The One: Opinions, Argument, and Criticism of Postmoderns

In two days I have finished the series The One, broadcast by Netlix this 2021. It is making waves and many media outlets are defining it as a hybrid between Black Mirror and Soulmates (I have to say that I don't agree with the first). Written by Howard Overman, the creator of Misfits (which I loved) and based on the 2017 book by John Marrs, this series has 8 chapters of about 50 minutes in length. That said, let's go to what we like the most; The One opinions, plot and criticism of a millenial postmodern.

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The One opinions and argument

James and Rebecca, two figurative bookworms, discover a way to match people based on a genetic theory and start a company that ends up becoming something like the Tinder of the future, but [thankfully] much more accurate. .

What does The One have that Tinder doesn't?

The theory on which the operation of the app is based allows you to create a match no margin of error. This means that, simply, with a DNA sample, they tell anyone who decides to register which person is your better half. Of course: there is only one person for each in the whole world, and hence The One (The only one).

And eye! 100% accurate. There is no possibility of failure. Imagine not having to read pedantic biographies, terrifying cult songs, or getting that “Hey, what are you looking for on Tinder?” or a “Shall we meet to see Jorge Blas?”. How idyllic!

Let's go back to the series.

The premise is interesting. This beginning, moreover, is what Black Mirror could look like. However, the development is still a police series in which the good cop (Kate) chases the bad criminal (Rebecca). The twist is that our bad criminal does not become all bad. Our most psychopathic side comes to wish at all times not to be caught, despite never hiding that perverse halo that surrounds the director of The One.

And although everything revolves around this police plot that begins when the body of Rebecca's roommate is discovered in the river, there are other subplots that come to step on the main one. But, in many moments, the development of more stories related to that app is missed and genetic pairing theory so wonderful. It would have been nice if, in each chapter, a different story of love / heartbreak was told in the most Modern Love way, the Amazon Prime Video series. It would have given more play.

You will like The One if…

If you like police and suspense series, in which it always seems that they are going to catch the bad guy, but, one way or another, he ends up cleaning his trail.

If you're in love like me with Jane Perez. Although, in that case, you should know that it has a secondary role. Also, it's worth it.

If you are looking for an a series to get hooked on, that doesn't make you think too much and you just want to get carried away by easy audiovisual content.

Si you are not looking for a romantic love story. It seems weird because The One app matches you not only with the person you are most genetically compatible with, but also makes you fall in love backwards, as if you couldn't help it. However, and unfortunately for me, the series does not focus on this, it does not make the most of cheesy love stories. So, if you're one of those who only cries when Clint Eastwood runs out of bullets, don't worry, because you can watch this series without fear of causing any kind of allergic reaction.

The one: cast where have you seen them before?

If you have seen the series or you have seen the cast, you are surely wondering why all the faces sound familiar to you. We tell you where you have seen them before.

Jana Perez is Sophia

You have been able to see this Spanish actress in Fariña and in Holmes & Watson.

Pallavi Sharda as Megan

He appears in many Bollywood movies, also in Leo alongside Dev Patel and in the new film by Tom and Jerry.

Eric Kofi-Abrefa as Mark

Kofi-Abrefa is known for his role in the series Harlots: Courtesans, from Hulu.

Zoe Tapper as Kate

has come out in survivors, the BBC's pandemic drama or the British psychological thriller Wild.

Lois Chimimba as Hannah

Have you been able to see the actress in Doctor Who o The discovery of witches.

Hannah Ware is Rebecca

in the series The First y Boss, and in the movie Oldboy.

Dimitri Leonidas isJames

The One

has come out in Doctor Who and has starred in the series Riviera.


Rating for The One

Postmodern Score: 6,5 / 10

Filmaffinity rating: 5,7 / 10

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