The fake video of Arkano, the rappers Valtònyc and Pablo Hasél: this was postmodern rap

NOBODY has understood that the video of Arkano drunk biting a buttock has been part of a publicity strategy. Or yes, they have understood it but they have not been amused. Or they have understood it but they think that the publication of the story original was not a mistake. In the end and in short, people are talking about Arkano and that's the only thing that seems to matter: the scandal, the mention, the retweet. His new video clip already has 200.000 views in 11 hours. Amortized matter.

And so everything.

Valtonyc, the rapper who was tried to crack the monarchist's muzzle. Pablo Hasel, the rapper who was convicted of a couple of tweets. Arkano, the rapper who was vilified for post by mistake an intimate video and then, confirmed the strategy of fake viral, they continued to vilify because no one there had understood anything. And we better not talk about Lyrical.

Well, we repeat:

Valtònyc, because he ran away with Carles Puigdemont at Waterloo. Pablo Hasél, because he burned a Spanish flag at a concert. Arkano, because he "made history" by locking himself in the Puerta del Sol to make consonant rhymes for a whole day.

Of the music, of what has been the cultural content, not a trace. Not a trace of rap.

Well yes Arkano rapping "the entire Ikea catalog" for an advertisement (actually there were four or five pieces of furniture).

Postmodern rap was this

Rappers whose musical repertoire, in short, neither fu nor fa. More fu (fuuuuu) than fa, to be honest. Rappers whose music is the least of it. Postmodernity, oh, what a liquid and electrifying time to be alive. What times are so overflowing with opportunities, and what fucking times to consume quality culture among so much trinket; meanwhile fictitious artifact ready at the mercy of the media windstorms of the ephemeral virality and the trench.

Rappers whose music, deep down, who gives a damn?

- Well, a lot of people! And the State and the authorities are violating the freedom of these creators to be able to say whatever they want! -the mob will answer, banner held high, with bloodshot eyes (and no song by Arkano, Hasél or Valtònyc on any Spotify list on their phones).

And yes of course. It would be missing more: that every human being has the right to express himself freely is a boring evidence. Okay, let's dig a little deeper.

Our letters of the rappers Arkano, Valtònyc and Pablo Hasél interest many people, social justices and enraged defenders of freedom of expression all. But we are talking about music here. Of content. Of culture. Arkano, Valtònyc and Pablo Hasél are not interesting because of their lyrics. They are because of their monemes; for his ability to make a mess.

Ah, what a time to be alive, huh Kanye West? What an album you have marked yourself with Jesus is King: 27 minutes of pose and banner. And with a sequel in sight! In times in which current social, political and cultural media is increasingly determined by the relativization of what is true and what is not, postmodernity (understood as the absence of a single absolute truth) offers us through the music industry endless examples of how stupid, strange and ungraspable the hieroglyph in which we have had to live is becoming.

It is said and nothing happens either, hey: No one has ever heard a song by Arkano, Valtònyc or Pablo Hasél, Hulio.

The scandal of the false intimate video of Arkano biting an ass

The false viral scandal (or provoked scandal) of Arkano, the protagonist on the afternoon of Thursday, November 28, in a social media salseo on account of the publication of an intimate video, is just another proof of the problem. To promote a song (Do not leave me), a real artist shouldn't have to resort to feigning drunkenness or objectifying a woman. Even jokingly.

Arkano published the video clip of Do not leave me just two hours after the fake intimate recording went viral (a story supposedly published by mistake and then deleted from his Instagram) in which we saw him biting a buttock and, finally, media like La Vanguardia, 20 Minutes or El Diario de Catalunya they took the bait. Enough, the rapper from Alicante must have thought, giving up the viral trick (perhaps too quickly, since you do it, do it well, Arkano) to rush to launch a video that, let's be frank, is monotonous garbage whose visual sections and sonorous are nourished by the elements that are criticized in the lyric. As much as he ends up dipping cookies in a Mickey Mouse cup, the damage is done.

There is no where to catch it. And not a few fans are still wondering what all that was about.

If the song's message is precisely that Arkano doesn't feel like being a badass, Arkano has gone too far. It is not understood that, if you don't get to surround yourself with women in a Bad Bunny-style video clip, choose as support precisely a Bad Bunny-style video clip in which you appear surrounded by women. It is as if you were to kill a dog as a sign of punishment for having killed another dog. The thing is first of logic, go.

It's no wonder that, several hours later, Arkano fans still didn't understand a thing about what happened yesterday afternoon. It is ridiculous that someone like Arkano, who undoubtedly has a little more talent than the average Valtònyc or Hasél, has to resort to these martingales in order to herd clicks and headlines.

The thing acquires somewhat more uncomfortable tones when we remember certain interviews in which Arkano has used (and fed up) the wild card of political correctness (vilification of machismo, support for the LGTB community) to put together the ideology that makes up the corpus of his ignored record work.

