Forest Animals: Characteristics, Examples and more

In rural areas where wildlife abounds you can find many animals that live in the forest, in the depths of the jungle you can find various species whether they are reptiles, mammals, birds, insects and more. Join us to learn more about which are the most interesting forest animals.

Forest animals

What animals live in the forest?

Without a doubt, talking about forest animals is a topic that could take a long time, there are thousands of species that coexist in different environments and have different behaviors. The species of animals are located in these wooded areas according to the multitude of trees or abundance of forest that exists, since there are many that prefer clearer areas and others prefer to live among a large number of bushes and trees.

What are the types of forest animals?

Taking into account the above, there are various Types of animals in the forest, whether they are reptiles, birds, insects, vertebrates and invertebrates, which can be grouped according to these types of forest that we will see below:

deciduous forest animals

In reference to the animals that live in temperate forests or deciduous, various strategies have been adopted in order to perfectly adapt to any of the changes in temperature that may arise in these forests throughout the year, these animals generally learn to hunt, hibernate, build burrows, hide, guard food and much more, all for their survival in the forest.

These types of animals can have diversities, since they can be mammals of various sizes, as well as they can be herbivores or carnivores. Many of these are black bears, rabbits, leopards, squirrels, cougars, otters, owls, and many more. On the other hand, there is another classification of jungle animals such as; snakes, snails, birds, turtles, spiders and an infinity of insects such as; butterflies, ants, crickets, beetles and more.

deciduous forest animals

animals of coniferous forests

These forests arise in cold lands or with icy climates due to their well-known coniferous fauna, in these areas the animals maintain a strict social regimen to feed themselves and stay grouped in herds, they also have to find a way to quickly adapt to the changes in seasons that occur they give throughout the year. Among the animals found in this habitat there are different species of spiders, frogs, squirrels, salamanders and mammals such as foxes, bears, deer, lynxes and more.

tropical forest animals

Tropical forests can house many species inside, however, there are animals that live in such remote areas that it is almost impossible to detect them. Similarly, there are animals that prefer to keep their wanderings throughout the forest, whether they are various birds such as pigeons and parrots that feed on seeds or fruits. Animals that belong to the mammalian classification are found in these forests, whether they are sloths, tigrillos, squirrels, monkeys and felines.

From the oviparous family there are also various species, be it the owl, eagles, macaws, toucans and more. Among the reptiles that inhabit these forests are salamanders, frogs and snakes such as the boa. Bees, butterflies, wasps, larvae, ants among others that are also found in this habitat.

mixed forest animals

This habitat encompasses a series of quite varied forest animals, since the forest itself has a union of diverse trees such as tropical, coniferous and broad-leaved trees. It consists of animals such as quail, pigeons, squirrels, skunks, spiders, ants, mice, foxes, pumas, jaguars, wild turkey among others.

Evergreen Forest Animals

It is a forest in which a temperate and quite cold climate constantly falls, however, the foliage of the leaves of its trees is quite durable, in this forest you can find species of animals such as tropical bats, turtles, snakes, toads, primates As the Spider monkey, parrots, hummingbirds and more.

Tundra Animals

This type of forest is noted for being quite large and clear, it does not have the same number of trees as the forests mentioned above, however, the subsoil is completely frozen and its trees extend to areas with plants that grow very little but galore. Moss is very common on the trunks of the trees in this forest; they are generally located in countries such as Argentina, Chile and Canada.

For the species of animals that inhabit this place, it is very important to have fur that covers them from the cold, as well as a thick layer of fat inside to give them the body heat they need. The animals of the Tundra usually migrate in the winter season, among the animals of the tundra forest there are owls, oxen, polar bears and goats.

Forest animals

Most found animals in the forest

We could not cover all the animals that live in the forests since there are thousands, however, we can show you which are the ones that are most frequently found in these areas, then we have the following:

The grizzly

It is one of the largest forest animals that inhabit these places, its impressive physiognomy consists of thick fur and its thick layer of fat protects it from the coldest climates. The color of its fur is brown or brown, in some cases its color can be more intense or lighter, sometimes it becomes black.

It is believed that these bears feed on meat, although this is not the case, they are omnivorous animals and their diet is based on plants and fruits, something that they will never lack in the forests. This huge bear uses its powerful claws to defend itself when threatened or confronted by predators. It is generally found in Asian, European and North American forests.

Something that you surely did not know is that brown bears are plantigrades, this means that they can stand up with their hind legs when they detect a threat or are curious about something.

forest animals brown bear


This species belongs to the feline family, these can be found in various forests located in America, a place that by its nature they have been able to dominate perfectly. Jaguars are meat lovers, for this reason they have huge claws to hold their prey and sink their large teeth into their victims until they suffocate them.

