Learn how Spiritual Response Therapy is performed

In this article you will have the opportunity to learn about the spiritual response therapy. Whose method consists of various stages, which help to have a cleaner and healthier subconscious soul. In order to have a better development in each area established in the life of the human being.


Spiritual Response Therapy

It is a very interesting topic that has taken place today, and with a great following of people, because they decide to investigate and know everything that spiritual response therapy represents and grants, whose method is usually very effective and innovative, since his practice is out of the ordinary. The mystical tone of the spiritual answer turns out to be very pleasant, interesting and outstanding among various religions or particular hobbies.

Thus, it is how great importance has been given to this type of dynamic, which is versatile and innovative according to its objectives, in this way, people are inspired to investigate more about the TER in order to expand their knowledge and verify if it meets with the parameters required for a particular solution.

There are various documents and truthful information, which allows to know in greater depth the goals to be achieved by carrying out and participating in a spiritual response therapy, where putting it into practice can be very beneficial for each individual who decides to be part of this dynamic.

Due to all its peculiarities, this method has obtained a varied audience in terms of the dynamic essential practice of its principles, which help to get out and move forward from a place of spiritual pond.

The community of specialists in this spiritual branch have been in charge of doing an exceptional job, together with the help of ancient research verified over time, which have managed to be the basis of the principles of spiritual response therapy.

This has allowed this therapy to become, in a certain way, an entity that provides different assistance to other methods, highlighting aspects of the inner human being and the higher soul that has been carried for years. Thus, today patients have been trained who have had an incredible and true effect in these therapies. See article: dream with ghosts

The spiritual response therapy has as fundamental bases, the past of the person, whose time is not known by itself but, experienced and deduced by the different methods that are carried out within a therapy session, where the instrument called "pendulum” forms an essential part in the work of this particular procedure.

By cleaning and detecting the problem that works as an obstacle to the growth of the individual who decides to attend these deep sections, full of much self-discovery and effort, it is possible to move internal and external energy for the success of the therapy.

All kinds of human beings have the opportunity to seek methods of energy cleansing, in order to have a better life and a prosperous development as well as beneficial and healthy.

Because of this, it is considered the main inspiration to create this method of spiritual response therapy; which has been perfected in an integral way, in order to have better cleaning results for those vibes that are not viable for a path full of success.

Speaking on a practical level, this form of spiritual recreation was created, always taking into account the advantages and disadvantages that exist within this work.

In addition, spiritual response therapy is the perfect means to build a relaxation space for a person, in order to obtain from them the best and accurate data, in order to build a divine path to the past of said individual.

The practice of therapy allows establishing a journey of the past life in its actions thought and taken, visualizing in this way, a new energetic aspect, with which it will be possible to carry out an examination of the differences and the development of the activities that occurred in back then.


Spiritual Response Therapy manages to become one of the main axes of growth worldwide in this peculiar but effective method, therefore, it has become very important for the healing of the soul.

In addition to being a unique and incomparable path, all this thanks to the people who have dedicated themselves to the success and extension of the study of this innovative method.

Spiritual response therapy is of fundamental importance for its followers and future patients, since it allows establishing unique parameters that are rarely used by other special entities of spirituality.

That is to say, they provide innovative information and provide elementary knowledge for the construction of the timeline, focused on the soul of a person, in order to have a nucleus of connection and thus begin spiritual therapy, in a bearable but very adequate to obtain the necessary data, and give a generic result.


The sub consciousness of the soul of a human being is the main requirement that must be clean of all negative energy. However, as the years go by, this part of the person deteriorates, which usually causes enormous problems in the body and mind, leaving a development of little benefit to the individual, in addition to being part of the vibes that must be attracted to oneself. same, whose energies would not be positive if there is any problem of attention and development of the inner soul.

The deterioration results in a precarious growth and evolution of the human species on planet earth. For this reason, there is spiritual response therapy, attended by people who need an urgent cleansing of their inner being.

Achieving inner cleanliness is difficult, but not impossible. All you need is a subject matter specialist and the right tools for the job. Where the pendulum and the special maps for this type of therapy, are the ones that allow knowing the information of the soul of a human being.

Spiritual Response Therapy is a method very different from the common. However, it casts veracity in each of its readings, revealing the depths of the hidden energies in the subconscious.

It is at that moment where the most intimate consultation between the patient and the spiritual therapist takes place, because the strongest and most hidden traumas of the person who decides to attend this type of spiritual response therapy come to light, it is possible to find those points untouchables in reality and in the present.

Although the aforementioned points can be faded, improved and released from the human being; That is why it is essential to have an open and calm mind, since it will be of great support for reading the inner being and knowing more about those points full of non-rational or effective vibes.

