Boston Terrier: Characteristics, Personality and more

Learn all about these beautiful canines, the Boston Terrier, a kind of beautiful dog that needs all your attention, find out here about its history, its origin, its characteristics, its health and much more.

boston terrier

Boston terrier

It is characterized by being a very elegant, affectionate and cheerful dog, the person who acquires it will not regret it, whether it is the first time they have a pet or if they are already an expert in the area. He is ideal for those small-sized homes such as apartments since in a dog that does not grow much, it is easy to take care of him and socializes with people and dogs.

If you are going to educate him, he learns quickly so you will not have to spend much time on this task, either to relieve himself in a specific place in your house or to sit down, wag his tail, turn around or something else.

This can be adjusted to any type of family, whether large or small, with or without children, among others. One of the qualities that the owners of these animals emphasize the most is the fact that they are very sociable, therefore, when you receive a visit you will not have problems with your pet, you will not have to tie it up or take it out of the house.

Its behavior is very pleasant and it is very attached to its owners. It is important to note that it is usually very fragile, so it is best to treat it with care, especially if there are children in the house.

Its classification is in group IX, it is native to both America and the United States, it usually has a muscular and rustic appearance, its height ranges from fifteen to eighty centimeters, the weight could reach one hundred kilograms; the life expectancy of this canine is from eight years to twenty years.

It stands out that in terms of the physical activity that must be submitted to it, it is very low, it is a quite intelligent dog, the most suitable climate for them is temperate and it has a smooth coat.


Its history is very well documented, an issue that cannot be said of other canines, this animal was developed by a coachman who worked for wealthy people in the state of Boston around the year 1865.

This person dedicated himself to hybridizing dogs that belonged to his bosses, this dog was achieved through a mixture of a Bulldog and an English terrier. Due to that last dog is that it owes part of its name and the other part is due to the place in which it originated, it should be noted that currently the English terriers no longer exist, which were hunting canines.

This crossing of canines was only carried out with Small dogs and with bulldog from France, as time has passed this dog became popular and today in the United States they are one of the most requested and appreciated dogs, but not only in that part of the world but also in the European continent. .

While in Latin America this breed of dog is not yet well known. It is important to note that in principle this was created with North American dogfighting intentions, however at present they are not allowed.

In principle, it was a somewhat aggressive dog since its socialization was in that sense, however, little by little it has been changing its character, more you have to have respect for it and educate children in its care and daily attention.

Characteristics of the Boston Terrier

Throughout the article, various characteristics that describe this beautiful canine have already been mentioned, however, this segment will go into more detail about it. The most remarkable thing is how friendly these dogs have become, which is why they are usually in high demand as a company in houses, especially if there are children in it.

boston terrier

Their gentility and socialization leave more than one in love, so when they meet them they want to have one at home to be their best friend in their days and nights, in addition to this their great fidelity and loyalty end up convincing those who may have doubts, since it will accompany you wherever you go, be it inside the house, enclosure or outside of them.

Intelligence is another of the amazing characteristics, so if you want to educate him in any way, be it for a task, a contest, an established behavior within the house or other aspects, he will learn extremely quickly, so do not hesitate to acquire this dog

Their behavior is not usually a major problem, however, they are animals that demand attention and presence, so if you are a person who is never at home, but only for a few hours, it is not highly recommended that you have a Boston Terrier, since You will feel lonely and abandoned, and your quality of life will not be optimal.

There is no specific height that characterizes them, however, the one that is most around is forty centimeters. While its most indicated weight is divided into three:

  • Less than fifteen English pounds or almost seven kilograms.
  • Those who weigh between fifteen and twenty pounds or six or nine kilograms.
  • And those who have twenty and twenty-five pounds, which in exchange are nine to twelve kilograms.

Her character

Everything has already been mentioned in this aspect, they are gentle, intelligent, sociable, friendly and have more positive qualities, which is why it is a favorite animal demanded by many both in the United States, as well as in Europe and other latitudes.

boston terrier

At first when someone stranger comes to the house they can be a little reserved or jealous, however, once they get used to their presence they are more friendly.

Since they are animals of such a spectacular character, children must be educated so that they treat them with respect and care. These dogs usually become very close friends with the little ones in the house, but they need to take great care of themselves.

Another doubt that perhaps afflicts many is the fact of socializing with other  Dog breeds either inside the home or when I take it out for a walk in the neighborhood, the truth is that they get along well with other species of dogs, they learn to live with them, especially if they are still puppies, so if you are going to acquire one try that socialize from a very young age.

In the past, these dogs were considered foolish, especially by those who dedicated themselves to training them, however, today it is believed that they are very agile in learning.

What care do you need?

Any pet that you have in the house needs care and attention, they should never be neglected since they need feeding and bathing, vaccinations and more.

The coat of the Boston terrier does not need much attention, if you want you can brush it on some occasions, and as for the bathroom you can do it when you see that it is dirty or when you want to do it. It is noted that from time to time they tend to lose fur, although not in large quantities.

This pet does not need to exercise much or very often, giving him a morning or evening walk every day will be enough, if you do not want to give him a walk or you do not have time, you could throw the ball so that he looks for it, this pleases him a lot .

These animals should not be subjected to very high temperatures because in this regard they are usually very delicate, which is why they should not be given much exercise.

It is also necessary to point out that they are canines that need company and attention, so you should avoid leaving them alone for a long time, so if you spend all day outside, you better think of another breed of dog.

The education of the Boston Terrier

As mentioned, this will be a very simple task since it is characterized by being very intelligent by nature, what you should stand out for the most is socialization, which you should take seriously from a very young age, both with other people and with others. with animals.

If you are teaching him or are going to start doing it, take into account positive reinforcement to carry it out, give him rewards when he obeys the orders you are giving him and when he learns new actions, it could be giving him his favorite food.

Your health

Due to their morphology these dogs tend to get sick a lot, one of the diseases that most affect this type of dog is cataracts, that is, their eyes water a lot.

But not only, this but they can acquire the so-called epilepsy, a disease that, like the previous one, humans suffer; They may also have heart problems, patellar luxation and allergies that can appear both on their skin and in their eyes.

When undergoing surgery for any of these diseases or for other reasons, you should be aware of the reaction you may have to both anesthesia and other chemicals to be used.

As mentioned, they show a lot of sensitivity to heat, so it is preferable to keep it at medium temperatures and not subject it to very high temperatures, so you should preferably give it its walk early in the morning or in the afternoon when the sun has already set. been going down

Another equally important aspect is that when dogs swim, they do not have good quality in this sport, so it is very likely that by submitting to these actions they can quickly drown.

His health is very delicate so you must be very attentive to the symptoms and behaviors that he may take in the presence of any condition, do not hesitate to consult a veterinarian if you observe that he has changed in some way or another his daily routine or his character. Always remember that it is preferable to be safe than sorry and attending to it on time is the best decision you can make.

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