      I was born in South Africa, a country full of contrasts and diversity, where I grew up surrounded by different cultures and languages. My father is German and my mother is Spanish, so since I was little I learned to appreciate different ways of seeing the world. I love reading all kinds of books, from historical novels to scientific essays, and writing about what inspires me. I am a great film fan and I enjoy watching films of all genres and eras, although I have a weakness for classic and auteur films. Another of my passions is nature and gardening, it relaxes me to take care of plants and observe the changes they experience throughout the seasons. I studied Audiovisual Communication because I am fascinated by the power of the media to transmit messages and stories, and I have the title of Veterinary Technical Assistant because I adore animals and I care about their well-being. I write on this blog because of my wide variety of knowledge and hobbies, which I hope to be able to share with you and that you find interesting and curious.

    • Miriam

      I am a pharmacist by profession and vocation. I graduated in 2009 from the University of Barcelona (UB), one of the most prestigious in the country. Since then I have focused my career on taking advantage of natural plants and traditional chemistry, combining the best of both worlds. I am interested in everything related to health, nutrition and well-being, and I like to stay up to date with the latest research and advances in these fields. I am a lover of children, animals and nature, and I really enjoy spending time with them. I consider myself a happy, optimistic and creative person, who always seeks to learn new things and share my knowledge with others.

    • Iris Gamen

      I am a graphic designer and publicist, with a passion for visual communication and art. I am fascinated by the history of art and design, and how they reflect the culture and society of each era. My references are Saul Bass, the master of film poster design, and Stephen King, the king of horror. Both accompany me in my life, both in my work and in my leisure. I like to write about curiosities, science and books, and share my knowledge and opinions with the world.

    • Laura Torres

      I love writing about curiosities, science and books, because I think they are topics that enrich us and make us learn new things. In addition to being a Veterinary Technical Assistant and having studied Environmental Sciences, I also have other hobbies, such as photography, film and music. I also enjoy watching movies and series of different genres and eras, and listening to songs that inspire and move me. I write on this blog to share my knowledge, experiences and opinions with you, the readers. I like to research varied and curious topics, and present them in an entertaining and educational way. I also like to read your comments and suggestions, and learn from your contributions.