Marketing terms What should you know?

In digital marketing it is necessary that you know each of the marketing terms. Learn throughout this important article all about the different digital marketing terms that you should know before embarking on content.

marketing terms

Currently the internet is one of the most used tools in homes, schools, workplaces, everywhere. now to know How Does the Technology Work? go to this link. This will let you know why it has become such a useful tool? It has been so important in the world that the United Nations Organization has categorized the internet as a human right.

The internet over time has facilitated the purchasing process of different organizations. It is normal to make purchases of clothing, accessories, food, furniture and others through the different pages that we get in browsers.

This whole process is known as Digital Marketing. If you want to professionalize yourself or you are already in this great branch of work, it is necessary that you handle each of the marketing terms so that you can make better use of its tools and be able to provide optimal support to the needs of our clients or in our work.


A / B Test

This is one of the most used marketing terms. When we talk about A/B Test, we refer to the development of two versions of the same module that will be located on the platform to be able to measure the variation and evaluate the functionality of both and determine which one best meets the needs of our demands.

Contrary to what the A/B Test may be perceived, it is not frowned upon to use it several times for one purpose since these are the ones that determine the best functionality with respect to marketing.

The A/B Test marketing terms should focus the attention of each one of us on the different elements that make up the different email opening rates, of each of the clicks.

The most important elements that we have to take into consideration when preparing the A/B are: the words, the colors, the sizes and the location of each of the CTAS.

Each of the headlines and the bodies that describe each of the products and the extension of the forms and the types of fields must be completely reviewed.

Branded Content

It is one of the best known marketing terms, thanks to the fact that with its use different content can be generated to characterize or represent a certain brand in order to access different markets using Inbound Marketing. Which consists of customers going to look for you and not us for them.

Branded content focuses on the creation of content to explain the different benefits that the brand contains, transmitting values, emotions and different ways of thinking.

Having good advertising today makes a difference, a specific song, a logo, a color, something that represents the brand. This is what branded content is about.

Marketing Terms: Bounce

These marketing terms are used specifically if you want to channel your marketing campaigns via email. The bounce determines how many emails have not been dispatched and the average response.

It is important to note that email marketing is a tool that is well used in our marketing. The results can be very noticeable, so we recommend that you keep your database completely updated. In the marketing bounce it is classified into two types, which will tell us the reason for the bounces of the electronic correspondence that we have sent. The classification is:

Soft Bounce

It is also known as the soft bounce rate, and it is the one that will indicate if the refusal of the email corresponds to an easily resolved problem, such as the client's inbox being full or a connectivity problem.

Hard Bounce

It is also known as the hard bounce rate and we refer to it when the address provided by the client is not valid or no longer exists. Which leads us to the investigation of new data to continue in contact with our customers.


These marketing terms are defined as the life that develops from the moment you enter our offices, web pages, premises, or whatever our way of developing products, until the acquisition of our service or product.

This tool is extremely helpful in Inbound Marketing, since it can help us specify the phase in which the client is. Therefore, it is extremely important to define in our processes what these phases are.

When we use the buyer journey, it must be accompanied by different content strategies in order to captivate the customer. Generally these phases are categorized into:


It is the first phase in terms of buyer journey marketing. Which consists of where our virtual client begins his search within our facilities looking to fill a need.


In this phase our potential client already knows our products or services and it is the ideal moment where we can send him so that he knows what our benefits are in the market. And why to stay with us.


It is the last phase of the buyer journey. It is important that in the two previous phases you have found what your client's needs are so that in this phase they can provide the solution to each of their needs.

For the application of this marketing technique we leave you the following information.

Marketing Terms: Buyer Person

This is one of the marketing terms that focuses on creating an ideal customer. The buyer persona is based primarily on the different behavioral data and demographic classifications that represent our perfect customer.

The buyer person is made in order to know in advance the needs of our clients, to be able to respond quickly to their needs. If we have time in the market and we have a good database, it will be great to make the buyer persona.

Similarly, in these marketing terms it is important to have negative experiences. In order to mark the different perceptions that customers may have regarding our service or product.

Call to Action (CTA)

The best definition of Call to Action may be the link on our site (web page, social networks, etc.) that connects us with our potential customers. These marketing terms are extremely necessary when we want to seek to establish a closer connection with our client.

To make the best Call to Action we must take into consideration different elements that will make our proximity to the client satisfactory. When we make the CTAs, it is necessary to experiment with different sketches to understand the feedback that each of our clients give us and see which one gets the best response.

Who is it geared towards?

In order to be proactive and productive with our CTA, we must understand that we must segment each of our clients and serve them in the best way. In order to cover the basic needs of different types of customers.