Except when the mating season arrives, the jaguar always walks alone through the forest, a female is capable of having up to 4 offspring each year, she guards them for a couple of years before letting them live independently.


An owl is known for being an animal with a nocturnal life, thanks to its impressive eyes they are able to observe everything around them with a head that can rotate 270 degrees without having to move from its place. These can measure approximately 1,5 meters with open wings. This bird has incredible intelligence and can live in the forest for more than 50 years.

As we said before, the sight of an owl is impressive, it has huge eyes with three layers of eyelids that protect it, as well as abundant feathers to offer body heat. The bird in question usually lives in temperate forests and sometimes in almost desert places, when it comes to feeding it prefers small animals such as frogs, mice, lizards and some fish.

The panda bear

Another of the animals found in temperate zones is the giant bear or the panda bear, this bear with black and white fur is characterized by having an incredible sense of smell and hearing, however, it does not have such good vision. It has a length close to two meters and when they are adults they can weigh more than 145 kilograms.

It is no secret to anyone that these bears are bamboo lovers, 99% of these animals eat bamboo throughout their lives, they rarely eat insects or rodents. Many of these bears are found in environmental reserves located in China and it is a protected species as they are in danger of extinction.

Forest animals


It is an omnivorous animal whose diet is based on fruits, vegetables and some insects, they have a preference for places that have nearby rivers. It can be easily recognized thanks to its gray fur with stripes on its tail, not to mention its black mask that covers its eyes.

Thanks to their good eyesight, they can go out to hunt some insects at night, they always do it alone since they are not animals that like company, unless it is in mating season, however, when they have young they do not last longer a month with them before abandoning them and continuing his life.

Red deer

Located in the mixed forests, you can find the deer, an animal that prefers valleys and temperate zones. Among the most interesting characteristics of this animal is its enormous antler, a rigid formation characteristic of them to be able to defend themselves against predators or also to mark territory in the presence of another deer.

On the other hand, the limbs of a deer are as flexible as they are resistant, with them it can travel great distances and reach areas that no one would imagine. The diet of this animal is based more than anything on some grasses, bark and leaves of trees.

Forest animals


We know it very well, tigers are agile cats with various abilities that make them impressive, they have incredible vision that helps them see their prey from long distances, day or night. A tiger is completely carnivorous and can hunt animals twice its size, whether they are buffalo, reptiles, bears, birds, fish and more. Its habitat is generally located in some regions of Asia and the eastern grasslands.

tiger in a lagoon


It is another of the forest animals that belongs to the feline family, it can be found in forests in Europe. It is recognized for being small, quite agile and with yellowish fur with a short tail. Like tigers, its diet is carnivorous, it makes use of its powerful claws to catch birds, fish, deer and more.

Since it is not as fast as a tiger, this animal chooses to surprise its prey, when it is in captivity under good care it can live for 25 years, in the wild its life span is at least 15 years.

lynx in the forest


Gorillas belong to the primate family, it is a giant monkey with dark fur, it usually lives on the African continent and in areas near the coast. An adult male can weigh almost 200 kg and measure up to 2 meters in height; on the other hand, the females measure a meter and a half and weigh around 95 kg approximately. Gorillas have very powerful upper limbs with which they grab onto branches in search of fruit and different types of leaves on trees.

gorillas in the forest


No trunk is saved from this Woodpecker, which uses its strong beak to make holes in the wood of trees or any object made of wood with the intention of getting insects such as termites. The body of this animal consists of black feathers with some changes of shades such as green and white; They also have a red crest on their head that makes them easy to identify. This bird lives in temperate forests where trees abound.

woodpecker in the forest

Forest Frog

It is a small frog that almost reaches 50 millimeters in length. Its main habitat is the forests where there are rivers or freshwater lagoons and maintain a humid climate where freshwater prevails, it is identified by having a green body, sometimes black or brown.

This frog has a rather unique feature, it is able to survive extremely low temperatures and even freeze completely and later come back to life. Once it thaws, it goes in search of a partner to be able to reproduce; These frogs feed on insects and catch them with their sticky tongue.

Tasmanian devil

In the forests there are also marsupial-type animals, among them an animal that lives in the forests of Tasmania stands out, it is known as a "demon" since they produce an annoying screech that can be heard from several kilometers away, they also have red eyes and sharp teeth that they use to feed and defend themselves. This marsupial is carnivorous, but from time to time it likes to eat some types of fruit. Don't let their agility take you by surprise! its speed and way of behaving makes it unique in its kind.

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