Reuse: What is it? Importance How to do it?

Reusing is incredible because once you do it, its importance and benefit are clear, many people are unaware of the magic of performing this function that has linked it with a connection to ecology and thus also taking care of the environment.


Reuse Objects, Second Chances

The act of reusing makes way for each person in particular, so that two things take place in them: one Environmental awareness and a vivid experience of seeing a new creation, which had never crossed his mind, now trying to know how wonderful it is to be able to give another use to any object, since this opportunity that presents itself does not require a particular material.

What is Reuse?

Today in our article we will be talking about a very appropriate topic in these times of opportunity, it is about reusing, and the question arises:what is reuse? Now we will answer the definition of reuse in a very simple way so that a child can understand it, we will start by saying that it refers to producing a reuse in some material, be it of any type, cardboard, plastic or metal, among others.

The idea is firmly fixed on preventing the element (jar, box, bottle, lids and others), from being thrown in the trash where these objects always go after being used, the truth that we want you to know is that after carrying out the purpose for which the material was manufactured, you can still give it a different use than the one it was programmed for, logically you will give it a very different use.

It is good to know that these activities are known as recycling and once every detail is learned to change their function (containers, bottles, jars), it will be an impressive surprise for some, which without suspecting it was the product of the effect caused by a utility never imagined, which comes to be as a kind of a new birth that includes creativity. We repeat this act or operation is defined as reuse.

Through these tasks, the individual who takes advantage of the objects or materials that are regularly used can realize that many of the elements that were thought to be useless now achieve another use without having to be thrown in the dump. Later, we will give you some reuse examples, these usually lead to the awakening of creativity.


What is the Importance of Reusing?

Its interest may lie in the detailed summary in several points that, for the purposes sought, are expressed in a series of advantages that are of great use to the house and only with the selection of some objects, likewise, this act will have a valuable result in ecology, which by the way, many ignore. Let's take a look at the points:

  • Opportunity to provide solutions in objects you need at home.
  • High percentage of waste reduction at a general level.
  • Productions forged by creativity and made by oneself are free.
  • The term "re-use" which, is used for the development of our article, has a high importance as does the speech of recycling.

In conclusion, thanks to all the above, it can be seen in what state our environment would be, if there were not people who work with imagination to reuse various objects found at home or other places.

Meet Examples of Reusing Waste at Home

It is important to point out that reuse does not require a specific age, that is, the smallest of the house can help in this work that is actually being considered worldwide, if we could express it that way, there are thousands of ideas and examples that have been manifest, in terms of imagination and achievements, especially the latter, has vital meaning for every individual.

Next, we present the examples and in the same way, we recommend you to write down a list of the Recyclable materials which are usually combined for new designs that will be placed in any space you want to change.

Reuse fruit baskets

To carry from one place to another the fruits scheduled for trade, most of the time special baskets for field products, also called drawers, are used for this function, but for presentation purposes it is customary to commonly use these baskets, however, when they suffer deterioration and are discarded, and it is there the opportunity to reuse these elements creating: chairs, toys and other objects.

Glass bottles

This type of recyclable material is one of the most common when reusing. This can be very versatile due to the variety of colors and sizes in which it can be found, without thinking about all the designs they have. There are many of them that are of classic and modern designs.

There are people who have made many works of art with them on walls, pictures, tables and much more.

Old Shoes

The different types of shoes allow you to have many original ideas of how to reuse them. There are shoes of many sizes and materials that can be reused, looking striking due to their variety of colors.

For example, plastic or rubber boots are ideal for making pots for ornamental plants.

Seesaws and rocking chairs with used rubbers

In order to make one of these two alternatives, a rubber or tire is needed (as this element is also known), this creation in other nations has been called colored hammocks, they are designed for their round shape, taken into account to reuse, creating ideal inventions.

Such as, a park for our children, the idea is to find the width and size that you think is convenient, a paint to change the color and a few meters of string or rope to attach it to a tree, sometimes the support can be of tubes, to hang the rocker.

Another idea can be, make a Boat

Well, in this case we are talking about plastic bottles and we have already pointed out others that are made with glass or glass bottles, the truth is that to create innovative ideas there are countless creations with which you can enjoy.

