Romeo and Juliet screenplay A fantastic play!

This interesting Romeo and Juliet script, makes known to readers fascinated and attracted by the works of William Shakespeare, the story of two lovers who are immersed in love and passion, secretly marry and end their existence, but without life united forever.

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Romeo and Juliet Screenplay: Review

Romeo and Juliet is a work by the famous writer of English origin William Shakespeare, which in its genesis is called: Romeo and Juliet or The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, is a story considered a brilliant classic, but, which bitterly concludes in a love affair between Romeo and Juliet.

The script for Romeo and Juliet begins as a result of a dispute in the street, between the men who belong to the two families, which was prevented by the Prince of Verona, with the injunction to punish with death, those who return to incite other of these struggles.

The story begins with the forbidden love between two young people who are named: Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet, members of two antagonistic lineages that live in the city of Verona, in Italy, being the time of the Renaissance.

The two young people who act in the script of Romeo and Juliet, are locked in love and passion, decide to secretly marry, so they would live together forever, however, due to disagreement and other adversities lead to the couple to commit suicide, before living far away from each other. This terrible event of the death of young people, makes families reconcile. To enjoy another entertaining reading you can access The Japanese Lover

script development

For the development of the script for Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, it begins with a strong street attack between people from the family of the Montagues and Capulet. The prince of Verona, Della Escala, intervenes between them, in order to reach a peace agreement, which if not fulfilled will be paid with death.

To start the script of Romeo and Juliet, which is made up of a short script of eight acts, and with the participation of 14 characters, namely:

Romeo and Juliet script characters

Romeo AND Juliet


lady capulet

Lady Montague








Count Paris

Friar Lawrence

Prince Scale

Act 1

Narrator: It begins in the Capulet family dwelling. The father and mother have a conversation about her daughter, where they state that it is time to look for a love for her, and once they get married, so that they continue with her lives. Samson, the most trusted domestic, was still present in the room.

-Lady Capulet: Capulet, I think it's time for our beloved Juliet to make her way to find the love of her life.

-Capulet: Likewise, my thoughts have been focused on that, my dear, what's more, Count Paris will be in charge of making her fall in love, he's a good young man. He is invited to attend the celebration we are offering tonight.

-Lady Capulet: If so, I will be the one to announce the news to our beloved daughter.

-Samson: First of all my dear gentlemen, my respects, I think you should allow your daughter to choose who to marry.

-Capulet: It is a correct idea, however, we must still think of the whole family and our well-being.

-Samson: If they incur in that, they are doing badly, and it will be paid at an incalculable price, my lord. But, let it be what you decide.

Act 2

Narrator: Being in the garden of the house, Juliet is in the company of her nurse Mistress, they are admiring and smelling the exquisite and beautiful fresh flowers.

-Julieta: Nurse Mistress, I long to find the love that is with me for life, and that is as beautiful as these spectacular roses.

-Mistress: Soon you will find it, it is likely that the love of your life, at this moment is thinking the same as you.

Romeo and Juliet 2 script

Lady Capulet appears on stage.

-Lady Capulet: How beautiful this garden is, it is full of fresh roses, but, you are still the most precious daughter, among all.

-Juliet, who keeps hope, mother, I want to fall in love and know what love is.

-Lady Capulet: In the celebration offered tonight, you will fall in love, and the Count of Paris will be the one to do it.

-Mistress, amazed: how wonderful, the Count of Paris!

Act 3

Narrator: At the other end of town. A few hours before the celebration, the two dancers get ready: Romeo and Mercury. They will be in charge of dancing that night to entertain the guests at the Capulet celebration. Alongside them was Benvolio, Romeo's cousin, supporting them in their preparation.

-Romeo: During tonight's celebration, we must dance without ostentation, my great friend Mercury!

-Mercury: We will dance so perfectly, that the payment will be correct. You must remember that we will only act as dancers to entertain and amuse those who are annoyed!

-Romeo: I am aware of that, but it does not mean that we do not enjoy something, friend. Also, with a look full of hope, my beloved Juliet is at the party.

