The Viking Horoscope, a way to know the future

Perhaps sometime in your life you will have heard of the runes, which are many small stones with different strange symbols and that predict our destiny, that is, they are an oracle, which is many years old and has existed since the time of the God Odin. In this article we will talk about the viking horoscope through the runes.

viking horoscope

The Viking Horoscope

The runes are a Viking oracle that divines the future of people, for the signs of the zodiac they are symbols that presage some traits and that have an influence on the people who consult them. These runes are also known as futhark o fuþark which are the first symbols that make them up, this runic alphabet has been used in the 500s, but it is believed that its origin arose in the year 100 BC.

At that time the Vikings protected these symbols because they considered that it was a gift that Odin, the main God, had given them, so they began to use the runes to know how the battles would end, the colonial trips and they also used them as inspiration, they They emphasized that the runes endowed them with many energies, that is, they filled them with great strength and vitality.

Over the years, the mythical culture was consolidated and the runes began to be part of the lives of all the people who knew them, when they read them they were representations of the events of their past lives, they resorted to them to reflect on it. and many times it was to ask them for advice.

It was thus that the Viking or runic horoscope later emerged. Apart from guessing everything related to the present, past and future of people, they would also have the ability to define their personality, since they were born with that runic energy.

The runes are made up of 24 symbols and over time one more was added, which is the one that symbolizes Odin. Each rune represents a certain time, depending on your date of birth, you may be more influenced by one rune or another. If you are enjoying this article, you may also be interested in reading: How to conjure a tobacco

viking horoscope

What is your Viking Horoscope rune?

According to the story, Odin assigned two runes for each sign of the horoscope. They are the ones that govern many of the individual characteristics of each personality. These runes for the zodiac signs will be very effective and will depend on the specific day of your birth, then your rune according to the Viking horoscope:

Runes for Aquarius: Thurisaz and Ansuz

If your date of birth is between January 21 and February 20, the runes that govern you are thurisaz y ansuz. Aquarius people under  thurisazThey have a very strong character, are cautious and give good advice. ansuz gives the most sensitive side, they have a sixth sense and are very creative.

Runes for Pisces: Raido and Kano

If your date of birth is between February 21 and March 20. The runes that govern you are Frayed y Kano. the rune Frayed contributes to balance and harmony, that's why they are calm and serene. They are also spiritual, responsible, workers and delivered in love. the rune Kano it gives sense to good sense, gives them clear ideas, they are agile and intelligent.

Runes for Aries: Gebo and Wunjo

If your date of birth is between April 19 and May 13, the runes that govern you are Gebo and wunjo. The first represents the meeting, the alliance and the crossroads for the sign of Aries. That is why they have very clear and accurate visions. the rune wunjo they let them be amorous and sensual and do not accept defeat.

Runes for Taurus: Hagalaz and Nauthiz

If your date of birth is between April 21 and May 21, the runes that govern you are hagalaz y nauthiz. the rune hagalaz symbolizes the necessary obstacles for the soul to ascend and enrich itself from each situation. They are responsible and although sometimes they have a bad temper, they are usually calm and very kind. the rune nauthiz influences them to put up with unwanted arguments. Its main characteristic is resilience or its ability to adapt to situations.

Runes for Gemini: Isa and Gera

If your date of birth is between May 22 and June 21, the runes that govern you are Isa and Gera. The Isa rune represents those who live worried, are protectors and good friends. the rune Gera, emphasizes those who are controllers and perfectionists, they are also usually patient and serene.

Runes for Cancer: Eihwaz and Perth

If your date of birth is between June 21 and July 22, the runes that govern you are ehwaz y Perth. ehwaz represents strength, discipline and order, they are linked to the esoteric world. For its part, the rune ehwaz It offers a lot of sensitivity, they are very vital and very playful people.

Runes for Leo: Algiz and Sowelu

If your date of birth is between July 23 and August 22, the runes that govern you are Algiz y Sowel. Algiz It will make them materialistic, selfish and like the esoteric world. the rune Sowel for Leo it brings sensitivity with mysticism. They get what they want, they are realistic, sometimes they are negative and pessimistic

Runes for Virgo: Teiwaz and Berkama

If your date of birth is between August 23 and September 22, the runes that govern you are Teiwaz y Berkama. The first grants the instinct of conquest and power. They are vain, arrogant and selfish. the rune Berkama they balance them but sometimes they tend to be a little aggressive, they are very affectionate protectors and collaborators. If you are enjoying this article about the Viking horoscope, you may also be interested in knowing the Viking symbols

Runes for Libra: Ewaz and Mannaz

If your date of birth is between September 23 and October 22, the runes that govern you are ewaz y Mannaz. They are great speakers and it is an advantage that the rune leaves you ewaz To Libra, most are dedicated to journalism, education or animation. They are also usually very curious, intelligent, noble and altruistic. the rune mannaz reinforces the characteristics already mentioned.

Runes for Scorpio: Laguz and Inguz

If your date of birth is between October 23 and November 21, the runes that govern you are lake y inguz. The power granted by the rune lake Scorpio is intuition, they are born fortune tellers and go deep into the world of the occult. inguz it reminds them that they can call on their inner strength when they need it, sometimes they are vindictive, but they are very loving.

Runes for Sagittarius: Dagaz and Othila

If your date of birth is between November 22 and December 21, the runes that govern you are dagaz y othila. The first gives them the gift of sincerity. They do not like to be lied to, or falsehood, and they are sincere. the rune othila makes them dream, they have a lot of wisdom and are very homely.

Runes for Capricorn: Fehu and Ur

If your date of birth is between December 2 and January 20, the runes that govern you are fehu y Ur. the rune fehu for Capricorn it will make them very practical and hard-working people. the rune Ur it gives them a lot of positivism, they always achieve what they want and they don't like monotony.

If you want to know more about the Viking Horoscope, we recommend that you watch the video that we leave you below so that you can obtain more information regarding the runes for Capricorn.

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