This idea is quite simple and children can really enjoy it playing in a pool and they can be reused without any problem.

Ten Other Ways to Reuse Used Things

Let's remember that these are feasible ideas that you can use when starting a project that will be exclusively yours. Now you will know how the reuse of materials, which will surely be easy for you to find:

  • Discarded Appliances: It is common to see these devices thrown away in the basket because they do not "work or end up broken", many people consider giving it another use and collect them, with imagination, design unique works, which are described as special examples of them: fish tanks, and others and they also keep spare parts to add them in a new section.
  • used clothes: Individuals have the habit of reusing these rags, such as ponytails or mops to polish floors, others make clothes to cover or dress their animals.
  • Organic waste and pruning remains: it can be used to generate natural fertilizer for your plants and garden, you will find more examples in organic recycling.
  • Cardboard and stationery: There are many items that can be made with these elements, including decorations and boxes, all you need are staples and some type of glue.
  • The bones: Ideal for animals to have a good time entertaining, also, there have been cases that make ornaments with bones, "incredible", all that shows how far creativity goes when it comes to reusing.
  • The various rubble, bricks, rocks, and earth: With them, empty spaces are occupied, which are a problem, in unpaved streets.
  • The pieces of rusty iron: Normally they are processed to establish fresh objects of the same metal once they are melted.
  • Steel cans or pots and similar containers: Particularly, these receptacles or containers come with very practical lids, when thinking about reusing them there are different ways in which you can give them a new function, one very tentative is to use them for pots.
  • Steel, plastic or metal tanks: The most appropriate option consists of garbage collections, mainly for those that are not recyclable.
  • As well voluptuous metal objects: as cut carboys they are used as a portable grill.

Waste processes in other countries

In countries such as Mexico, Spain and the United States mainly, among other countries. They add up and form many ordinances at the legal level that help promote the reuse of elements that are normally discarded, focusing on all the problems that arise in society in terms of excess garbage or waste collectively.

In the same way that a procedure is carried out to regularize the management and indeed the daily production of waste, reforms are also forged, which include for their ordinances the demolition of houses and buildings, together with recent buildings and other urban occupations. Mainly the purpose or goal that the plans concern is the promotion of reuse.

Meaning of Reuse in the Present

The term reuse encompasses all those materials that are discarded daily in homes, which can have a utility after being used for the purpose for which they were manufactured. These activities can be done in homes, offices, educational institutions and factories. All in order to be able to provide benefits for the environment.

For these different areas, reuse or reuse really has an incalculable value, which means a lot, since it is about providing a suitable place for the various elements that do not cause pollution or any damage to the planet, for this reason that the productivity of These activities must be undertaken by the majority of the inhabitants, since the practices of reusing, reducing and recycling become essential.

If you reuse common things, what benefits do you get?

The practice of reusing any type of object has an important meaning in the world that surrounds us, many think that recycling is only an activity, a hobby, because it is not as simple as they imagine it to be, creating something with a can, a plastic bottle, or with a cork, has an effect that transcends global results, such as those detailed below:

Supports significant essential savings in raw materials

Executing the act of reusing X objects prevents some companies from producing new objects that in all cases cause circumstantial deterioration.

We compress the level of waste

He estimates that modern cities have the exorbitant challenge of not promoting hundreds of kilos of garbage or waste. However, by reusing items, you will greatly decrease the increase that is not beneficial to any state. It is considered that what is saved can be used for the school and health areas.


Sow values ​​in the Society and in Commitment groups

Through the commitment to reuse, it is possible to sow the value of caring for the environment, and for this we have to circulate the necessary elements among the groups of people, so that without a doubt solidarity, equanimity, detachment and responsibility with the environment are sown. planet.

Tips or practical advice to reuse objects

We give you recommendations regarding your objects that you think are not useful:

  • Cans

These can be used as pots.

  • Containers

Regularly they can be used as containers to plant plants if the container is glass, the plant can be aquatic, they look great in these, if the plant is terrestrial, the perfect container is metal, also, food can be stored.

  • cardboard crates

It is excellent for children's jobs.

  • Clothing

With a little creativity, it is possible to give a new style to the dresses by reusing the colors of the fabrics ending in new models those that you already wished had another shape.

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