Meet the Zen Touch, so you have total control of your body

The main thing to know about the touch zen it is that their training is not found in a book and it is not related to any religion. That is why people who want to learn this art must do so through a trained individual. In the same way, in the following article, several important points about such an interesting topic will be touched upon.

touch zen

Meaning of Zen

In a few words, zen means awareness of life, which must be maintained 24 hours a day. Which means that a person must be aware at all times of what he eats, what he feels, what he thinks, as well as the way he acts, speaks, expresses himself and much more.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that if you can control the body then you control the nervous system and the mind. Therefore, when a person controls his breathing, he will be fully able to control his life. If you want to know other healing methods, you should not miss the Top 10 Medicinal Plants and what they are for.

What is the Zen Touch?

It is a really easy technique to apply, which is based on achieving control of the nervous system using conscious breathing and relaxation. During the practice of this technique several arts are combined: meditation, breathing and the touch of some energy points that are located in the central nervous system, which are known as Chakras.

When people are learning about this technique, they are taught to master it and develop it through the activation of the six energy points. This in order to enhance the ability to heal spontaneously in just 5 minutes.

By developing this skill with perseverance and rigor, the person who puts this technique into practice will be able to achieve a state of peace of mind. Just as he will also achieve peace in the nervous system, in the whole body and, best of all, spiritual peace. Having this level of peace makes it possible to connect with the essence and be oneself. Today there are many people who claim that this art has completely changed their lives.

In general terms, Zen is to be continuously in the here and now, it is to be present in each of the daily actions. It is also a portal to the universe in which one is aware of the responsibility of what one lives. It can be used as an instrument to be the conscious interpreter of the life that is lived today.

How does the Zen Touch work?

When a person develops an illness, whether serious or mild, there are always blocked and unbalanced systems. These situations are responsible for the disease not disappearing, so if the whole body is stagnant, blocked, it is difficult for it to be restored, therefore the person will have a very hard time recovering on their own.

Now, as is normal, when the nervous system is perfectly leveled, the whole organism begins to work in a better way so that the healing of the disease begins.

touch zen

So Zen Touch teaches practitioners to make very subtle touches to the different chakras, to help the nervous system locate its natural balance. In this way, all the factors that feed the disease are regulated so that the body attacks it.

It should be noted that the energy that is applied in the Zen Touch is not to cure, nor will it replace the medications prescribed by the sick person's primary care physicians. What you want to achieve with this technique is to restore balance, unblock the nervous system so that it is the same organism that seeks the path of healing.

On the other hand, the Zen Touch operates with the individual from a holistic point of view, which means that this technique takes the individual as a whole, that is: body, mind and spirit.

Zen Touch Courses

The only way to learn to master this technique is by taking courses with teachers trained for it. The person who founded this art imparted all his wisdom orally and this method is still being put into practice today. Now, by complying with this teaching method, respect for the means of dissemination that its founder chose is being demonstrated.

The courses to understand and put into practice the Zen Touch have 2 levels. There are people who can get it only in 2 continuous weekends, it all depends on their perseverance and discipline. In the first weekend you reach the first level and you get the ability to practice with yourself. In the second weekend, they learn to activate and put into practice the Zen Touch not only in themselves, but in the people who need it and those who request it.

It should be noted that all these courses have no price, that is, they are free. It must be so, because this type of training is not charged, nor for the treatment. This is a very important principle of said technique and it is essential to respect and comply with it. In this way, the Zen Touch will successfully fulfill its purpose, which is to reach as many people as possible who want to practice it or who require it.

What is learned in these courses?

In these courses you learn to dominate the nervous system through conscious breathing, putting into practice introspection and healing methods that have incredible results. Each person receives real training, which is an effective and useful tool with which many people can be helped.

On the other hand, it should also be noted that in these courses people are taught to activate the energy points of the body that are located in the forehead, head and spine. This in order that they manage to channel all the energy possible so that the nervous system remains stable and provide peace of mind to the person. It is good to learn other techniques, which is why we recommend reading the following article: Spiritual Response Therapy.

touch zen

Who is trained to apply the Zen Touch?

Just as it has been mentioned before, the people who can practice the Zen Touch are those who are really prepared and have managed to take the 2-level courses where they are taught about breathing and conscious meditation. These are the necessary tools to level the nervous system.

This practice is extremely important because it is the one that will allow the weakness to go away, which will attract a totally beneficial change of vibe for the patient. This is because the energy of the universe and the energy of the person combine wonderfully for the body to take advantage of it.

Touch Zen according to Suzanne Powell

Suzanne Powell is originally from Northern Ireland, but is currently living in Spain. She herself claims to be a Philosophical Psychiatrist Specialist in Orthomolecular Nutrition and Professor of the courses Zen Longevity. Today it has a large number of admirers worldwide, thanks to its history.

A Powell diagnosed with terminal cancer at the age of 20, he made the decision not to take the medications recommended by doctors. Instead, he fully recovered his health by putting the Zen technique into practice.

That is why from that moment on he dedicated himself to promoting different courses about the Zen Touch. They last only 6 days and are completely free, respecting the principles of its founder. However, participants are asked to make a donation at each level.

In these courses taught by Suzanne Powell it is taught to use the Zen Touch. This consists of the imposition of hands above the chakras. The practice of conscious breathing is also taught and this ensures that with all this knowledge people will reach a great level to treat any physical and/or mental pain, they will even help to overcome any personal or sentimental circumstance.

What can be added about the Dr Suzanne Powell is that during all these years it has caused a stir and has generated a lot of controversy because there are many people who are completely sure of the effectiveness of the Zen Touch.

While for other people there are many doubts, because it turns out that this technique is not supported by any type of studies or background that can confirm its effectiveness, as has been done with other therapies.

Differences between Zen Touch and Reiki

Although both techniques are practiced using the hands to pass energy to the body, they have different methods. Zen touch passes the energy of the universe on another level, while Reiki activates the chakras.

Although it is true that the Zen Touch also works with the chakras, it does so solely and exclusively with those of the nervous system and is accompanied by the technique of conscious breathing. To complement this information, we recommend you read our article on Chakras of the human body and how to open them.

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