Being the pendulum the fundamental weapon of search and detection of those problems existing in the subconscious of the soul, it is this instrument that reveals through the map, a journey from ancient times to the present of its inner being.

Through the use of the pendulum, in that drawn timeline, the main axes where those landslides could be, or negative energies that have served as a detention of a more effective and successful growth, are obtained.

For this reason, the consultation is usually long and at the same time very detailed, since each of the points that have caused their life to be diverted towards in their evolution process can be discussed. See article: Archangels

The study that is carried out within the spiritual response therapy is very deep and projected to the search for the unlocking of the inner being of a person.

It should be noted that each human being has a soul, whose entity contains past lives coexisting in different bodies and at different times of the existence of humanity, therefore, in this spiritual field, the one in charge of studying this type of soul. experiences, which manage to detect how many births and deaths have been participants.

In addition, you can identify the times in which each experience was carried out, this may be one of the reasons why the internal being has not been able to evolve. Since it may be an entity full of many past problems, with dramatic experiences, which have not allowed a benefit to arise in its evolution today.

Thus, it is how a study of each possible blockage that the person may have is started and given, and discuss the various possible solutions, however, a cleaning will be essential for the individual, which will be carried out internally and with a specific purpose. outward.

From which an efficient and beneficial spiritual response is obtained. Thus, spiritual response therapy will be of great help so that each point of your subconscious is worked on, in order to release those inner problems that have served as an obstacle to the full development of all the abilities of a person, leaving to know possible paths of growth in each area of ​​your life.

For this reason, this method becomes very essential for these types of conditions, which every human being on planet earth has experienced. For this reason, it is that different plans have been established, so that a successful work and cleaning can be carried out in the inner being.


The 3 Planes of Human Beings

Thanks to Robert Detzler is that there is today this type of spiritual response therapy, whose work and dedication made this organization grow, which is fully dedicated to discovering and cleaning those negative vibes or blockages that have produced an obstacle in the life of the human being .

Therefore, this therapy has three basic principles that have become search factors for an individual's reading success in general.

This therapy was breaking down the different primordial aspects of the soul of the human being, in order to search in each one of them a possibility of connection, which will be very effective for spiritual therapy.

Its main purpose is that results will be obtained with great discoveries that will help the successful advancement of the consultation in this area. Thus, the consciousness, the subconscious and the higher self of the person who attended this process will be studied with great emphasis.

Thus, the therapist will dedicate himself to these aspects, together with a pendulum and the special map for this type of therapy. Being the tools used to be able to deduce each existing problem in the person, therefore, here we leave you the descriptions of each of the planes of the human being, to make spiritual response therapy an effective moment and of great energetic change, as also forward.


In spiritual response therapy, it has been possible to have the necessary instruments and knowledge to be able to carry out an effective reading of the conscience, to go deeper than the little that this part of the human being shows.

During the session, the patient will have to relax and try not to have anything on his mind, in order for the work to be done with more precision and success. However, it is very difficult to achieve that state of mental tranquility of the person presented.

Although, that will not be an impediment to carry out the query, where the pendulum will move on the map just where this specific area is drawn, there you will be able to know the thoughts, ideas, past and future plans made.

It is also where a spiritual work begins between the divine entities, science, the therapist and the human being, just at that moment you will be able to obtain results of what you are looking for, leaving the consciousness fully exposed.

This first plane of the human being is the one that is studied at the beginning of the spiritual response therapy section, with the aim of having the most sincere and unsuspecting response of consciousness, and thus preparing the other areas that will be evaluated, at the end. of having all the necessary data in this plane of the human being, in this way the first phase of an arduous and effective investigation can be fulfilled for a principle of cleaning and liberation.

It is important to mention that the conscience is an entity that is dominated and worked by the feeling of the ego, which implies that it has a very strong and unparalleled security. This will cause more intense work to be done, which is why it is positioned as the first part that is addressed when starting therapy. It is there where it is possible to know the most hidden data that is inside the human being.

The subconscious

The second plane that has to be worked on in spiritual response therapy is the subconscious, whose place is deep inside our inner being, it guards with great security each one of the experiences that existed in past and current situations, also , you can find each type of knowledge and learning that you have obtained over the years, here you can include past lives where the subconscious has been a part.

This plan becomes an important source of information, which will guide a path where the various dramatic situations or situations that have generated great pain in the human being can be discovered, which have caused a drastic change in how to carry out the growth process. and healthy development in the person. That is why this internal environment of the individual who has attended therapy for a deep cleaning is studied with great patience.


Being this plane of the human being the axis that contains more strong situations, and where there are mostly various problems, which have induced the person to a process of fear of evolution, causing the loss of several experiences that would help a healthy and full growth. of every part of your inner being.