Ignored? NO! Among a small but important section of society, Arkano is a demi-god. And that makes up for everything

Tranquility in the room. There is nothing to fear: Arkano is only paid attention to by teenagers and, luckily for him, in such tender years of maturity, the false scandal of his intimate video is non-existent. For the average teenage rap fan, that video, real or not, only helps to enhance the status of its protagonist.. The guy has eaten a butt. Whoa whoa.

The drama of the thematic proposal that flies over Arkana's trajectory is that it is great for its audience.

We rule out that you feel worried. Arkano yesterday was the number 1 trend on Twitter for much of the afternoon and evening. Let them talk about you. Even if it's bad, but let them talk.

C. Tangana, vetoed in Bilbao

This summer C. Tangana also grew retweets on account of the ineluctable right to allow anyone to say whatever they want. Right that was outraged at a concert that was to be held in Bilbao and that was canceled by the City Council due to pressure from feminist associations.

Fortunately for Tangana and her fans, the man from Madrid ended up doing not one but two bowling (and for free), in a bar, turning the tables and getting a good headline bonus worthy of the best of public relations campaigns. His speaker and his freedom of expression prevailed and a new and hopeful dawn greeted Western society firmly. The downside is that C Tangana's message has rarely ever progressed beyond "you're a whore-I'm the boss" on the whole.

-But do you not understand that he is a character? - the mob will reply, as if the Tangana and the Bad Bunny spent the early mornings sleepless, with numb elbows and malnourished soul, scratching inside themselves in search of new personality edges for your creations Chekhovian.

«Look at me how cute crying in the limo»- C. Tangana.

Valtònyc and Pablo Hasél, wounded champions of freedom

Nobody knows hardly anything about the supposed rapper Valtònyc. It is known that he was born in Mallorca, that he wears glasses, that he gets very nervous if someone takes a Spanish flag from him and that those from ETA, he hears, well, they would have his motives. It is enough to take a quick look at the news archive of (website not at all suspicious of impartiality, and we say this without sarcasm, is a current example of good journalism in Spain) to verify that All the news related to Valtònyc has nothing to do with the artistic character of his music. Trials, extraditions and exiles is the thing. Birds, go. has published about thirty (on the low side) articles with Valtònyc as the protagonist. The last one, three days ago.

As definitive proof, we turned to Google and related searches. If the logical in real rappers (in the SFDK, the Kase-O, the Nach, and the Toteking) is to come across search suggestions such as “concert”, “discography” or specific song titles, rappers Valtònyc and Pablo Hasél appear somewhat different search suggestions: “Belgium”, “Where is it” or “Last minute”.

Well, go. We vilely lie: in Hasél's searches, the title of one of his songs slips through: Death to the Bourbons.

In the case of Valtonyc, the most popular result is that of an excellent compilation made by the newspaper Público which is enough by itself to summarize this nonsense to which we are already devoting extra lines. in said greatest hits valtónicos we can read some of the phrases and verses that have earned the Majorcan a sentence from the Supreme Court for the crimes of extolling terrorism, insulting the Crown and threats.

In a nice fan/rake exercise that monopolizes leftist clichés, Valtònyc's vilified freedom of expression consists of the raw concoction of an endearing anything goes in which there is room for the apology of terrorism, hatred of the Royal family, threats of death to the right and even anti-bullfighting winks. Of course, the Grammy, for now, unlikely.

"A gunshot to your boss's forehead is justified or you always have to wait for some GRAPO to kidnap him"

“Or that a PP bus explodes with loaded nitroglycerin”

"I want to convey to the Spaniards a message of hope, ETA is a great

«This is not going to make a party that you thought silly, it is a time bomb in a bullring»

In the case of Pablo Hasél, the story varies a bit. In the humble opinion of this medium, the messages posted on Twitter for which the National Court sentenced him to two years and one day in prison they are less radical than those of Valtònyc. In fact, as the Catalan rapper himself pointed out, more than opinions his tweets contained objective facts.

The problem here lies, once again, when the only news item that rapper Hasél is capable of generating (or the only one reported by the media) is the one that springs from the extra-cultural atmosphere that surrounds him. And not his music. When the last video of his, published a few days ago, he barely manages to scratch six thousand visits. That's right: 4 shots es a superlative example of the grimy alley you end up in because of the nonsense of wrapping the most absolute of nothingness with an epic halo and snatched rights; the supreme void of talent.

Freedom of expression is a right that should be inviolable. May the rappers and apprentice rappers, blessed creatures, continue to play microphones if they wish. Here we are talking about a culprit who plays a couple of floors higher. The media, so used to grabbing hip hop culture to shake it like a chicken when they feel like fleecing her and kicking her around, they'd do well to increase their news coverage of the rap world. If we remember a culture only when it is visited by scandal, one gets the feeling that this culture consists only of the succession of scandals. The alternative to this is the immediate cut (and step to a responsible reduction) of the permanent trickle of information that suggests that characters like Valtònyc or Hasél have some kind of talent beyond what their string of screams and kicks to the criminal code have earned them. .

Culture, emptied of meaning and put at the service of fashion, or used as a hostage of ideologies and causes, is the saddest and most useless of cultures.

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