The Tiger King/Rey Tigre documentary is coming to Netflix and it's VERY crazy: Who is the king of the tigers?

Tiger King – Tiger King It is a true story. And we bring you the summary synopsis of its seven episodes. Tiger king is a documentary that is about much more than the crazy biography of Joe Exotic, the king of the tigers, the man attached to a mustache (and a gun) that appears in the promotional image of the new Netflix documentary, tiger king and, practically, in every article that has been written about this docuseries based on real events. It is a mistake to focus the analysis of tiger king (so reminiscent of Don't fuck with cats) about animal keepers in this man happily married to two other men. We are facing a much larger series.

Tiger King / Tiger King: summary and review of a very real documentary series

Throughout its 7 episodes (plus a behind-the-scenes look by Joel McHale), Tiger king immerses us in an unforgettable experience based on real events. Welcome to a kind of Operation Triumph / Big Brother in which there are several applicants who compete for a throne whose existence we did not even know existed: to be the most enthusiastic, authentic and crazy tiger keeper in the world. Along the way, there are people exploited and killed.

Joe Exotic in a frame from Tiger King, the new Netflix documentary series to pass the coronavirus.

Joe Exotic in a frame from Tiger King, the new Netflix documentary series to pass the coronavirus.

Tiger king It starts with a devastating fact: right now, and in the United States alone, there are more tigers (or “big cats”) in captivity than there are free in the rest of the world. Specifically, THE DOUBLE. The matter takes on Dantesque overtones when we discover that the matter of caring for exotic animals is something completely secondary in tigerking. The protagonists of tiger king they use the possession of animals as a simple vehicle to access a position of status, power and recognition.

Premiered yesterday Friday March 20, Tiger king comes to Netflix at the best possible time. as it happens with pandemic, this documentary seems tailor-made for the confinement to which we have been forced due to the spread of the coronavirus. But only for a limited time: the seven 50-minute episodes follow the same heroin structure of previous productions Don't fuck with cats, wild-wild country or more recently The pharmacist.

It is almost impossible not to gobble up the story of the Tiger King in one sitting. The marathon of this miniseries true crime about dangerous felines becomes mandatory (even more so in times of COVID-19) when we discover, in the final bars of each episode, a turn of events that we could never have foreseen in the previous minutes. It is a somewhat tricky structure. But effective.

Joe Exotic: the dream protagonist of the new Netflix series

At the beginning of this review of Tiger king We have said that there would be no spoilers and we intend to keep our word. The alleged main protagonist of the docu-series tiger king It has an unbeatable cover letter. His name is Joseph Maldonado-Passage, although everyone on the Internet knows him as Joe Exotic. He is the owner of the Garold Wayne Exotic Animal Memorial Park, a park founded in 1999 with around 200 animals, mostly tigers (although there are also lions and bobcats, which he calls "big cats").

During the first bars it becomes clear that we NEED to know more about him. He has it all: he is eccentric, the camera adores him, he never stops talking, he has a passion, a goal, many enemies and a gun license that burns in his pocket. Joe Exotic even has a YouTube channel.

In the first minutes we are told that he will end up in prison. Although at first it may seem Tiger king it breaks the basic narration rules of this fashionable documentary format (distributing capsules of surprises throughout the narration instead of summarizing the core at the start of the story), we soon discovered that the documentary does not revolve around the figure of Joe Exotic.

That Joe's enemies have as many shadows (and importance in the story) as Joe himself: a natural park that basically functions as a sect, women's harems, polygamy, drug dealing (hidden inside snakes), prison sentences for murders (of bodies that were later dismembered with chainsaws), and a poor husband disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

The tigers are the excuse, the decoration, of a story of horror and constant "WHAT THE FUCK", by the viewer. Seriously, you're going to be constantly yelling “how?! SORRY SORRY?!

Tiger King series: animals, as always, the only victims

All the tiger keepers that appear in the documentary Tiger king believe they are not only the best at their job, but the ONLY ones who really care that animals live in adequate conditions. Carole Baskin, a fervent defender of animals, ironically has them caged and exploited in a zoo / amusement park in Florida that operates in the image and likeness of her nemesis, Joe Exotic, installed in Oklahoma.

The only certainty is that the poor caged animals, who only care about being able to eat, witness from their prisons another example of the Dantesque extremes of horror and shame that humans can reach when a mission crosses their minds.

What did the critics say? tigerking?

  • The Hollywood Reporter he speaks in terms of "an epic series that viewers will surely want to devour in one sitting."
  • Vanity Fair has said of Tiger king which is "a fascinating story so strange that it could only be true«
  • Metro, on the other hand, assures that the documentary series is not up to Don't fuck with cats o fyre (carried out by those responsible for TigerKing).
  • Mashable: "Viewers who are looking for new conversation starters will appreciate 'Tiger King' for its murder, its mayhem, and yes, also for all its madness."
    Directed by Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin, this new Netflix documentary series it is a winning bet that will not disappoint you. Of course, it does not finish reaching the levels of supremacy seen in Making a Murderer, Wild Wild Country and Don't mess with cats (whose story is 1000% real). It lacks roundness; sometimes the traps... cliffhangers that keep you glued to the screen, they are stuffed with too little love.

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