The secrets of the Great Pyramid of Giza

the great Pyramid of Giza

The Great Pyramid of Giza in particular and the pyramids of Egypt in general, have always been wrapped in mysteries and intrigues.

There are still those who say that aliens built them, how difficult it is to believe that men with the means they had in Ancient Egypt did it. Today We reveal some of the mysteries and curiosities of the Great Pyramid.

The great Pyramid of Giza

The great pyramid of Giza It is the tallest and largest of the three pyramids and dates from 2551-2528 BC It was made during the reign of Khufu in ancient Egypt. It is currently 139 meters high, a lower height than in its origin where it was 147 meters high. Erosion has made it lose height but not a bit of its imposing appearance. Its great size has always been an intrigue for man throughout the centuries.

The great pyramid and its sisters were covered with lighter stone plates, which smoothed its appearance and gave it greater luminosity, were visible from many directions.

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Inside the great pyramid there is a series of passages and corridors that connected chambers and that have fascinated archaeologists. The first of the chambers may have been the place where the pharaoh's body was prepared prior to his burial. Then, continuing the descent you reach the Great Gallery, a place that connects the queen's chamber with the pharaoh's chamber or king's chamber.

The king's chamber is located in the heart of the pyramid and in the heart of the mysteries. The sarcophagus of Pharaoh Cheops is found there, in an austere space. It does not appear to have been painted as if other later burial chambers were and it appears It is impossible to know if there were sculptural elements because there have been numerous lootings. in the pyramids.

The secrets of the great pyramid

The pyramids are a mystery even in their own construction. still uIt is a mystery how they were able to raise and create such architectures. It is also a mystery to know exactly the reason for doing them. There remains a debate between those who point to them as an observatory and those who ensure their link with religion and an arrangement of the king's chamber focused on connecting with the sun god, Ra.

Haand more than 100 pyramids spread across the desert of Egypt, but those of Giza are the best known of all of them. Its design was inspired by the mastabas, the previous tombs. The Great Pyramid was going to be the tomb of Pharaoh Cheops and therefore had to be finished before his death, which gave the Egyptians between 20 and 40 years to finish it.

As a curiosity Its four sides are not flat, but have a vertex in the center, that is, it actually has 8 faces the piramid. What happens is that this is almost imperceptible as it does not have the white limestone coating in addition to a gold tip. For more than three millennia it was the tallest architecture in the world at 149 meters high.

Giza pyramids

Years after the emperor's death, It was attacked and the thieves entered without problem to the king's chamber so it is obvious that they knew what that pyramid was like inside. It is possible that the thieves had been working on the pyramid itself and therefore knew it. Currently, The thieves' entrance is the one used to access the interior of the Great Pyramid.

Construction theories

There are many theories how such great architecture could be built, from straight or spiral ramps around the pyramid, which have been rejected. The version that it was aliens is also rejected by experts.

The version that might make the most sense is that there was an internal spiral ramp by which they were building and raising the tower in height. However, the mystery remains unsolved.

The graffiti of the Great Pyramid of Giza

In the 19th century two British explorers Howard Vyse and John were the first to penetrate the discharge chambers of the Pyramid, there are inscriptions of illustrious people from both of their times.

In the highest and most inaccessible chamber we have writings that tell two stories, that of the workers who built the pyramid and that of the visitors who entered those spaces from 1837 to 1920. These graffiti are names, dates and origins, they were written with the torches themselves.


The chambers of the Great Pyramid of Giza

There is an unfinished chamber under the rock, a chamber from which an ascending corridor leads to the queen's chamber. It is likely that The so-called queen's chamber was not prepared for the remains of a queen but was the name that the locals invented to tell the story that they buried the queen there when they showed it to Westerners.

According to archaeologists, it is very likely that the unfinished chamber was the first option and the king did not like it the result and would like his burial chamber higher up. That second chamber would be that of the queen that is almost finished (the floor would need to be polished). That It didn't seem to be what Cheops was looking for either and they built another one even higher up, the King's chamber. This explanation fits with the chaotic internal distribution that exists.

The king's chamber is covered with granite, it is austere, not like other tombs of later pharaohs. The use of granite, a red stone veined with black, is a peculiarity of the Great Pyramid. They used this stone for the construction of some parts of the pyramid but especially for the chamber. They had to transport the granite blocks from Aswan and transport them down the river. The quality of granite is that it is a very hard stone, which is why it would protect the king of the looters.

All It was built so that the king could live his life in the afterlife while his mummy was kept protected. in the chamber located at the heart of his pyramid. However, to this day, no one knows what happened to Khufu's mummy; perhaps her tomb was looted long before the Middle Ages.

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