-Mercury: Hey Romeo! You must be clear and remember that Juliet is the adored daughter of the Capulets, staunch enemies of you, the Montague family!

-Romeo: do not disappoint me, take my hope away from me, dear friend

-Benvolio: Cousin, I'm thinking the same, it's not right that you have illusions, our family and they are enemies.

-Romeo: He continued expressing to them, that they should not disappoint me or take away my hopes.

-Benvolio: It's just a piece of advice I'm giving you, it's not a good idea for you to get together with a Capulet, but I'm not the one to separate you from your hopes.

-Mercury: We, are the ones who are going to be left without hope, if we don't come quickly. But, I am going to give you some advice, do not interfere where you are not, which will help you to prevent enormous conflicts, as well as not to suffer great misfortunes, my friend.

Romeo and Juliet 3 script

Act 4

Narrator: Once they meet at the Capulets' majestic celebration. The dancers make their grand entrance: Romeo and Mercury, and at the same time Count Paris, who discreetly pushed each other.

-Count Paris: with an ironic way, express my apologies, illustrious dancer, I was just walking.

Romeo and Mercury isolate themselves a short distance away, and continue dancing, which leads to another paragraph.

Capulet: Here is young Paris, the great Count Paris!

-Count Paris: Good evening Capulet, I have attended such a noble event, just as you asked me to, I hope, having arrived at a good time.

-Capulet: At the right time! Juliet! She Appears Now!

At that moment, Julieta enters the premises accompanied by her mother, and together with her cousin Teobaldo.

-Count Paris: There is my precious beloved! There is the most beautiful rose in the whole garden of Verona!

Narrator: Romeo, being attacked by jealousy and not supporting it, and hearing the expression exclaimed to his lover, begins to scream wildly.

-Romeo: (angry) you are not the best man for her, you are not her true love, what exists is an interest between the families!

-Tiobaldo: (he went quickly to where Romeo was and draws his sword). You are not the one to interpose yourself with the Count, and less to win the love of my cousin Juliet.

-Mercurio: (runs quickly to defend Romero, and still pulls out his sword). You can't even imagine it!

Narrator: Teobaldo battles against Mercury, and culminates stabbing him with the sword and kills him, Romeo, observing what happens, says goodbye to his friend, promises revenge and grabs the saber, begins to battle with Teobaldo, manages to kill her at the time. Romeo, is removed from the compound.

The Count of Paris, Juliet and the Capulets take refuge in their home, and are out of danger. Juliet runs out into the garden, Romeo who watches her, tries to enter the garden, being the place where he watches her.

Romeo and Juliet 4 script

-Romeo: My beloved Juliet, I have loved you in silence, from the beginning of our lives, our families, they look like they are destined to fight, but you and I are destined to live an eternal love!

Juliet: Oh! Romeo, where were you all this time, you are the gardener I need to stay in my beautiful garden! But, I ask you, how do we get to be together forever?

-Romeo: We contracted marriage my beloved, come, let's go right now, my friend Fray Lorenzo, it will be that he consumes us in marriage, and we will elope!

Act 5

Narrator: Romeo and Juliet flee the garden, and go to the house of Fray Lorenzo so that he can marry them immediately.

-Romeo: (eager) Fray Lorenzo, I beg you not to marry immediately, let it be now.

-Fray Lorenzo: how am I going to do that Romeo, their families have been staunch enemies since the beginning of all time!

-Julieta: Fray Lorenzo, we beg you

-Fray Lorenzo: It is something impossible, but, there is something that tells me that your love if it is possible, I don't know what to do! You are a brave young man to act like this Romeo, you know the history of the two families, and yet you want to give your life to your beloved Juliet, I can do nothing else, if their love is authentic, I will proceed to marry them.

Act 6

Narrator: The Capulets and Ama discover that Juliet has fled with Romero to Fray Lorenzo's house, that they plan to get married, they immediately communicate with the prince of Verona Escala, and arrive at Fray Lorenzo's house.

