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Postposm is an AB Internet website. On this website we report on Culture, reviews, movies, books, music, economics and finance, self-improvement and religion. An interesting mix for all those who want to be informed and become part of the citizens of the XNUMXst century

Since it was launched in 2005, Postposmo has grown spectacularly to become one of the leading companies in its sector.

Postposmo's editorial team is made up of a group of experts and passionate about information and culture. If you also want to be part of the team, you can send us this form to become an editor.

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    • Thalia Wohrmann

      Born in South Africa, with a German father and a Spanish mother, I am a complete cultural mix. I love to read, write and dance. I am very cinephile and passionate about nature and gardening. I studied Audiovisual Communication and I have the title of Veterinary Technical Assistant (I love animals!). I write in this blog because of my wide variety of knowledge and hobbies, which I hope to share with you!

    • Naomi Fernandez

      I have a degree in Biology with additional training in Psychology and teaching experience in Secondary Education. Sports fan and lover of knowledge -like philosophers (filo=love and sofos=wisdom)- I am delighted to offer information on the plurality of cultural and current issues that we deal with in this versatile blog.

    • Jennifer Monge Sanz

    Former editors

    • infinite nature

      We are lovers of nature, animals and all kinds of plants. If you are also fascinated by the animal world, then you will love reading our articles.

    • Growing in the Word

      Eternal student of the Bible and the word of God. I love sermons and prayers. Cultivate Faith, in these times it is more necessary than ever.

    • The Corner of Knowledge

      Your favorite corner on economic and financial information. Discover everything you need to know to take your finances to a new level.

    • Journey to the Cosmos

      Editorial team of Viajealcosmos, a specialized website on outer space and everything beyond the earth.

    • iamolaliterature

      Lover of literature and books. Before I wrote in yoamolaliteratura and now I do it in Postpostmo.

    • develop your life

      Are you interested in developing your personal life and overcoming your challenges? In the team of the old web desarrolltuvida we offer you all our knowledge on this important matter.

    • Learn about Cultures

      Editorial profile of the website Conocedeculturas, currently integrated within Postposmo.com

    • Elijah Garcia

      Passionate about culture, television and modern formats. TV, series, movies, books and any kind of knowledge.

    • Miriam

      Pharmacist graduated in 2009 from the University of Barcelona (UB). Since then I have focused my career on taking advantage of natural plants and traditional chemistry. I am a lover of children, animals and nature.

    • Iris Gamen

      Graphic designer and publicist. Lover of the history of art and design. Saul Bass and Stephen King life partners.

    • Laura Torres

      Hello! I currently work as a Veterinary Technical Assistant, although a few years ago I studied Environmental Sciences, which makes me multidisciplinary. Although my greatest passion is animals in general. Since I was little I have lived in different places and I have had contact with many people, that is why I write in this blog. Do we read?