Prayer to sleep children who do not want to go to bed

La Children's sleep prayer They are simple prayers that encourage the little ones in the house to communicate with God at night before going to bed. It also allows them to treasure the word in their hearts from the first years of life, establishing in them the habit of praying and thanking God. Here we will show you some very simple to memorize by children


Children's sleep prayer

There is no greater happiness for parents than to see their children grow in the word of the Lord. Growing in the faith of Christ will make children trust him, and this trust will not allow the situations they may be observing around them to affect them. The bedtime prayer will help children to base this faith and keep communication with daddy God alive from a very young age.

They will grow up knowing that not only do they have earthly parents who care for them, but they also have a heavenly father who also listens, watches over and guides them at all times and in all places.

Children are purity personified, their spirits are still innocent and their minds are not aware of bad things, nor do they know of tricks or harm. Keeping children at this level of awareness is a challenge for parents because of the world that unfolds outside the home. However, educating them in love and the Christian faith will help keep them away from evil, because they will always remain in the shelter of the Most High and under the shadow of the omnipotent God the Father.

This time some prayers are brought to put children to sleep, but it is also convenient to do it when they wake up. That is why we invite you to enter here to learn about the prayer of the day for God to take control. Because each awakening is an opportunity that the Lord gives us to walk in his ways. Here is a series of prayers to pray with your children before bed.

Sleep prayer for children who are afraid to go to bed

This prayer is helpful when children cannot sleep peacefully at night, perhaps because of anxiety or fear. As they do it frequently, children establish a habit of communicating with God, gaining trust in him and losing fear, anxiety or what could be affecting their sleep. In addition to the prayer shown below, you can also enter here and discover another protection prayer for the night to God, to allow him to sleep in peace and rest confident.

Oh daddy God you are my faithful guardian,

You are my most pleasant company

tonight I thank you

And in the name of Jesus I ask you

Forsake me neither by night nor by day!

May your presence always be in my life

Whether in my joys or in my sorrows or during my fears

Keep me at all times, even when I sleep

And protect me from all harm

Cover me with your hug to feel safe

Take care that you don't fall into temptation

Forgive me for the wrong I have done to someone

As I also forgive my fellow men

Father in the name of Jesus

Protect me from the evil that is in the world

Allow me to show you my fidelity, oh God,

Keep and protect my family from all evil

Take care of my sleep, Amen

Good night prayer for children

This is a simple prayer for children to ask and thank God for a good, restful night's sleep. If in addition to children you have children in adolescence you can enter the following article: prayer for youth teenagers. A precious prayer so that they can overcome the problems they go through during adolescence.

My God, you who are the creator of all things

Tonight I thank you because I am your creation and your son

Father God, I thank you for my family and all my loved ones.

In the name of Jesus I ask you to keep me from all evil

To each of them and also to me

Always stay with us accompanying us

Papa God I will take care to behave well,

I ask God in the name of Jesus

Give me a sweet dream and your blessing, Amen

Prayer for children at bedtime

At the end of the day it is very important to teach children to thank God through a prayer at bedtime. In this way they will be able to experience your protection not only during the day but also at night. Here are two prayers to put children to sleep at bedtime:

First sentence:

Loving father

Before going to sleep I want to have this time

To talk with you my God

Because I need to thank you for my parents,

They were given to me by you oh God, thank you for your love and kindness

Thank you because they teach me that I am also your son my God

The parents you gave me teach me to pray, and to believe in you

God bless you in Jesus name

Teach me my God to live according to your precepts

Thank you sir for your coat

Father, in the name of Jesus watch over my dreams, overnight

Keep away from me any fear of the night

As well as every problem and every disease

Father, forgive me, I've done something you don't like.

Jesus of my salvation, thank you for your protection

Help me to grow in faith, in love for you Lord and in God

I ask you for also for my brothers, friends and family

Give us strength at all times

Thank you because I know I'm going to sleep peacefully

And to wake up in peace, because your dad God takes care of me


second sentence:

Dad God thank you for this day

Thank you for the peace and tranquility you give me,

I am grateful for your protection, for being my protective shield

Thank you because you are always by my side

I ask you oh God in the name of Jesus

Do not separate me from your presence, because you are my guide and my strength.

Let me always grow from your hand,

To not fall into temptation and be a good person;

Dad, I thank you because I am a happy child,

God, thank you for my parents, grandparents and siblings,

Keep them always in your infinite goodness,

Thank you for my friends and classmates

Allow my God that we can grow together according to your will

Thank you heavenly father for my house,

For the provision you put on our table every day,

Thanks for your blessings

Help us grow as a united family

And faithful believer of your love,

I ask you to sleep peacefully and protected in your love,


Verses of Psalms in Prayer to sleep children

Here are some verses from the psalms of the Bible, to put children to sleep peacefully and have the Lord's protection at night.


16:1 – Keep me safe, O God, for I have come to you for refuge.

91:5 – Neither by day nor by night will we have to worry about being in danger of death.

23:4 – Though I pass through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil,

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