-Prince Escala: (annoyed and with authority) With the powers that have been granted to me by law, from now on you are exiled from Verona, for all the events that have taken place, enough of fights between your family and the Capulets! .

Enough, you murdered Tybalt Capulet, you are banished!

-Julieta: (frightened) You can't act that way, Prince!

-Mistress: The love that Romeo and Juliet profess for each other is real, don't do it Prince!

-Prince Escala: It's already done, and if I don't do it, your families would be immersed in disagreements and many deaths in a row!

-The Capulets: (both at the same time) Juliet, come back right now!

-Mistress: Come back Juliet, no matter how sad you are, we can't do anything else!

Narrator: The Capulets leave the space in the company of Mistress and Juliet, the prince leaves, and Romeo is thrown on the floor, without the energy to get up with his friend Fray Lorenzo.

Romeo and Juliet 5 script

Act 7

Narrator: After a few days, Julieta flees with Alma to Fray Lorenzo's house, where Romero's mother, Mrs. Montague, was, when they meet in the place, they plan how to reunite with Romeo.

-Julieta: Fray Lorenzo, please help me!

-Ama (contains Julieta): It's really crazy Julieta, don't do it!

-Señora Montague (addresses Julieta): Whatever you do, I beg you, let it be for the love that my son feels for you, do not make you suffer more, your family are our true enemies, but, you Julieta and my son Romeo, they are not to blame for any of this, their love is spontaneous!

-Fray Lorenzo: Tell me what you want me to do for you

-Juliet: He goes out in search of Romeo, I will pretend that I am going to take a poisonous potion, while I wait asleep for Romeo's liberation, then we will escape!. To you, Mrs. Montague, I promise that everything I do is for the love I have for her son.

-Mrs. Montague: You have every right to be free to love each other, we already live, you will live.

-Fray Lorenzo: I don't want to be in trouble! But, you are already united in marriage, so I will do it.

Narrator: Juliet goes to her home, ingests the false poison and falls on the ground, the Capulets observe her and suffer for her loss, they move her to the Pantheon, which is on the other side. Fray Lorenzo announces what has happened to Romeo who returns to Verona, who quickly, observing that the Capulets are not in the Pantheon, enters to look at his beloved, thinking that she was dead. At the same moment and suddenly Count Paris enters.

-Romeo: (happy and in pain) My beloved Juliet, how much your death hurts me!

-Count Paris: It was never your beloved, it was mine! Draw your sword

-Romeo: Who are you, to be in this place, it was I who married her, what you are is a Count!

Narrator: Count Paris and Romeo battle to the death, but Romeo is the one who emerges victorious, and he sees his beloved again, sees the bottle of the poisonous potion, grabs it and runs to the exit of the Pantheon, ingests it and dies in a matter of seconds. Julieta wakes up from her deep sleep, runs quickly to hug her beloved.

Romeo and Juliet 6 script

Act 8

Narrator: At the venue where the event takes place, the Capulets immediately arrive accompanied by Ama, just as Mrs. Montague arrives along with her husband Montague and Fran Lorenzo.

-Juliet: Not my beloved! Why did you do it! Why are you leaving without me?

-Capulet: The best thing is that you retire from the side of Juliet

-Montesco (Emmanuel): The best thing is that you leave your daughter alone, Capulet, she loved my son, they were not guilty of anything.

-Capulet: You will never understand the suffering I feel for the loss of Juliet

Montague: My son has died, so I propose a pause

-Julieta: I will not leave his side, I will go with him, and I will love him until I die, he and I are free to love each other, we will love each other for eternity.

Narrator: Juliet, a dagger is inserted between her chest, and she dies with Romeo, being united forever.

Because of the events, both families make the decision to pause, achieving reconciliation, in this way it is like an impossible love between Romeo and Juliet, they manage to unite both families who were separated for a long time. You may be interested in reading The house of the spirits review

The story of love and sadness that takes place in the script of Romeo and Juliet, is considered the most famous of all the works of the English writer.

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