Do you know how many types of love exist? find out here

Do you want to learn what are the types of love? There are many in which you will learn to identify them and check for yourself if you have already experienced it. In this article we will give you the explanations of each of them. Pending!

Types of love


The types of love can be differentiated in each of the forms that you have to express towards the person, here I will leave you the explanation about each of them, in which you will feel identified.

Platonic love

It is a feeling of idealized love, a romantic yearning to remain united to an unattainable person; it is characterized by being unrealizable or impossible, a long-distance love based on fantasies, which is focused on the inner beauty and intelligence of the person, and not on their physical appearance.

Unrequited love

Some of the women or men could have happened to them. It can be that you have fallen madly in love with the person, but he does not feel the same towards you. It is very sad or depressing for the one who feels love; The most important thing is that you must understand that unrequited love is just a great stage of your life and very soon you get over it.

"Keep going! that many new people and good things are yet to come”


True love

It is very strong love that puts you like in the clouds and that is very reciprocated. He is passionate, romantic, explosive, delightful, crazy, respectful, kind, gentle, patient, that will never exhaust you and makes you very "happy" to be with that person who supports you in everything and likes you very much.

“In this way husbands should be loving their wives as their own body. He who loves his wife loves himself. Ephesians 5:28”

I recommend that you read the bible, it will help you on how to be a good wife or husband!

teenage love

It is something very intense and it seems that it will last your whole life, but in reality it stirs your hormones and you live it in your body, even if it ceases to exist afterwards.

Did you know that many teenagers from their first love, can get to marry that person from their youth and have lasted until they die! “find out”


Childlike love

Today many will remember from a very young age, when they fell in love with a classmate and when they saw him they blushed.

“That innocent and tender love is the purest that can exist”

Impossible love

It can be said that it is an impossible love for any of these reasons:

  •  Because he is 35 years old, older than you
  • because he is married
  • because he has a girlfriend

These loves like this, never occur, they are simply based as a game or momentary fun.

mate love

It is an understandable love for family or close friends that you see constantly and that is full of complete trust, camaraderie, respect and a lot of solidarity.

“We always have a friend whom we love the most, like a brother, he is our confidant”



It's what we feel for ourselves, and it should be so wonderful! Because if we don't come to love ourselves, we have to work on that point.

So let's love ourselves first:

  • make yourself pretty
  • get ready
  • Sal Island
  • Have fun
  • Listen to music
  • Read the bible, it helps you to be a better person and to cleanse yourself spiritually

"So take these tips and they will lead you to become a spectacular person"

Motherly Love

A mother's love is unconditional and cannot be compared to anything, it is the most wonderful thing that many of the women have been able to experience in their lives. You will always defend your children and do everything possible for them, so that they are completely well.


If you haven't experienced it yet? Well, soon that very special little person will come to you, who will change your life completely and you will come to love, even the dirty diapers they leave behind.

“It is the most beautiful love that can exist”

We will talk to you in this article about how these are types of love according to their psychology

What is love?

The concept of love is very deep and complex, since it can be identified by very different things for humanity or people. It is essential regardless of age, culture, language or race, every human being feels a great need for love.

“We must love each other, no matter what nationality they come from. Because we are all the same"


It refers to a true friendship, for which you only have intimacy, but there is no commitment. People who have this type of relationship feel close and trust each other. But they do not have intimate relationships and do not even imagine themselves as a couple.

infatuation (passion)

It is an obsession that the person has to have intimate relationships, but there is not enough trust or commitment, for which it predominates as a passion. It can also be said as "love at first sight" or "crush".

empty love

It is a love by commitment, which has no passion or intimacy. This type of relationship can occur and last for many years, for example: in marriage.

fatuous love

It is established on a basis as sexual attraction that the person has, without being able to give intimacy. One could speak of a premature commitment, for which intimacy and knowledge of the relationship must be essential. They also don't have much in common.

Romantic love

It is an expressive feeling and one that is shown mostly with pleasure, although there is no commitment as a couple. Romantic love has been discussed frequently, both in ancient times and today.

complete or consummate love

It is like a feeling that has passion or attraction, when the person feels complete in all aspects with a person, it contains a relationship in a few words, nothing is missing, so they have fullness in their love life. It represents an ideal relationship.

It is made up of three elements:

  • Consummate love is the main amatory archetype
  • It's the perfect love
  • It also receives the name of mature love

Different types of love according to the bible

There are 4 forms of love found in the bible in which I am going to "Explain" about each of them:

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life.” (John 3:16)

What is the love of Eros in the Bible?

It does not appear in the Christian Greek Scriptures, but it is based on sexual attraction. It also refers to romantic love and love between the sexes.

What is Storge love in the Bible?

It is a feeling based on a blood relationship. It is also based on the love that can be had in the family.

What is Philia love in the Bible?

An affectionate love of friendship based on mutual appreciation. It can refer to the love or affection we have with our friends.

What is agape love in the Bible?

Agape love is perfect, unconditional, sacrificial, and pure. Jesus Christ demonstrated this kind of divine love for his Father and for all mankind in the way he lived and died.

A love based on principles, rather than on emotion or selfishness.

What is intimacy, commitment and passion? Below we will explain each of them:

Privacy: It is a feeling of closeness, which has a connection between: two people who are part of a love story, they trust each other, friendship and affection.

Passion: It is the excitement or energy about the relationship. The feelings attract the need of the person, to be with her and to be able to have an intimate relationship.

Commitment: Reference is made that both are totally convinced of living together and having a more formal relationship.

Spouses who have a true sense of commitment see their marriage as a permanent union, and that makes them feel secure. Both are certain that they will continue together no matter what happens.

In the following video you will also be able to appreciate the types of love.

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