Thickened nails: What are they? Causes, treatment and more

The presence of thickened nails is very common in many people, which is due to various causes and it is necessary to know the treatment that can be presented for its solution. Such information will be highlighted in this article.


thickened nails

Thickened nails are an additional growth that the nails present, which is known as onycauses, which is considered as a disease that occurs in many cases of people. Here, your nails, whether of the hands or feet, present a problem that is due to the presence of fungus in it, which generates overgrowth in them.

Generally, these types of cases occur in people of legal age due to the conditions in which their nails could have been exposed over time and other causes. But they can also occur in young people, which can be due to different types of causes in the daily routine, such as when the foot rubs against the footwear that causes problems with their nails.

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Causes of appearance

There are many causes that occur due to the appearance of thickened nails in people, which is highly important to know to avoid it and not present such cases in your nails. The causes are the following:

  • The presence of nail fungus is one of the most frequent that occurs in the nails, which is due to the fact that microorganisms are present in them, which are known as dermatophytes. This develops in the nail both in its lower part as well as in the upper part of the same.
  • Given that fungi are very frequent, it is necessary to consider that their propagation is given by environments with high humidity. It is also important to consider that they can be spread, so caution should be exercised.
  • Due to trauma, which is due to some type of injury suffered in one of the fingers, either of the hands or feet, which can generate the production of thickened nails.
  • Because of poor circulation. Elderly people tend to have more thickened nails, as well as it occurs in people who are diabetics who also suffer from poor circulation. Generating thickening to occur in your nails.
  • Due to genetics, thickened nails usually occur. When relatives have presented this history, it is of high importance that each one of the family nucleus carry out a visit to the podiatrist since they are prone to suffering from thickened nails.



El thickened nail treatment It can vary depending on the cause of their presence. But it is important to take into account that the adaptation of the measures can be presented in such a way that the use of the treatment can be effective. Therefore, the following points are recommended as treatments.

  • It will be necessary to change the footwear that is used, since if they are very small they can cause thickened nails.
  • Nails should be cut constantly
  • It is necessary to exercise, since it will be a preventive action, since it will be increasing circulation so that it can reach the fingers correctly.
  • In the case of people who have fungus on their nails, it is necessary that they carry out a specific separate treatment for it.

These are some of the treatments that are presented to solve thickened nails. For other cases, there is the possibility of opting for a topical treatment. Generally, when infection is highlighted in them, it will be necessary to visit the podiatrist, since medications and different types of treatments will be provided.

How to avoid thickened nails?

Among information of great importance is the avoidance of thickened nails, therefore, the following points are considered:

  • If your relatives have presented this type of case, you should not use small shoes because their appearance will be fast.
  • Hands and feet should be constantly hydrated.
  • Present a podiatric type control so that thickened nails do not appear.

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