Book Paper Towns by John Green: Synopsis, characters and more

In this article you will be able to enjoy John Green's Paper Towns Book: Synopsis, characters and more, a story narrated in the first person from the voice of its main protagonist, it is a mixture of teenage romance.

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paper cities book

The novel paper cities book, is originally titled in English Paper Towns, corresponds to the third literary work of the playwright John Green. It was published by Dutton Books, on October 16, 2008.

Since then, it has achieved great sales success, being classified as a Best Seller by the New York Times, and it continues to be a favorite among book lovers.

In addition, it is a literary work that has been adapted in film production, with its debut in 2015, with its protagonists Cara Delevingne and Nat Wolff, as Margo Roth Spiegelman and Nat Wolff in the character Quentin Jacobsen, or «Q». Filming was under the direction of Jake Schreier.

She was awarded the Edgar Allan Poe in 2009 and the International Corine in 2010.


It all begins with the story of two teenagers, who are in their last year of high school, domiciled in Orlando Florida: Quentin Jacobsen "Q" Quentin, and Margo Roth Spiegelman.

Although Quentin feels infatuated with love for Margo, the two live in two different worlds. She is a pleasant, popular and beautiful young woman, while Q is somewhat nerdy, which translates as a prodigy student.

But one night, Margo comes to Quentin's house, dressed as a Ninja, to help her carry out an act of revenge against her boyfriend, Jese, who is cheating on her with Becca.

After a hectic night, which vivifies the relationship of a childhood they shared, and seems to mark a new destiny for the two and after leaving Quentin's house, they do it in the other characters' houses as well, leaving signs of graffiti with the letter M, or dead fish, which only Quentin has the key to discover.

The next day, Margo does not attend school, and after three days her parents declare her missing, which has happened on other occasions.

Quentin is sure that Margo has thrown him some signs as clues that will allow them to meet, and he decides to track them down. The last of the signs takes them to a "paper city" in the State of New York called Agloe.

Quentin persuades his friends, Ben Starling and Marcus "Radar", and Margo's best friend, named Lcey, to come with him to search for him, which they do by driving in their car, which they accomplish in just 24 hours. from Florida City to New York. Arriving in Angloe, they do indeed meet Margo, who was living in a dilapidated barn.

Paper Towns book tells the story of Quentin Jacobsen and Margo Roth who were nine years old.

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While having fun in a park, they find the body of a dead man. Being a terrible and marked fact at their young age, they strengthen a very special bond between the two characters, even due to their separation and that after several years they meet again.

The author, John Green, with his unique style where he mixes humor and tenderness, weaves a moving story giving life to a repertoire of characters.


In this segment, we narrate the different characters that participate in this work, such as:

Quentin "Q" Jacobsen

He is the protagonist and narrator of the story. Since his childhood he feels love and feelings invade him towards Margo. After she disappears, he begins to find signs as clues, which he estimates that Magro set them up to meet her.

Benners "Ben" Starling

One of Quentin's best friends. He has an abusive nickname that haunts him.

Marcus "Radar" Lincoln

One of Quentin's best friends. In the play he stays active by editing pages for a website, known as Omnictionary, which is intended as a Wikipedia comedy.

He was assigned the pseudonym Quentin and Ben, after the character M*A*S*H. She is embarrassed that her parents have the largest collection of black Santa Clauses in the world. She participates in the school band. Like Ben, Radar, she supports Quentin in locating Margo.

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He goes on dates with a young woman named Angela, along the way in the play, Radar usually has a better focus on Quentin. In fact, she questions Quentin about his blindness to Margo.

Lacey "Lace" Pemberton

She was a friend of Margo. She ends up being Ben's girlfriend, after spending time together on Margo's trail.

Margo Roth Spiegelmann

She is a popular and attractive young woman at school, as well as the love she has for Quentin. She is Quentin's neighbor so they have been great friends since childhood. The two discover a dead body as children, long before they split up. Prior to her disappearance, she requests his help to carry out revenge for those who were malevolent to her.

connie jacobsen

By profession psychology and the mother of Quentin

tom jacobsen

Psychologist and father of Quentin

Mr. Spiegelman and Mrs. Spiegelman

Margo's mother and father

ruthie spiegelman

Margo's younger sister

Jason "Jase" Worthington

Margo's ex-boyfriend. He betrayed her with her best friend, Becca, being the first victim of her revenge.

Becca Arrington

She was Margo's best friend. Jase betrayed Margo with her.


Radar's first girlfriend

chuck parson

Malevolent boy from the Institute.

The reason for the title paper cities

The name of paper town, is used to deal with cities that do not exist and that many map makers assign in their work to be able to verify in the future that they have been copied, and claim pertinent legal action. Likewise, these words refer in the work to Margo's vision of his city: an unreal, superficial environment, made of props, made of cardboard.

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Film adaptation

Being a literary work of paper cities, which contains a youthful language, with high tone expressions, particularly when it comes to sex, it has not been far behind being selected for film productions.

Then 20th Century Fox, developed the well-known film Paper Towns, under the direction of Jake Schreier. Nat Wolff's impersonations as "Q" Quentin. Cara Delevingne in the character of Margo Roth Spiegelman. Justice Smith, Austin Abrams, and Halston Sage, representing Quentin's friends Radar, Ben, and Lacey Jaz Sinclair, portrays Angela, Radar's girlfriend. The film was released on July 24, 2015.

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