Learn to use the Lucky Horseshoe

La lucky horseshoe It is fundamental when we want to attract luck to our lives, if we place the horseshoe of luck with its ends upwards, that is, in the shape of a "U", we will attract that luck that we long for. But if we place the ends down it will bring protection and good luck to all the people who pass under it, undoubtedly this is a great amulet that will give us protection. In this article we will talk about everything related to this symbol.

lucky horseshoe

The importance of iron as a symbol

This is a very famous amulet throughout the world and widely used to attract fortune. It is part of a very old tradition, which in addition to bringing you good luck also serves as an amulet against negative energies and evil spirits.

Many people give different opinions about the correct way to place the lucky horseshoe, there are also many fables about how to start it and even its benefits. Iron is considered an inferior material due to its economic value compared to other materials that exist, however it is an emblem that its meaning is strength and obstinacy, which is why it is used to do good and to do evil. .

According to some traditions, iron protects you from all existing negative energies because it is a wonderful characteristic that this metal possesses, and that is why many garments such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, and even amulets are created with this material. For this reason, many people often have iron nails in their wallets to attract luck and protection.

Lucky Horseshoe

We must also consider that iron is closely related to weapons, therefore the resulting effect is war and death, and therefore they use it for evil. This metal is also closely related to Mars, which is the God of war, whose red rust color is similar to that of blood.

This iron metal was used a lot in ancient China, where they put iron images on the banks of the rivers because this metal represented strength and with it, they would scare away the dragons that came from the sea.

For wachaga o Chaga who are an ethnic group from Tanzania that usually live on the slopes of the Kilimanjaro mountains, the women used iron in necklaces and bracelets because they served for fertility and also cured children who were sick and even this tribe thought that the iron protected their crops.

In ancient times these horseshoes were made of iron, when the industrial revolution arrived they began to be made of steel so that the horseshoe would last much longer, however there are many disputes if these new horseshoes have the same properties as the old ones made of iron. If you are enjoying this article, you may be interested in: San Cono

Lucky Horseshoe

Lucky Horseshoe Amulet

They are amulets and talismans highly sought after and used worldwide, because they give us a unique power such as good luck and protection, also with them we achieve prosperity, even happiness. The horseshoe is one of the most famous objects of luck, its power will depend on the vision that each culture sees it.

For example, in Turkey, people think that its power derives from its crescent shape, since they closely relate it to one of the emblems of this Muslim country and to the goddess Isis. In China, the horseshoe is likened to the scabrous body of the sacred serpent Nagendra.

Despite being a pagan representation, when Christianity arrived, many people made an association of the attributes of the fortune of this object, with the shape similar to the letter "C" of Jesus Christ. They also take as a reference what happened in the year 1000 in the legend of Saint Dunstan who was the Bishop of Canterbury, from here comes the origin and beliefs of the lucky horseshoe as an amulet.

Saint Dunstan He was a blacksmith before being a religious, and according to what is narrated, one day he received a visit from a man who asked him for some horseshoes for his feet, but the feet had the shape of hooves. The blacksmith realized that it was the devil, so he explained to his new client that he should chain him to the wall to place the horseshoes, and he did so, the saint intentionally did his job, but in such a way that it was very difficult for him. painful to hell

The chained devil begged for mercy for the excruciating pain he felt. But dunstan He didn't want to let him go, until the unmentionable begged again and swore never to enter a house where there was a horseshoe hanging over the door.

When this legend appeared in the XNUMXth century, the Christians took the meaning of the horseshoe very seriously and many of them began to place it on top of their doors, but then they came up with the idea of ​​putting it in the center of the door so that this served not only as protection, but also served as a handle. Christians out of appreciation for Saint Dunstan They celebrated him a party full of horseshoes and games, this used to be on May 19.

The Greeks had other theories about horseshoes and they said that their magic came from various factors such as the material from which it was made, for example, it was believed that being iron it warded off evil and also its moon-like shape quarter crescent brought good luck. In ancient times, the Romans monopolized the horseshoe, since in addition to seeing different equestrian functions, it worked at the same time as talismans. It was from the Romans that the Christians created their own version of the horseshoe throughout the history of Saint Dunstan.

