Zerozerozero Another series on drugs? YES, and it's a masterpiece

Zerozerozero, Bosch, HomecomingJack Ryan o Hunters These are some of the many examples that show that Amazon is striving to have good series; that Amazon Prime Video really wants to be a Netflix or an HBO. Except hunters, a joke in bad taste full of clichés and winks Squire by Quentin Tarantino, Amazon has been on the correct course for several months. A few weeks ago we received the best series that has ever come out of the budgets of Amazon Prime Video. And we don't talk about Fleabag but of zerozerozero. Once again, the drug comes to the rescue. Even though this time it was not Pablo Escobar, but the Ndrangheta and the Zetas.

criticism of zerozerozero

Does well zerozerozero in ignoring the novel/investigation of Roberto Saviano on which the series is based. Does well zerozerozero in not being another Gomorrah. The work that best portrayed the Neapolitan mafia and that catapulted Saviano into a life of fame and escorts is perceived in zerozerozero. But here the story is not Italian but global.

The meaning of Zero zero zero is simple: it refers to the degree of maximum purity of cocaine. In this sense, Saviano's book is quite zerozero: it is little more than a succession of family names, murders, and settling scores. From its first minute of footage, zerozerozero manages to dodge the biggest challenge facing any new drug series today: show that this is not just another series about drugs.

Three countries (Italy, Mexico, USA), three languages ​​(no dubbing) and a protagonist: a shipment of cocaine that travels from the place where it is processed to where it is sold. Only by structure, setting and characters, zerozerozero It is one of the series of the year. Maybe the series of the year. Among those responsible for the series we find Stefano Sollima, guilty in the past of Gomorra, Suburra and criminal Rome. 

Structure is everything zerozerozero

This is not a spoiler but common sense: at the end of the series the plots of Mexico, the US and Italy come together in the form of fireworks, and what happens there forces us to beg for a second season. Until then, zerozerozero use this variety of characters, stories and locations to your advantage. The viewer never has time to get tired.

zerozerozero has a masterful way of jumping between the plots to teach us, in the manner of Alejandro González Iñárritu's trilogy (Babel, Amores Perros y 21 grams), the global magnitude of drug trafficking and the repercussions in Monterrey of a sneeze in Calabria.

Andrea Riseborough, immense protagonist of Zerozerozero

Andrea Riseborough, immense protagonist of Zerozerozero

Zerozerozero… season 2?

The eight episodes know little. Considering the enormous budget of zerozerozero, It is realistic that we are talking about Narcos from Amazon Prime Video.

Each of the 8 episodes of zerozerozero uses a narrative martingale that, taking advantage of the enormous cast of characters, shows us the external face of an event and, immediately afterwards, the intrahistory, the seams, what happened while we were not looking, for which history rewinds the way the coffee shop heist scene in Pulp Fiction.

zerozerozero It is a portentous display of media with a shoot that has crossed, in addition to all the locations mentioned, Morocco and Senegal. It doesn't have any Al Pacino-type stars and it doesn't need one. The three plots are headed by an immense ensemble of actors. Harold Torres, Giuseppe De Domenico and, above all, Andrea Riseborough, they lead a surprisingly good holy trinity of protagonists for how unknown it is. Riseborough is in the role of his life. And that we saw her in high school in Birdman (unrecognizable, by the way).

Giuseppe Di Domenico is one of the protagonists of Zerozerozero.

Giuseppe Di Domenico is one of the protagonists of Zerozerozero.

With his short helmet-like hair and his refusal to let things go his way, Andrea Riseborough has an ominous presence in zerozerozero and his name screams Oscar. The same with the relentless and bloodthirsty Harold Torres, a character who embodies pure evil...or pure ignorance, since all his acts find their excuse in religion.

zerozerozero It has emotion and desperation, shootings, stabbings, betrayals, public massacres, love, tension, posh drug dealer dinners and Al Qaeda barbecues in the open and even a masterful Godfather/Grandfather: Don Minu.

Have you noticed everything that can be said without telling? run to see zerozerozero. Really. After the global pandemic of the Coronavirus, the greatest injustice that is taking place on the face of the earth right now is how little is being said about this masterpiece of television fiction.

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