We teach you how to open the third eye, step by step

In this article you will learn more about how open the third eye in the human being. In addition, you will be able to delve deeper into the various existing techniques that provide greater effectiveness to the power of this sixth chakra.


How to open the third eye and identify it?

It is very easy to identify the third eye in the human body, but first of all you should know that this special eye is part of the 7 chakras that exist in the spiritual realm and therefore, this unique eye would be found in the sixth chakra.

Now yes, the location of said spiritual eye can be better identified. Which is located right in the middle of the visual eyes that the person has, because of this it is given such an allusive and perfect name for the great power that it represents.

To open the third eye in the body of some individual, several special exercises have to be carried out, which will demonstrate the inexplicable connection that exists between this chakra and the mind of the human being with the objective of acquiring great spiritual abilities, which will provide a better wellness in every aspect.

The third eye opens in order to have a better alignment of the other chakras of the human body. In addition, it is the one that allows a greater connection between the intuition and imagination that the brain emits, in order to achieve a better development in these areas of the person.

Understanding how to open the third eye will become a knowledge of great power for the human being, which will cause there to be a correct alignment between it and the other chakras that take place in each person, thus directing their gift towards thoughts. and decisions that the individual wishes to make at some point.

The sixth chakra can be blocked by not knowing how to handle or use it, in this sense it is important to recognize when this divine eye is closed, which will make a drastic change in the activities, physical and mental aspect of the individual. This is how you can know thatMaya” is being effected, in other words, that the third eye is not in proper working order. Therefore, it is important to open this chakra when understanding this.

It is essential to emphasize that the third eye has the ability to open several times, with the aim of reaching an excellent development of this sixth chakra, which is so important and vital for the human being and his evolution. In addition, it allows to recognize each energy that exists in the world and that each individual is granted, and thus advance in their internal spiritual growth.


So, it is very important to understand that the great blockage of the third eye is the illusion, whose thought makes a decrease in the activation of the power of the chakra. For this reason, this spiritual part must be opened constantly. If you want to know a little more about this religion that surrounds the chakra, you will be interested in knowing about the spiritual development.

Techniques to activate the third eye

There are different techniques that are more elaborate and connected to spirituality, those are the ones that manage to activate the third eye in a faster and more effective way. However, it is important to mention how vital the “Qi” whose essence can make the connection with your inner being very simple and fast.

Therefore, the essence of Qi It is part of the search for the connection between the divine eye, in order to align its power and firmness through the 5 techniques that are created especially for this sixth chakra, and thus leave an excellent result. We describe them below:


It is a technique that everyone should know and learn to perform, since it will be necessary to perfect it as it is constantly practiced. This would require a unique and very suitable concentration.

In the mental technique, elements or materials that are very easy to find and obtain would be needed. To start doing it, a chair will be present, so that the person who wants to do the exercise can sit comfortably. In turn, you will have to look for a white wall or cloth that does not have any type of scratch, in order to use it as a background for the session to open the third eye.

A mirror will be the main instrument to use when starting this technique, where the mind will be the original factor that will make an outward movement and achieve, in this spiritual way, the opening of the sixth chakra with total success.

Thus, the technique is based on the person seeing himself in the mirror, trying to fix his gaze on it. Do not forget to keep your mind totally relaxed and blank, this way you will have better results. By doing this exercise, which will take time to practice, you will be able to notice images, landscapes before the individual's view, causing the original opening of the third eye and its great power.

I see

It is one of the most difficult techniques because of the concentration that the person who wants to open their third eye must have. Therefore, it is important to emphasize that practice is vital for this type of mental exercise and thus have a better result.

In Veo the main action will be the full concentration of the individual. In addition, a white cloth will be needed but this time it will be used to cover the person's eyes, in this way an easier and more successful concentration will be obtained.

Then, by blindfolding the person, they will seek full concentration and the location of the sixth chakra, in order to transfer all the intelligent energy to the third eye in a difficult but very effective way.

With this technique you will have a very unique result, since by completing the necessary concentration in the third eye, it will cause images to appear that will serve as a divine spiritual message. Also, getting this skill mastered will become easier and better for the individual.