The Middle Ages was the time when the fear of witches increased in an amazing way, so the horseshoe had a greater presence in the houses. It was believed that witches traveled on brooms because they were afraid of horses and that is why any object that had to do with them scared them, especially if it was the iron horseshoe. In those times, when a witch was captured and killed, she was buried with a horseshoe on the lid of her coffin so that she could never be resurrected.

It used to be believed in Russia that blacksmiths who forged horseshoes had the power to fight witches with white magic, blacksmiths were so important that marriages, property sales and business contracts used to take place on the anvils that the blacksmith used to forge the horseshoes. horseshoes It was even believed that depending on how the horseshoe was found, it could bring good or bad luck. The correct way to place said amulet was with its ends facing up.

Other possible origins of the Horseshoe as a lucky charm

Many people think that the origin of the horseshoe as an amulet occurred in ancient Rome due to the military conquests that took place, where the soldiers used to march on foot, while the officers who had high ranks used to go on horseback.

It is said that in one of those moments one of the horses had lost its shoe, and the officer who was riding stopped so as not to hurt the animal's hoof. The soldiers who were very exhausted took advantage of this time to rest and thanks to this, the horseshoe began to be a symbol of good luck, because whoever got the lost horseshoe to continue advancing, that soldier was rewarded with large prizes. loot after battle

In Ireland, they say that one day a pagan God was traveling and his horse lost one of its horseshoes, it fell on the Emerald Isle, which the sea always flooded. But after the horseshoe fell into it, the sea stopped its waters and it never submerged again.

This tradition that the horseshoe is a good luck charm in the same way arose at a time when there were very marked social classes, in general men were divided into nobles, knights, rich and poor peasants.

When a rich nobleman lost one of his horse's horseshoes, he stopped so that the peasants could repair it or put a new one on it, in this way the nobleman paid the peasant for the work, from here that myth arises, turning To make the horseshoe a good luck charm, if a horseshoe is ever found, it should be hung on the front door for it to take effect.

Lucky Horseshoe

Why does the Horseshoe bring Luck?

The horseshoe transports luck and the protection of homes against all evil, this is given precisely by the relationship that iron has with the horse, which is an animal with a fantastic energy charge, therefore it is a symbol that represents strength and vitality. Blacksmiths usually earned money with this work and that is why the horseshoe is also associated with the income of the house of whoever owns one.

Because it is made of iron, which is a metal with protective powers and because it has the shape it has, like a crescent moon and a magnet, it usually attracts good energies through good fortune. If it is placed above the main door, it completely eliminates the negative energies of the people who visit your home.

Sailors usually place it on the ship's mast, because they believe a lot in this amulet, to protect them from storms. Since they suppose that the iron and the horse's hoof get to connect with mother earth, alluding to what happens with the horse and the rider, where both are stabilized and because of this, it is that the sailors have the belief that the boat will be more stable and safe.

Other people believe that the horseshoe has a shape very similar to a woman's feminine apparatus, that is why it is so strong and repels evil. In ancient times it was fervently believed that all the symbols that were related to female sexuality had the ability to distract all evil spirits.

That is why on the doors of the churches that were built in the Middle Ages, they carved the genitals of a woman, with the purpose of distracting the devil from entering. If you are enjoying this article, you may be interested in: sandalwood incense

How should the horseshoe be hung?

Many people think that the horseshoe should be hung in the entrance of your house, above the front door, but many have mixed opinions as to how to hang it. Some think that you can do it with the point upwards so that prosperity, abundance, happiness, protection arrives, which stays at home in the bowl of the horseshoe. And because negative energies, including entities, get trapped in the same bowl.

Other people think that the proper way to hang is with the ends down, because the irons eliminate the negative energies that pass under the entrance of your door, at the same time that its magnet shape attracts good luck and fortune.

While other people think that both forms are fine to place it. The important thing is that it must be well nailed, because if it were to move or turn, the good luck would go away, that is, it would be of no use if misfortune came to the home. But the most popular position is with the ends up, many people tend to place it this way since ancient times, the important thing is that if you have one, place it so that you realize how your luck changes right away.

In the areas where the horseshoe is placed upwards, people reason that they function as a divine container, as was the chalice that collected the divine blessing, fertilizing and bringing that manifestation to our lives. Placing it downwards would cause its property to be annulled, because it would not receive anything, that is, it would not be able to fertilize or make anything grow, it will not receive the good energy that you want so much.

