Rosalía: a year with height – All her new songs of 2019 [Vídeo]

Rosalía's 2019: a year with height compiled in a video

Rosalía says goodbye to the year with a bombshell, since she has just confirmed that 2020 will bring a collaboration between the Catalan and the South Korean K-Pop group blackpink. After the publication a few days ago of the remix of Highest in the room by Travis Scott, the artist of the moment closes a dreamy 2019. Without a doubt, the best year of her life and/or of her musical career, now dominated by a gentle shift from flamenco to trap/reggaeton. We have compiled in a single video all the songs in which Rosalía has participated in this 2019. A magical half hour that we could well call 2. Enjoy it:

Songs and collaborations of Rosalía 2019

Rosalía is missing fingers and toes to count the number of awards she has taken home since she released her second album. It seems unbelievable, but the ill will It went on sale in 2018. That was the planting year. This one, pickup. Next in Postposmo we review all the songs and collaborations of Rosalía in 2019. 

January: Barefoot in the park (collaboration on the James Blake album, Assume Form)

In an unexpected movement that would set the usual tone for Rosalía surprises for the rest of 2019, the Catalan announced on January 10 her collaboration with the British artist James Blake. In fact, it was the two who, in a synchronized way via stories of Instagram, they released a few seconds of the song that would be published on January 19 on the album AssumeForm. The video clip arrived in April.

I already have everything I want
I can't ask for more
When I have you by my side
What happens or stays behind

Given the sober and discreet nature of the single, the song has made much less noise than the rest of the hits that Rosalía has scored in 2019. To be honest, the song has gone quite unnoticed. Despite the eleven million visits, the song with which Rosalía premiered her musical year has been the one with the fewest visits, along with her participation in the Game of Thrones album. His 2019 has been so good that eleven million clicks have known him little.

February: Rosalía stays with all of us at the Goya 2019

On February 2, 2019, Rosalía surprised locals and strangers with a beautiful interpretation of I stay with you during the 33rd Goya Awards gala. Accompanied by Cor Jove de l'Orfeó Català, the Catalan made a PERFORMANCE very intimate and contained of the famous Los Chunguitos rumba.

If you give me a choice between you and wealth
With that greatness that he carries with him
Oh love, I stay with you

After the Film Academy proposed to interpret the song that she wanted, Rosalía chose I stay with you because he really liked the way it was used in the movie hurry, hurry, by Carlos Saura. “It is a classic and it has always seemed beautiful to me,” Rosalía declared after the February gala. Throughout the remaining ten months, the video of her performance at the Goya 2019 would account for a whopping 21 million views.

March: Rosalía and J Balvin triumph with height

On March 28, Rosalía gives what will be her biggest firecracker since Badly. Produced by El Guincho (co-producer of The bad want) and with the participation of J Balvin (another who dances so well, the Colombian has had an impressive 2019 full of cosmic pickles), With height It has been Rosalía's most listened to song in 2019. In nine months, it has registered a total of 1.200 million reproductions only in its official YouTube video. With this theme, Rosalía won the MTV Video Music Award for best Latin video and best choreography. It goes without saying that her performance at the gala was one of the highlights of the night along with the performances of Bad bunnyCamila Cabello, J BalvinLil nas X and Shawn Mendez.

I live fast and I have no cure
(with height)
I will go young to the grave

The jump to reggaeton With height It's a clue that sums up the 26-year-old's formula for success: her multidisciplinarity. Rosalía, surely the most versatile of the musical stars that Spain has produced in its entire history, starts off with bulerías as well as immersing herself in hip-hop trap or pop, whether pure or flamenco-infused. Everything depends on the moment, the place and what touches on her roadmap. This anything-goes spirit is also the main goad used by his detractors when accusing him of "false flamenco" or cultural appropriation. A full-fledged clash of mentalities between contemporary and tradition. Rosalía is a symbol of our times. And we should celebrate it.

Rosalía in the video for her new song, A pale

Rosalía in the video of one of her new songs of 2019, A pale

April: Rosalía subscribes to the Game of Thrones

Who was going to tell Rosalía eight years ago that the most successful of the decade would release a music album with a song performed by her in her last season? the disk is called for the throne and the song is correct. Although it only lasts 2:46, You betrayed me It was another new proof for the world that the girl came very hungry (in case it was not clear with the promotional poster of Times sq with which Sony advertised The ill will).

June: Aute Cuture aka don't touch my nails

The repetitive "This is on, na, na, na, na" from the chorus of aute culture it will be a pattern that Rosalía will repeat later with to pallet, conveying the feeling that the singer, like Drake or Rihanna, turns anything she participates in into a success. There is not much to scratch from a song that, in essence, is a celebration of its success (as will F*ucking Money Man). The theme is all production and, once again, I enjoy the beautiful tone of voice of San Esteve Sesrovires.