The reason why the subconsent is included in the evaluation plan in spiritual response therapy, since it allows the work to be done with total success and effectiveness to continue with the next phase of the appointment.

In addition, it is important to emphasize that the subconscious is the area that governs our emotions, which is essential for the development of our day to day.

It is essential to study each mysterious aspect that is found within it, in order to obtain the necessary information so that the therapist can continue discovering the places and experiences that must be cleansed and exonerated from the human being.

The Higher Self

It begins by making a study of the third plane in the human being. Because it is the last aspect, it does not mean that it is less important, although it is more complex to read and understand for the therapist.

It is essential that the person who carries out this type of consultation has much higher levels developed with respect to the three existing planes in each human being. In order to obtain more reliable and highly successful results for the location of negative foci. See article: healing mantra

During the session, the higher self is treated in a more delicate way. Where the pendulum initiates a reading more focused on worlds beyond the real plane, that is, it connects with the spiritual plane, which provides very interesting data about the past experiences of the soul of the person who attends the therapy appointment. of spiritual response, being a moment of great attention and to decipher. Well, every given detail must be interpreted correctly.

In this way, a consultation full of unique and hardly credible experiences is given. However, they are true data since the spiritual entities give many decipherable energies, in order to be able to grant fundamental information and begin to cleanse the present human being.

Which will already have a whole compilation of studies made later on the other planes that are inside the individual. Occurring in this way, a spiritual response therapy towards the present patient.

How does Spiritual Response Therapy work?

In the first place, it must be made very clear that each human being on planet earth has a "unconscious” active at all times. Which is always working, with the aim of functioning as an infinite storage place, where each experience and knowledge of the soul will be kept, regardless of the time and space where each of those situations that help the person to a evolutionary growth.

Therefore, it can be said that the main blocks that exist in individuals can be attracted by those activities and ancient knowledge, which can be from one of the past lives, or from the current one, this means that each human being would need of a spiritual cleansing in a more frequent way, in this way the accumulation of negative energies could be avoided and that obstructs the path of growth of the person.

Thus, it is how spiritual response therapy takes part in the life of the human being, revealing a different and innovative method within the psychic environment, which consists of an easy process for the patient but complex for the specialist therapist, since It is the one that must be kept concentrated and located in each message and data that the pendulum throws on each reading that it makes on the plan determined for this type of special therapy.

So, Spiritual Response Therapy is a purely personal process, which begins with a strong connection between the patient and the therapist with the aim of establishing a beginning of exploration of the inner being of the human being.

It is essential to have at hand a pendulum and a map that is divided, as well as drawn with certain special conditions, in order to have readings on the plans of the individual who attends the consultation.

Then, the specialist therapist is responsible for establishing communication with the spiritual plane, where the patient's higher self meets with him. It is at that moment that the session begins, where you will have the opportunity to establish various questions, which will be answered by the higher self of the individual. And there, the pertinent movements of the pendulum will be given on the map.

During the session, the answers that exist in the depths of each of the internal planes of the human being are generated, this being the way in which the spiritual response therapy is carried out, in order to know the situations that have served as an obstacle. in the path of development and evolution of the human being, blocking each area of ​​the person, creating fears, distrust and other negative aspects so that there is no full progress in the life of the individual.

This is how the TRE works in your appointments made for your patients. Providing excellent care and effective therapy at all times to find, determine and clean every impurity, and in turn every blockage that exists within the person's inner being. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the parameters of therapy. In order to obtain the desired objectives and meet the requirements of the individual who has had the opportunity to attend the consultation.

An important point is that with this dynamic we have the opportunity to learn about past lives and those dramatic situations that have generated fundamental problems in your life.

Spiritual response therapy has been very important in the world for its great benefit and result. Which has become a main factor of evolution for each being on planet earth, providing help and total cleaning of everything negative and heavy that is in the inner being of the person.

The TRE Plans

Currently there are 32 plans within the studies of spiritual response therapy, which are intended to identify each problem or existing blockage in the inner being of the human being.

Each of the maps has different methods and drawings, since there are various topics that can be known within the consultation given by the Spiritual Response Therapy, therefore, it is a fundamental instrument to carry out the connection between the patient and the specialist therapist.

In addition, the planes work effectively in conjunction with the pendulum, which, if used as a team, will do a successful job of highlighting every detail given by the patient's Higher Self to the specialist, in order to detect failures and discouragements. in the person.


Due to their qualities, the maps are mainly used to know and interpret each data obtained, giving the best results of the tspiritual response therapy and leaving the patient with the best energies. Leaving the TER as a very effective and striking system for this type of situation, for which each human being lives at some point in the development in the inner being.

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