The horseshoe in Italy

In Italy they usually hang the horseshoe on one side of the door and the direction in which they hang it does not matter to them, but for the horseshoe to give them the benefits they want, it must have been used by a horse, so that it works as amulet, otherwise it will not do any good and it is even very important to touch it every time you enter your house. This could even be bought, but if it was not used there is no point in having it.

The horseshoe in Mexico

In Mexico, these horseshoes are quite respected, but they do not have the same beliefs about touching them as in Italy, to give them luck and protection, they surround them with colored threads and put decorations such as sequins on them, placing images of saints on horseback. of San Martín Caballero, together with a prayer or spell that they call "The Secret of the Virtuous Horseshoe".

Ritual, personalization and loading of horseshoes

To do this ritual you must take the horseshoe with your hands, at least five minutes a day for a week, always having a good positive attitude, that is, charging it with good positive energies. When that time has elapsed and your amulet is charged with all those positive energies, you can use it with the requests that you want to make, for example, you can ask for a favor for yourself or for another person who needs it, just hold your horseshoe and do your request or wish aloud.

If you want it to be protected in your house, you should hang it behind the door of your house with the points upwards, this, in addition to giving you good luck, will protect the house and the people who touch it when leaving.

lucky horseshoe

Must the Lucky Horseshoe be found?

Many people have the belief that in fact for a good luck horseshoe, you must find it on the street and then place it on the front door of your home. But there are people who think that if you buy one, whether it is new or used, it has the same effect. In these modern times it is not important that the horseshoe is not made of iron, we already know that they are made of steel, but for it to have an effect it must undoubtedly be found, it cannot be given away and much less stolen, because it will have no effect.

Despite what we have said, there are countries like Italy, specifically in Naples, where people usually give away horseshoes when someone buys a house, so that it provides fortune and protection for their home, in the end what really matters is the intention and the energy that you put into it when you put it on, it will also be a very good amulet for your house.

The shape of the horseshoe and its deific links

It is believed that the shape of the horseshoe is due to the goddess of the moon, who in Europe is usually represented by SagebrushSince, as previously mentioned, it is believed that this form brings good luck and not only that, but also protection and success.

The horseshoe is not only related to goddesses of the moon, it is also usually related to other gods of protection, such as the Virgin Mary, who coincidentally is often seen standing on a crescent moon. Depending on the country the horseshoe can be turned upside down or upside down, in many parts of Europe, the Middle East and Latin America it is usually turned upside down, but in places like Great Britain and Ireland it is usually placed face up. If you are enjoying this article, you may be interested in: Viking symbols

Ideas to use the Lucky Horseshoe as an amulet

There are many different ways to carry this precious amulet with us, below we will show you how you can do it, always remember that first of all you have to have a lot of conviction, that is, faith.

In modern jewelry, the lucky horseshoe is a piece that many goldsmiths usually make, since they are pieces that are highly sought after because they grant luck and protection, due to their association with horse racing. And we can get the images on labels, on the covers of notebooks and much more, since it represents the chalice of fertility, luck and material development.

The Horseshoe in Pendant

One of the ways that the lucky horseshoe is most often used as an amulet is by means of a necklace, you can also wear a bracelet and some earrings if you wish, since it is a beautiful option when you want to wear this talisman.

It is a magical object or symbol that is qualified as the oldest talisman in the world, since it has multiple hidden properties, such as the power to protect you from the environment where you live, to the point of obtaining wishes or an aid for good luck.

lucky charm tattoo

At this time we see very often that people request a lucky horseshoe tattoo, this is a very classic and highly requested tattoo for lovers of luck and fortune, in this way they will always carry a favorite amulet. This protection talisman has the ability to drive away bad spiritual energies, giving you protection or good luck.

like a keychain

This is an object that is widely sold and bought by people who have too much faith in lucky horseshoes, it is also an easy and comfortable way to always have it with you.

The Horseshoe of Luck as earrings

Many people usually wear the lucky horseshoe as earrings, so you can choose ones that you can wear with the tips pointing up, so that you can attract all the luck you want in this life.

If you want to know more about the Lucky Horseshoe, we recommend that you watch the video that we leave below to obtain more information about this good luck charm:

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