The Runes of Luck, learn to read these mystical stones

The universe is full of magic and mysteries, therefore there will always be objects and rituals that allow us to connect. One of these objects are the runes of luck, they are magical objects that allow us to predict the future, and in this way we can receive guidance from their predictions, to improve our lives. A rune taken at random can guide our day.

lucky runes

The Runes of Luck can help you

Many times, when we perform a ritual or spell, as part of them, the interested party is requested to carve a candle, with a certain symbol of the runes, with this the power of this object is conferred to the order we are making.

The runes of luck have so much magic that just by using their symbology we enhance any spell. Therefore, if you want optimal results, it is an excellent idea that every time you perform rituals with candles, carve them a rune that serves your wishes.

You can also place a drawing of the rune with your personal belongings, or decorate your home or business with the symbol that suits you, save it along with your photo, in short, it has infinite uses. The runes of luck are perhaps the most magical objects known. To learn more about spells read the following article, ¿how to conjure a tobacco?

What is a biosimilar

Although they are used for divinatory purposes, the lucky runes were originally an alphabet. The letters that make up this alphabet are the runic symbols. which was used for writing germanic languages, especially in the British islands y Scandinavia.

At one time they were used in Central and Eastern Europe, this was during the Antiquity, Middle Ages and in the process of christianization from the north of the continent.

This alphabet had variants of its own. Scandinavia, one of them is called futhark, name taken from the 6 initial runes. The Anglo-Saxon counterpart is the futhorc, which arises from problems pronouncing it correctly in Old English.

The writing using runes, dates from a very ancient time, the most distant found is from the year 150. Little by little this alphabet was replaced by the Latin one, product of the process of conversion to Christianity.

Despite this, runes continued to be used in Scandinavia, until the twentieth century, especially in Sweden. They were used in decorations and runic calendars. They were also used as letters, we must bear in mind that they are not just letters, in the strict sense of the definition.

Each runic symbol has a power and its pictograph is associated with some cosmological energy, which in turn is related to feeling and emotions. When a rune is written, it invokes and directs that power to achieve a goal or wish.


The power of the runes is as true as that of the Tarot, there are many theories and ways of interpreting them, it would take up a lot of space to try to explain their historical development, in this text we will do the impossible to give you an approach to the magic of the runes.

lucky runes

There are historical finds that show the use of runes for magical purposes. Reading runic texts was not for everyone, they had a secret associated with them and were considered divine in origin. Its very name comes from the root Run, which means secret or whisper.

There was also the belief that runes could materialize spells, made it possible to make invocations or curse certain objects. People who understood runes were called erilaz, they knew how to use them for magical purposes.

The iron age, evidence of the magical uses of runes has been found. In the medieval sources there are mentions of the magical uses of the runes. Finally, the folklore of many countries documents the uses of the lucky runes in divination and magic.

futhark, the alphabet of runes

The runes are basically a phoneme, the ancient peoples gave this word a strong meaning, which generates an impressive impact for the daily life and the future of the person who invokes it.

This great power of the word means that we must be very careful with what we say, since we decree with our words, words and deeds are intimately related, and decide the destiny that awaits us.

There are various runic alphabets, here we will only talk about the oldest and best known of them, The Elder Futhark, this one has 24 symbols. Each one of them has an associated divinatory meaning, when you cast to consult the runes, you use these meanings, with them you make requests and achieve results. To learn more about rituals, we invite you to read the article, candles for work.

lucky runes

Below we present the runic alphabet and its meaning, this is an approximation both to the meaning of the symbol, from the divinatory point of view, and to its use according to its attributed magical powers.

fehu (cattle)

Guess luck on topics such as financial fortune, prosperity, and everything related to material and financial concerns, goals, self-promotion, self-esteem, ambition, and karma. It works magic to seek economic well-being, entrepreneurship, labor matters, achievement of dreams, business achievements.

Uruz (ox)

Its divinatory meaning is associated with passion, energy, instinctive situations, dissipation, sexual attraction, fertility, subconscious, the primitive, nonsense, rites step by step. His magical powers are, twist the will, improves sexual impotence, strengthens for hunting.

Thurisaz (giant)

It is used to guess, trouble, tormented event, behavior, intuition, introversion, orientation. And its magic is, assistance in study and concentration, self-discipline, enhancement of positive energies.

ansuz (odin)

His divinatory power is related to, command image, guide, perception and organism in balance, justice, the sorcerer, the fortune teller. His magic serves to decide wisely, triumph, leadership and even to assist in prediction and sorcery.

Raidho (travel)

In the divinatory it serves for, displacement, pilgrimage, exchange, destination, inquiry, progress, meanings of life; It is the one that allows us to guess the good culmination of the trips.

lucky runes

His magic is used to shelter travelers, to provide or incite change, to reconnect. If you want a particular journey to be successful and smooth, it is with this rune that you must perform the magical rite.

Kenaz (torch)

Its divinatory meanings are wisdom, discernment, the solution to a setback, creativity, the muse, enlightenment. His magic serves for the creative muse, learning, fertility, anguish and dissipating restlessness.

