Zealots: Who Were They in the New Testament?

You are studying the Word of the Lord and you found the word zealots. Do you know who the Zealots were in the New Testament? In this article you will know the most important according to the Christianity of the Holy Bible.

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The word zealots It is derived from the Latin zelōtes, which translates into Greek as sectarian. While in Aramaic it comes from the Hebrew ganaim which means to be jealous. Biblically, the Zealots were different individuals who belonged to a sect that envied Jehovah.

It was founded by John the Galileo, around the first century, which was characterized by being completely radical and rigid. Seeking even through violence the return of the Jewish people to what is the Mosaic Law. In order, according to them, to fulfill what was considered the will of God, totally ignoring the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross of Calvary. Trying to get independence from the Romans of the city of Judea.

It is known that this political-religious movement began approximately in the sixth year after Christ. Which boomed thanks to the insurrection commanded by Simón, known as Galileo. As a result of a tax placed by the Roman government for each of the Jews.

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Zealots in the Holy Scriptures

The word zealots in the Bible we get only twice. However when we are studying the bible in a year we realize that this word can also be obtained under the name of cananists.

Facts 1: 12-14

12 So they returned to Jerusalem from the mount called Olivet, which is near Jerusalem, a Sabbath day's journey

13 And entered, they went up to the upper room, where Peter and James lived, John, Andrew, Philip, Thomas, Bartholomew, Matthew, James son of Alphaeus, Simon the zealot and Judas brother of James.

14 All these persevered with one accord in prayer and supplication, with the women, and with Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brothers.

When we study the context of the chapter we realize that these verses focus on highlighting that one of the disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ falls under the characteristics that we have highlighted to define the Zealots.

This information is emphasized to us in a second opportunity where Lucas clearly and precisely details the traitor of Jesus Nazareth and the Zealot.

Luke 6: 13-16

13 And when it was day, he called his disciples, and chose twelve of them, whom he also called apostles:

14 Simon, whom he also called Peter, Andrew his brother, James and John, Philip and Bartholomew,

15 Matthew, Thomas, James son of Alphaeus, Simon called Zealot,

16 Judas brother of James, and Judas Iscariot, who became the traitor.

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The transformation of life

As Christians we know that when we receive the Lord in our lives. We experience a change that can simply be defined as supernatural. When we analyze the verses exposed above, it is difficult for us to understand why the Lord Jesus among his disciples chose a zealot.

If we think with that scoop then it would be difficult for us to explain why an alcoholic person has the transformation in life in Christ. Or because a person who has consumed any type of drug has salvation. These examples make us understand that when we know Christ and are blessed in his grace, all the characteristics that make us the being are minimized. Thanks to the incomparable presence of God in our lives.

The first thing we have to assimilate is that Jesus Christ called a person considered a traitor, jealous and with a bad heart. Things that were not hidden from God. The Father knows us from before the womb of the mothers. And from the beginning he chose us for what makes us marvel even more at the choice of Jesus since Simon is one of the examples that he who lives in Christ is a new creature.

2 Corinthians 5: 14-17

14 Because the love of Christ constrains us, thinking this: that if one died for all, then all died;

15 and he died for all, so that those who live may no longer live for themselves, but for him who died and rose for them.

16 So that from now on we know no one according to the flesh; and even if we knew Christ according to the flesh, we no longer know him thus.

17 So if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; old things passed away; behold, they are all made new.

Simon although he was not a disciple who stood out among the Holy Scriptures, he remained faithful to Christ. He learned each of his teachings, put them into practice and evangelized by carrying the Word of the Lord. Affirming that when we are born in Christ we stop being what we were.

So these stories are a call not to fall for appearances. Because we do not see hearts and we cannot be losing the opportunity to meet a true servant of the Lord by thinking that he does not seem Christian.

Let us remember that our Lord is not going to give us salvation by works or merits. Only through Faith. Notice Simon, he was the graphic description of what should not be and he was chosen by the Lord and worked faithfully for his Ministry.

Ephesians 2: 4-7

But God, who is rich in mercy, because of his great love with which he loved us,

even though we were dead in sins, he made us alive together with Christ (by grace you are saved),

and raised us up together, and made us sit in heavenly places with Christ Jesus,

to show in the ages to come the exceeding riches of his grace in his goodness to us in Christ Jesus.

So let us focus on giving our lives to the Lord who sacrificed his life on the Cross of Calvary, so that each one of us can be redeemed, according to our Faith. Let us be merciful and kind to those around us and let us be a faithful testimony of what it means having accepted Christ as our Savior and Redeemer. Let us remember that we are in The end of the ages and the Lord calls us to study his Word and evangelize so that those souls are not lost. Let us enter into constant prayer to obtain the strength that only God the Father can give us through the Holy Spirit every day of our lives. Let us remember that without God we are nothing and that only with Him can we go through each of the turbulence that we have in this world of wolves. Let us trust in his promises and in his goodness.

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