Playing in the rocks and the Hamptons
Sangria and Valentino
In the Palace and in the Chinese

Perhaps the most significant aspect of the song is to be found in its video. Rosalía's taste for false gel nails takes on wolfish traits in this video clip and brings her closer to the Wolverine family. Rosalía at times seems to have a white weapon at the end of each phalanx. Another example of why Rosalía is a total artist: its multidimensionality goes beyond genres, and also encompasses the possession of a groundbreaking aesthetic, new, different about which it is impossible not to form an opinion. Whether it is good or bad is irrelevant.

July: F*cking Money Man/God save us from money EP

The two songs are part of the same EP and were presented at the same time in a single video clip where arrogant exaltation is juxtaposed first, and mistrust later, with money and the accumulation of wealth and privileges as backbone themes. The ode fragments to "kings and presidents" are much more remembered due to the cocky attitude (very C. Tangana crying limousines) since it was Rosalía's first song in Catalan.

The young woman was criticized because she used somewhat heterodox expressions such as birthdays (instead of birthdays) or bottles (instead of blisters). The two words do not exist in the Pompeu Fabra dictionary. The truth is, it would be surprising if this had happened due to the mere oversight of an artist who has offered ample evidence of knowing how to handle the media at her will.

I have a contracted xaval
Why do I obri els regals de nadal
I store the shopping center
I am better than just a gelat

I have a hired boy
for me to open christmas presents
I close the mall
and I eat an ice cream by myself

A few hours after its publication, the well-known medium Pitchfork named it Best New Track of the Moment. Speaking to The newspaper, Rosalía justified the imaginary of the song as follows:

«I started it in Seville while I was waiting at the airport and I finished it in Barcelona. With jokes and a few tears too… 'fucking money man'!” explains Rosalía of 'Milionària', who adds: “One day you want to be a millionaire and the next day you want to burn everything. How much does money really matter? Seeking it seems as pure to me as denying it and I think we have all felt love-hate towards money at some point.

August: I X you, You X me (Collaboration of Rosalía with Ozuna)

The Puerto Rican Ozuna, very given to collaborations, joins with La Rosalía to launch the atomic bomb that in this 2019 competes in repercussion with With height. Despite 238 million views (compared to the clicks it took with height), the footprint of I x you, You x me is deep. And not precisely because of the poetic richness of his lyrics.

Hanging the toys from the neck (from the neck the toys)
Surrounded by flowers and bills (by flowers and bills)
We are worldwide to machete (so, yes)

In your first 24 hours online, I X you, You X me accumulated ten million views on Youtube, surpassing the mark previously registered by With height and thus becoming Rosalía's song that has gone viral the fastest.

October: Rosalía gives us A pallet by pallet by pallet

Fully seated fantasy nails and tights baggy multicolored, Rosalía went for the combo. of the cryptic on pallet we still keep asking ourselves everything: what does pale mean? Why does Rosalía wear that fake ugliness? Because the grillz? and, above all, the frown: why the unibrow? The visual section of this song meets all the current criteria of pop marketing: making noise and raising questions.

Everything I invent is threshed
Tracksuit, gold, seal (seal, seal) and mantilla
Traces of caviar on the dishes
My Kawasaki goes for seguiriya (Tiri-tiri)

The song, let's face it, is nothing to write home about. After announcing (as usual) the day before the publication of the video on Youtube, Rosalía brought together 15.000 fans eager to listen to her new song, which has garnered 22 million views on YouTube in two months. The most voted comment is a good summary of the matter: «Like if you did not understand anything and you were stunned looking at his eyebrows».

December: Rosalía, highest in the world

And to end the year of infarction, a bonus tracks that we no longer counted on: remix of highest in the room, by Travis Scott. Days before her publication, Rosalía took it upon herself to break the Internet once again after publishing a photo with the rapper's girlfriend, Kylie Jenner. With this remix we understood what was hidden behind that snack: promo, promo, promo.

His black Ferrari I give him gas (Uh)
Horses sound with delay ('lay)
If you want hard he wants more
Here there is always a law kiss (oops)

At Postposmo we liked Rosalía's song with Travis Scott and Lil Baby so much that we translated it in its entirety.

Future collaborations of Rosalía 2020

There is no doubt that Rosalía has left candy in the drawer. In addition to the announced collaboration with the South Korean K-Pop group blackpink, Thanks to social networks, we know that Rosalía enjoys a good friendship with many first swords of urban music. This does not always have to mean that she is cooking a song (as happened with Travis Scott and will happen with Billie Eilish) but it is more than enough indication so that no one is caught by surprise in future Rosalía songs with Bad Bunny, Nathy Peluso or Kaydy Cain.

The most confirmed collaborations for now are those of Rosalía with Billie Eillish, Dua Lipa and Pharell Williams.

And to finish, the collaboration of Rosalía that yes, really and once and for all, would break all world servers and invite us to reimagine a world without Internet: Rosalía feat Harry Styles. After the Catalan dared to narrate in English the promotion of the new British video clip for the song Adore youcollaboration is not unreasonable at all.

But by God, let them wait a few days. In this 2019 there is hardly room for more Rosalía.

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