40 Christian Strength Verses IN THE BIBLE

There are many verses of strength that are necessary for the lives of the children of God, God speaks to their lives and allows them to be stronger in the spiritual realm, as well as being able to present firmness in the ways of God, many verses stand out in the bible that highlight the strength in the life of the Christian.


verses of strength

In the bible there are many verses of strength that Jesus Christ presents for each of his children, each of the people who participated in the story and the bible was taken and used by God in a great way and blessing, where these also had words of strength for the life of the Christian.

It is of high importance to know which verses of strength that are presented allow the firmness of the Christian's life, as well as allow them not to present decline against the enemy, they must stand firm in the word of God and maintain their faith.

The verses of strength that are presented in the word of God are many, however, in this article forty of them will be highlighted, which are a blessing for the life of the son of God, the dependence on him and that his life is in order under your will so that each of these words can reach your heart.

For this reason, it is important to read the following biblical quotes, of which a brief explanation of what these strength verses are about will be presented, as well as how they can be motivational bible verses.

40 strength verses

As mentioned above, there are many verses of strength that can be presented in the Bible, among these we can highlight:

Éxodo 15: 2

In this biblical quote the exclamation is presented that presents that God is the strength, it also highlights that it is the song and that all praise is for him, the strength is presented in their lives since God is presented being exalted and presented like his father.

Salmo 18: 2

It is decreed that God is our rock, our liberator, in this passage God is presented as a strength and shield, which is the refuge and the children of God will present all their trust in him, only God is the one who gives the salvation of his souls.

Deuteronomy 31: 6

In this passage there is an effort and encouragement only in God, where there is no fear or fear of enemies, since God is with each of his children, and it is highlighted in this passage that God never abandons his children and will never forsake them.

Salmo 27: 1

In this passage from the psalms, God is highlighted as light and salvation, where fear does not appear since God is the strength in life, therefore, he does not give up.


Josué 1: 9

In this passage from the Bible, God tells each of his children that he commands them to be strong and courageous, they should not fear nor should they be discouraged or faint, since God is almighty and will always be by our side at all times.

Psalms 28: 7-8

God is decreed as our strength and our shield, allowing him to live in our hearts and to be the one who guides him and offers his will of help and mercy, God is asked to give strength to his people who cry out and praise your name.

2 Samuel 22: 3

God is expressed as strength and that all trust is in him, salvation is presented by God who is the refuge of each of his children, for this reason it is presented that the savior is Jesus Christ who takes each of his children out of the background.

2 Samuel 22: 33

In this passage from 2 Samuel, God is presented who gives all strength to his children and allows their paths to be correct and straight at all times.

Psalms 31: 2-3

God is highlighted as the strong rock that gives help to the life of man, all strength is given by God who gives salvation to his children, he is presented as a guide along the right path where the will of God is presented.

Isaiah 12:2

God is the savior, trust and strength come from him, so there is no fear in life, God is presented as a song that gives strength.


Salmo 37: 39

The righteous can obtain their salvation through God, in every time of anguish that may arise in the lives of the children of God, it will be their strength.

Isaiah 26:4

Trust must be in God, he is the eternal rock in the life of the children of God.

Salmo 46: 1

Presented in this passage is the decree that God is strength and shelter at all times, in difficulties he is our help that overcomes obstacles.

Isaiah 40:29

God is the one who gives strength to those who are exhausted and increases the vigor of those who are faded.

Salmo 59: 17

Power is presented as a song to God who is the one who gives strength, and presents mercy

Isaiah 40:31

The confidence that the children of God present will be able to present their renewed strength, where they will run and will not present tiredness or any type of fatigue.

Salmo 71: 3

It is presented in this passage that God is the rock who allows his children to be protected, he is the only one who offers salvation, presents the strength as for those who follow him.

Isaiah 41:10

There should be no fear, there should be no fear because God is with us, he is the one who will strengthen each one of his children and help will be found in him, for his justice.

Salmo 81: 1

God is presented as the fortress, singing to him, praising and adoring God the Father with joy.

Isaiah 43:1

God has made a call to each of his children, he created everything, each one of the people should not present a fear or fear, since God is by their side at all times, that there is dependence on him.

Jeremías 16: 19

The Lord is declared as the fortress, as the force, God is presented as a refuge in times of difficulty, as well as difficulties in the world, where only he can be resorted to, who can do everything and knows everything.

Lord, you are my strength and my strength; you are my refuge in times of anguish! The nations will come to you from the ends of the earth, and they will say: Our

Salmo 118: 14

God is presented as the salvation of their lives, presenting himself as a song who gives strength.

Joel 3:16

God is presented as the refuge of his people, he is the strength for each of his children, tremors occur in the heavens and on Earth the voice of God's mercy is presented.

Nahum 1: 7

It shows how good and great God is, who in all times of difficulty and anguish gives strength to his children who seek refuge in him.

Habakkuk 3: 19

They decree God as the fortress, that on high paths the walking of their children will be bound their feet to fulfill their will.

Salmo 144: 2

God is presented as a castle and refuge for his children, he is declared as the liberator, the shield in which one can trust and who gives strength.

2 Corintios 12: 9

Weaknesses are presented in life, but God gives strength and perfects each of our weaknesses, glory is presented in it by trusting in Christ.

Ephesians 6: 10

It is presented to each one of the brothers who must be firm in God and in him they will find their strength.

Filipenses 4: 13

The strength comes from Christ, each of the things will be possible in him.

2 Timoteo 2: 1

The effort of grace is found in Christ Jesus, who gives strength to his children.

2 Timoteo 1: 7

It highlights that God has given his children a spirit of power, of strength, of love for themselves, of showing self-control, it is not a spirit of doubt or timidity.

Jeremías 32: 17

God is highlighted as the strongest and most powerful, who is the one who made the earth, the sky, and for him nothing is impossible.

Salmo 31: 24

God gives encouragement and courage, for those who hope in him will obtain from his strength.

Salmo 18: 31

It presents the question of who else can be the rock, only God who presents the strength of a rock.

Psalms 22: 1-9

We find strength by looking for God, on certain occasions it is believed that God is not there, but he is always with us by our side, our cry shows God the surrender to him and the search for strength in him, that life does not depend on own strength.

Deuteronomy 20: 4

God is always with each of his children, when a spiritual battle arises, he is the one who fights and who gives victory over the enemy.

Nehemiah 8:10

The delivery of the days of the children of God, who consecrate their days to God, in it they will be able to see and obtain the blessing, they will lack nothing, the strength will come from God the father for each one of his children.

1 Chronicles 29:12

It presents that in the hands of the Lord Jesus Christ power is presented, the forces that can strengthen each one of his children, all the blessings come from God the father, the dependence must be on him.

Salmo 73: 26

On certain occasions there is a fainting of the body, or it may be of the same spirit, but trust is in God, he is the one who gives strength to hearts.

2 thessalonians 3:3

God's faithfulness is presented, which never fails, he always protects each of his children from evil, and strengthens them so that they are able to win in his name.

40 showed up strength verses, it is highlighted that there are many more which present the strength that God gives to his children, it is necessary that in order to receive God's food and be strengthened in his word these verses are known, since they are of great help to the Christian.

At all times the word of God must be applied, not only in difficult moments, every moment of the day the word that God has given to his children must be applied in which praise and glory are given to him, many highlight various purposes that wants to teach us, among them the strength that can only be achieved in him, it is also important to consider verses about forgiving others.

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