Gego (gift)

The following can be guessed with it: present, offer, correspondence, love, marriage, partner, splendor, unforeseen good luck. Her magical power is related to finding or invigorating a relationship, for fertility, to receive a gift or offer, to attract a lucky star.

wunjō (glory)

With this rune they guess, the triumph, the recognition of the achievements, the prize, the joy, the well-being, the achievement of what is proposed, the satisfaction of the fulfilled duty. Its magic lies in achieving success in any organization, to motivate, to carry out a task, to be recognized by our environment.

hagalaz (hail)

Its divinatory meaning is unexpected loss, tests of spiritual resistance, catastrophe, calamity, farewell, bad experience, karmic lesson, radical change. hagalaz He has great power to divine the bad events that happen to people, which are associated with fate.

lucky runes

In magic, it is used to exclude unwanted influences, destroy destructive patterns of behavior, assume mistakes made, permute negative habits. In general, we will use it in rituals to ward off negative energies from our lives.

Nauthiz (need)

From the point of view of divination, it is used for scarcity, indigence, commitment, dissatisfaction, difficulties, failure. Its magic is used to solve an unfulfilled need, drive the achievement of our goals, satisfy a need.

isaz (ice)

It serves to guess, inactivity, obstacles, immobilization, capacity, tolerance, pondering, withdrawal, relief. His magic serves to interrupt a process, stop something, contain events, find relief from stress.

Jerah (harvest)

With these lucky runes we can guess the moments of change of a cycle, the prizes, the trend, the production, the unavoidable progress and even the profit.

Eihwaz (yew)

This rune allows guessing, a variation, the beginning, the confrontation of fears, place of change, death, transmutation. Its magic consists of achieving profound changes, supporting a transformation of life to leave the past behind and be born to new experiences, strengthen courage.

Perth (vulva)

It is a very powerful rune used for divination, rebirths, the mysterious, sorcery, prediction, fertility, reboots, divination. It is special for divination in relation to sexuality and eroticism.

It particularly serves to do magic on childbirth, helps in prediction and sorcery, in addition, it strengthens paranormal mental attitudes, in full sexual relations.

Algiz (protection)

Its divinatory meaning is related to, protection, aid, safeguard, warning, support, a teacher, an ethical dilemma. Its magical power allows us to protect, support emotionally, advise spiritually, decide with external help, visualize dangerous situations and benefit the way we decide.

Sowulo (sun)

With this rune we can divine situations of success, positivism, increase, situations of power, movement, fertility and health. With its magic we can increase our energy, strengthen, succeed, heal, fertilize and above all achieve optimism.

Teiwaz (God)

As a divinatory meaning we have, the commitment, the behavior, the responsibility, the immolation, the problem, the power, an injury, the corporal, the path of the warrior. His magic lies in giving protection, being victorious, strengthening, increasing willpower, healing the body and mind.

Berkana (birch)

This is a rune that is associated with divination regarding fertility, health, new beginnings, evolution, pregnancy, abundance, and enlightenment. It is ideal to check the health of the pregnant woman, and see how the pregnancy will end

Its magical use works to heal infections, carry pregnancies to a good term, make something prosper, feel good and have enlightenment of mind. His magic is ideal for everything related to female fertility.

Ehwaz (horse)

It serves to guess what refers to means of transport, mobility, reinforcement, strength, power, declarations, verve and recklessness. His magical power serves to energize, communicate, manage transportation, travel, move, and serves as a means of sending spells.

Mannaz (man)

With this rune we can guess, as is the conscience, the family, the community, the interactions, and the social environment. Its magical power lies in helping to represent an individual or a group, in order to improve social relationships, harmonize family relationships, scare away everything bad that can affect a social or personal interaction.

Laguz (water)

It serves to guess the emotional, what scares, the unconscious, the hidden, the revealed, the intuitive and exhortations. Its magic improves paranormal mental abilities, helps to face fears, stabilizes disorders of the mind and emotions, shows hidden things, reinforces the intuitive, allows the unconscious to manifest.

Othila (property)

These lucky runes allow you to guess everything related to land ownership, infrastructure ownership, housing, durability, inheritability, the sense of belonging. It is very powerful to know if they agree or not to acquire a house or land.

lucky runes

Its magical powers are the acquisition of goods and land, culmination of projects, and above all it strengthens the family union. When there are problems due to land ownership, his magical power manages to resolve it in favor of the one who performs the ritual, it is a very good rune to consolidate families in discord.

Ingwaz (god)

It is used in divination regarding employment, production, generosity, roots, balance, and the relationship with mother earth. Its magic secures jobs, allows them to be obtained, changed, improved. For farmers, it promotes growth, health and harmony.

Dagaz (day)

Guess happy and successful situations, review activity, personal and general satisfaction. In the magical, we use it to obtain positive results, both personally and professionally, it allows us to conclude successfully, and helps to have fruitful romances. If you want to learn more about the magical elements used in rituals read this article, incense.

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