Velo's technique is very similar to Veo's, so it is not possible to know a very marked distinction. However, in this one, the same concentration of the blank mind is carried out and the energy is united in the exact place of the third eye, but this time it will be done in a totally dark place, that is, without the need to cover your eyes.

It is a predetermined technique to gain better intuition in everyday life. In addition, you will be able to obtain the knowledge and ability to recognize the auras that exist, and that each human being in the world contains. Therefore, it is relevant to practice it more and more and thus achieve a great spiritual skill that very few will have.

In addition, the expansion and vibration of your internal energy, the one that emanates from this sixth chakra in the human being, can be developed in a better aspect. Which will cause an illumination force to be realized that will come out of your body to the outside, that is the power that is granted by maintaining an unparalleled concentration of the mind. You also have the opportunity to expand your knowledge in the spiritual branch, knowing about the spiritual masters.


It is one of the most interesting techniques that deserve a great effort on the part of the person who wishes to open their third eye. This is how the exercise that involves a high level of energy emanating from your sixth chakra would begin, which gives an interesting and very experimental sensation but full of great knowledge.

The technique used will be projected using only the index and middle fingers of the hand, by which you are guided when writing. These are the ones that you will place right in the place where the third eye is in the human being. By placing them there, a certain connection can be established between your chakra and his body, maintaining a very strong harmony.

With this technique it is important to keep the fingers in the place where the sixth chakra can be located in the inner and spiritual part of the person. In turn, you must open and close your eyes and imagine the true presence of this third eye and thus achieve the goal of connection.


Also, it is essential to emphasize how vital it is to establish a real link with your chakra. Which will give you the divine power to locate the various energies that exist in the world and that govern the human being, with the aim of establishing a reading of the divine energies in the spiritual realm.


This technique called elementary and that we will be learning about in this article on how to open the third eye, should be done in the most relaxed way possible, where the person finds great serenity between their inner being and the outside. Thanks to this, the power of the spiritual technique can be started.

To start this exercise, you must be seated in any place of your choice, although it is necessary to have the light off. Then, they will have to close their eyes and take their sight towards the middle, where the third eye is located in the human being.

In addition, you should know that it is a very deep technique, which will give an impressive result by letting you see before you, the different images that emanate from the unconscious with the help of the power of the energy of the sixth chakra. And thus, improve the connection between your body, mind and the third eye.


How to activate the third eye with the most common methods?

The third eye has a great and unique power by which it could be part of the 7 existing chakras in the human being through spirituality. His intense dexterity in people reflects an interesting ability, which leans on the psychic aspects, in order to have a better connection and readings of the energies that exist in the world.

Thus, there are profound techniques on how to open the third eye in an individual, which are very interesting and complex in view of the spiritual aspect of the human being, revealing more areas of energy. In this order of ideas, you can learn about 2 other methods that have been able to position themselves as entities to make the necessary link, with the aim of having greater power and control of their sixth chakra.

Yoga and meditation will be very vital for those who want to open and keep their third eye in excellent working order. Therefore, the main guidelines and advantages of these towards their sixth chakra should be known.


Yoga is a method that has been developing since ancient times, which has been successful in verifying the existence and possibility of connection between the mind as a whole with the human being. Giving clearly successful results and full of great balance, such as inner and outer peace.

It helps to align and fit each chakra of the body and place ourselves in the corresponding place. It also allows to establish an unparalleled energy force, which will give great benefit to the individual who performs it and even more so to be able to open the third eye.

For this reason, yoga has been fundamental as a beginning to the spiritual world and the approach of the human being towards a more intense plane full of positive energies, which help the development and effective growth of people.


It is a very simple method before the eyes that have already practiced it, however it is an exercise that requires great concentration in order to achieve an atmosphere of tranquility and purity, which goes from your feelings to your thoughts.

For this reason, meditation has been placed as a main factor to begin to understand what the process of opening the third eye in the human being is like. Likewise, it provides the necessary practice to be able to carry out the deepest techniques that help to work the sixth chakra in a better way.

Consequently, it is good for each person to begin practicing meditation on a daily basis, since great happiness, alignment and tranquility would be obtained in every aspect of their being.

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