Esther in the Bible: A woman who defended her people

In this interesting article we will talk about the influence of esther in the bible, an influential woman in her town and in her time. You will know everything about her and many more curiosities about her.


Who was Esther?

Esther was a young Jewish woman who lived through a time of great uncertainty. All this happened when the people of God were scattered and all returned from exile, in fact, she is the last woman spoken of in the Old Testament.

She left a legacy of bravery, which makes her a totally wonderful woman. We will investigate the absolute context of her story to assess the characteristics of her that made her so memorable.

His real Jewish name is Hadassah. She herself was born into a family that she preferred to live in captivity to return to Jerusalem. In fact, she was orphaned at a very young age and her upbringing went hand in hand with her cousin Mordecai. He himself adored Esther as his own daughter, and she owed him respect as a father.

Esther's life story

The story takes place around 483 BC Everything happens when the king tries to take over Greece in order to defeat the evils that persecuted the Persians and his father. He himself held an attack planning feast, attended by the princes and rulers of Persia and Media.

In this feast you could see the greatness of the town and its riches, it was a magnificence of power. In fact, the duration of said party was approximately six months, the banquet would last 7 days and alcohol would be a common factor among all the guests of said celebration.

Ester lived right in that place, almost reaching 20 years old she observed an environment of great tension and discomfort. In fact, men everywhere were disgusted after Queen Vasi's disrespect, as she did not appear at the king's court when it was summoned.

The beginning of a story as Reina

This episode unleashed the wrath of the king, thus the queen was deposed and men throughout the kingdom were affirmed. In fact, after a few years the king remembered Vasi and everyone in the kingdom believed that he would seek wives from the seven families of counselors, as tradition indicated.

However, a rather strong proposal came up regarding choosing the virgins from all over the empire, but above all, the most beautiful. For many parents this was worrying, since their daughters were at risk of being concubines for the rest of their lives without having the right to anything, not even a regular life.

We may come to think that this story becomes a kind of beauty pageant or something similar, this could not be further from reality. Certainly the king was evil, lustful and narcissistic.

This reached such a strong level that he committed incest with his daughter and then ordered the murder of his entire family, all thanks to the resentment he felt from his ex-wife. On one occasion a soldier requested to remove her to take care of her father, to which the king responded by cutting off her head and sending her home to her family in two parts.

After these cruel events, Ester was handed over as a maid to the custody of Hegai, the one in charge of the women's stay. Already in this place she herself would find endless luxuries that she could possess, including cosmetics and expensive clothing of the time.

When it comes to grooming, Esther followed Hegai's advice, certainly her character and beauty did not need many adornments to charm the king in every way, thus achieving his public approval. Being away from home, she obeyed the king as when she was under his tutelage, so as to hide her faith from her at all costs, though this did not last long.

Gradually, Mordecai managed to get a plot that they would exercise against the king, likewise by denouncing it, it is recorded in his good deeds in the royal chronicles, which later assured him an important position. A few years later the drama begins where God appears through Esther as his instrument, this is the most interesting part of the whole story.



What happened?

It all starts when Mordecai refuses to bow down to Haman, he himself was the king's courtier and heir to multiple riches. Therefore, Haman, taking advantage of the king's greed, managed to offer a large amount of money to destroy that Jewish people. Obviously they were all against the kingdom of God.

After the king agreed, great ruins were experienced and there was mourning among all the Jews. In fact, Mordecai himself came to dress in mourning, victimizing himself at all times. At this point, Ester feels extremely uncomfortable since she will feel that her life is in total danger.

Mordecai spoke directly with Esther and explained that her citizenship had nothing to do with what was happening. He told her not to think of escaping from her just because she was a Jew since in some future she might become queen.

Obeying Mordecai, she began a plan of attack against him with many weapons. In this way she called a fast in the name of God, expressing her decision above all the laws established by the king. She exposed her life to the king that she had never sought for 30 days.

The risk of this act was always very high, considering the cruelty that existed in the king's heart. However, when she appeared before him, she received her with great tenderness, long before she made her request, the king had already offered her up to more than half of her kingdom.

Esther taking this opportunity to express her anguish invited the king and Haman to two consecutive banquets, thus gaining even more approval from the king. Haman was totally flattered by the invitation, he never imagined that this would be his last appearance after Esther's direct accusation towards the two.

The salvation of the Jewish people

The king tried to be fair before Esther and her people, in fact, he ordered Haman's head to be cut off in the place that had been destined for Mordecai. A contrast was generated, since Haman's assets were completely delivered to Mordecai, although the king never managed to annul his decree generated against the Jews, he obtained power to publish a decree that counteracted the previous one.

Finally, we manage to observe absolutely all of God's action through small details, in this way it is possible to show his providence through a great obedient and brave woman. She that woman that no one would imagine that she would mark a before and after in the history of religion.


Characteristics of Esther's character

It is said that there are inspiring characteristics of Esther's piety: One of them was undoubtedly when her life was marked by submission and obedience to Mordecai. Since being guided by Hegai, she always respectfully addressed the king. She had a very curious way of responding to Mordecai's leadership, as she showed that her heart was not bitter at being an orphan or being raised by her cousin.

Although he lived in a time of great spiritual strength, he remained steadfast in his faith in God. In fact, she showed that she was content with what was given to her, she showed trust in God at all times plus the general luxury. She displayed remarkable elegance.

When denouncing aman, she always sought the protection of her husband. She had no strategy since she always took into account her place in her kingdom, she expressed concern of her marriage.

She was careful when speaking to her husband, she was never in a hurry; I seek above all the face of God and I hope that he will indicate the opportune time. Her fasting was a demonstration of her love for God, in this way she showed her dependence on the Lord.

The character of God in the life of Esther

Sovereignty, this is because God masterfully works despite the wicked men in Esther's life. On the other hand, we find that Esther's fidelity made a difference throughout history, because she always kept the promises she expressed at all times. Regarding Providence, she always saw the hand of God orchestrating absolutely all events for the good of all the people.

What can be learned from Esther?

God must be first and foremost in our lives, as Esther showed throughout history, therefore, no task that comes our way will lack value before God.
In addition, we must bear in mind that the past will never determine our future, it is God who will take care of that process.
He himself is the protagonist of our story, everything is absolutely about him.

Submission to God will always beautify our character at all times, therefore, before making any decision we must consult mainly with God. Furthermore, our lord can fill our hearts with love, even that of an evil king.

In the worst of the moments that the Jewish people came to face, God always looked for a rescue, in this case the instrument was the sweet Esther. It is a rather amazing way to save one of the worst moments that humanity was going through, especially because of the sentence to eternal death.


Our worst enemy, it was always our sins, God saw rescue in himself through his death on that cross. That is why we owe him our entire life and our stay on earth today, something totally gratifying to thank day by day through prayer.

Esther's life and great teachings.

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