We have already defined that CTAs are links that are found within our websites, so it is necessary to achieve a clear and prominent display point to achieve the desired connection with the client.

Coherent design

It is necessary to create a visual coherence so that the client understands what we mean with our products or services. We must explain in a clear and simple way the benefits and why our product is necessary.

content curation

It is also known in marketing terms as content curation. Which is used to filter the different information that arises from the exploration of our digital marketing strategy.

The main objective of content curation is to be able to offer each of our clients the solution to their needs for products or services in the most accurate way possible.


Engagement or commitment are some of the most used marketing terms since they focus on the degree of relationship that our customers have with each of our brands. When we refer to engagement we must include each of our platforms, social networks, web pages, stores, contacts, among others. The main objective of this is focused on creating customers who are completely fanatical about your brand and what you offer.

It is important to be clear that engagement will make customers feel interested in our companies, keeping our customers' attention in a timely manner and avoiding contamination of our community.

If we want to expand our clients' commitment to us, we must take into consideration different important aspects such as surprising our clients, responding to each of their questions or suggestions, we must be interested in knowing their opinion in order to improve the experience in our services. .

Marketing Terms: Funnel

It is a very useful tool in digital marketing since it is defined as the conversation funnel that we have with our different clients. Thanks to these measurements we can understand why our customers move away from our brands.


It is one of the marketing terms used in content marketing. It differentiates itself thanks to the use of different games that help motivate our clients to participate in the environment that we have developed for their trust.

Gamification is directly linked to engagement thanks to the fact that through this methodology we can expand our commitment. With the enjoyment of each of our allies we can increase the participation and dynamics of our community.

If you need examples of gamification we leave you the following material

Guest Blogging

It is one of the marketing terms that are developed in the blogging community. Which is defined as the partition of a blog external to ours. This is for the purpose of expanding our products or services to other communities that we have not attacked or that have not known our name.

Among the advantages we have of using this tool is that we can increase our position in the market. This thanks to the visibility we achieved in other markets.

Marketing Terms: Loading Page

This is one of the marketing terms that has a specific purpose. Which lies specifically in the need to create a web page to convert visitors into leads or followers.

This is easy to understand because if we manage to offer a product or service that manages to connect with the client, we will be able to click with the client. And this will benefit us in a versatile way since we can count on the client to leave us information to fill our database and the application of the different digital marketing techniques.

To achieve a landing page that reaches each of our clients, it is necessary to take these aspects into account to achieve the objectives that we have determined.

plain language

This point tries to maintain the same language as our client. It is not necessary to have a terminology to understand our product or service. Let us remember that the idea is to explain why our position in the market is important.

What do we offer?

We must explain clearly and efficiently why we can cover the needs of each of our clients. We must listen and be able to guarantee with true promises that we can meet customer expectations.


It is essential to show that our product works. That is why we recommend that you use different demonstrations of the achievement of the product or service that we offer.

marketing terms


The leads or followers of our brand are those users who showed interest in our product. Thanks to this we can consider our potential clients to whom we will pay all our attention so that they become loyal clients of our brand.

More leads need to mean more customers. That is why it is important to see each lead as a business opportunity, it is not good to discard any of them due to mishandling.

Lead nurturing

More than marketing terms, it is classified as a strategy that is used to establish the flow of content of the different products with the client. This maneuver manages to establish a bond of trust that the client will show us little by little to achieve a future sale.

Lead Scoring

It is a strategy that will help us measure the state of interest that a potential client has with us. These marketing terms will help us to classify each of our clients, between hot and cold leads.

Cold leads are those individuals who are not making a connection with your product. This should not be taken as a waste, some large companies carry out different surveys to see which item or which part of the buyer journey is not working.

On the other hand we find hot leads. They are the customers who are fully prepared to purchase our products or services.

Talk Rate

This is one of the marketing terms that will be used to measure the response to the different content strategies that we have carried out in our digital marketing. To carry out this measurement we have the Conversation Ratio, which will indicate the real percentage of how our users move within our blogs.

When we carry out our Conversation Rate correctly, we can establish if the content that we are publishing on our different digital platforms is getting us future clients. In the same way, it shows us if we are providing our CTAs effectively or, on the contrary, we must improve them.


This is one of the most used practices today. Which consists of telling the benefits of our product without using words. It is extremely important to apply storytelling as long as you know your clients, because if you don't, the lack of information can play against us. If you do not know how to carry out an effective storytelling, we leave you the following information

Thank you page

The thank you page is what we are going to offer our customers for choosing us and using our products. It is important that these pages show the different products that we handle. Thanks to this strategy we can create new needs for the client that they did not know. This page will become the starting point for new customers.

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