Short Christian reflections to share with the family

The Christian life is full of reflections about our behaviors, the Bible and the world around us. Enter this post, and get to know the most beautiful short Christian reflections, so that you can share the love of God with your family and friends.

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short christian reflections

Reflection is the act that some human beings have to think carefully about a particular issue. A person can also call us to reflect on our behavior or in a specific case.

The word of God is life and it is true. It reveals to us the great power of our Creator but also how a true child of God should behave. Also how the Lord helps us in any circumstance.

Every day we must be aware of our attitude, thoughts and feelings. To reflect is to analyze both the good things that happen to us and we do as well as the bad things that we must correct as Christians.

It is also thinking about what another person is doing and reprimanding him if necessary so that his foot does not stumble or, on the contrary, that he accepts Christ in his heart. Sometimes the best preaching we can do for non-believers is our attitude and actions in the face of life's circumstances.

Keeping all this in mind and reflecting is one of the great virtues that human beings can have in their lives.

Thinking that there is no tomorrow is a clash with reality that puts us on pause and invites us to reflect in all areas.


That's why today I bring you through this post short daily christian reflections so that you have them present in your day to day.

Short Christian reflections on the circumstances of life

In our daily routine of work, housework, the weather, the difficulties that are found along the way. They can weaken us to the point of exhaustion, to the point of feeling that we can't take it anymore.

Isaiah 40:29

29 He gives strength to the weary, and multiplies the forces to those who have none.

The Lord gives us his strength and revives us day by day. When you feel tired, you should only reflect on this verse. Ask God to give you that energy so that you can fulfill all your responsibilities.

The God in whom you and I believe is alive, he is powerful, he created the heavens, the earth and everything in it, in six days. With his word he formed everything that you and I know and his word is the living voice of the Lord

Filipenses 4: 13

13 I can do everything in Christ who strengthens me.

Everything you consider in life, your dreams, goals and objectives, will be blessed and guided by the Most High. Your work, responsibilities, adversities, obstacles, everything will overcome if you believe in Him.

Don't be paralyzed by fear or by what the world may be telling you. Believe firmly in what the word of God says. You can do everything in Him and only in Him.

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Always keep in mind that Jehovah of armies encamps around you and protects you from all earthly and spiritual danger. Dangers that may be threatening your life or your soul, will be nothing in the presence of the Almighty.

Salmo 121: 7

Jehovah will keep you from all evil;
He will guard your soul.

It is important that in our day to day we present ourselves before the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit so that their presence always accompanies us. Seeking and doing his will fills us with peace, joy and wisdom. For He knows what really does us good.

Salmo 25: 4

Show me, O LORD, your ways;
Teach me your paths.

Trust in the times of our Creator, His times are perfect and we receive great blessings, if we are patient and trust Him.

Salmo 37: 7

Keep silent before the Lord, and hope in him.
Do not fret because of the one who prospers in his way,
For the man who does evil.

I remember a time when I no longer felt comfortable in the work where I was. I felt that the environment and the people around me did not bring anything positive to my life.

He had a job offer but had to wait for everything to be finalized before he could start. She was already desperate to start this new job and she didn't enjoy any of the activities that she did.

On Sunday when going to church, the pastor talked about waiting for God's timing and how wonderful it was if we trusted and had patience. One of the examples the pastor gave was with two teddy bears, one bigger than the other.

He explained that many times when we desperately asked the Lord for something, it could be the size of the little bear when the Lord wanted to give us a blessing the size of the big bear.

If we despair, it may be that the Lord gives in and gives us the small blessing to calm our anguish or despair, but if we waited for his times, the blessing that he would give us would surprise us greatly.

I was very surprised because I knew that it was our Lord speaking to me through the pastor.

When I left there I thought about all these things and decided that I would trust Him and that I would enjoy what I had today, because I was still working and that was already a blessing.

Three weeks after this decision, waiting on Him and enjoying everything I did, they called me from another job, which they needed to start immediately. I accepted and was greatly blessed in many ways.

Today I still keep this in mind and before I despair, I remember that His will and timing are really perfect for me.

Short Christian reflections for our life

A Christian person must be a wise person at all times. To be wise is to always keep in mind the fear of God in our lives. Even when no one is watching us, we must act as true children of God.

Ephesians 5: 15

15 Take heed therefore how ye walk, not as fools but as wise

Our Lord is a God of justice and love, every day his mercies are renewed. Being Christians means following the example Jesus gave us. That is why in all aspects of our lives we must be just and merciful and not let ourselves be carried away by false feelings.

Proverbs 21: 21

21 He who follows justice and mercy
You will find life, justice and honor.

Being fair and merciful with our workers, work or study partners, children, spouses, partner, brings us life, justice and honor as a reward.

Our Heavenly Father's will is that we live a life of peace and happiness. May we enjoy all the things he gives us and may we live joyfully in his blessings.

For this, we are exhorted to restrain our tongue from speaking bad words, from deceiving someone to achieve something in life or knowingly doing evil.

1 Peter 3:10-11

10 Because:
The one who wants to love life
And see good days
Bridle your tongue from evil,
And his lips speak no deceit;

11 Depart from evil, and do good;
Look for peace and follow it.

The life that the world offers us seems in some aspects the ideal and what could really give us happiness. However, this is complete and utter deception, nothing this world can offer us will fill us completely.

An example that we can see daily is the millions of people who have money, fame, physical beauty. None of this seems to fill them with joy and they end up on drugs, alcohol, depression and have even ended their lives.

Only our Eternal Father can give us true happiness, seek Him and trust His word, He fills us with a peace that is not found in this world and with eternal joy.

Romans 12: 2

2 Do not be conformed to this century, but transform yourselves by renewing your understanding, so that you may prove what is the good will of God, pleasing and perfect.

Finally, live under the faith of Christ and keep in mind all the days of our lives, as long as the Lord does not allow it, his sacrifice. Live grateful and in communion with Jesus Christ for the deepest act of love and salvation.

Decide to believe in Him as the only son of God, recognize our sins, die before the laws of this world and live under the promises of the word.

Galata 2: 20

20 I am crucified with Christ, and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me; and what I now live in the flesh, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.

Reflecting invites us to evaluate and analyze our path, but it should not remain just a thought. We must act and make changes in our lives so that the reflection is real and genuine.

The best time to reflect

Being aware of what we are talking about, thinking or doing is ideal because we can quickly change a situation that can get out of hand.

If your day was very hectic and did not allow you to see all the things that surrounded you and how you handled them. It is important that you take a moment before going to sleep to think about your life and the things you have done.

Ask God to reveal to you what you may have done unintentionally and fix that situation before it's too late. If at any time we argue with a person, it is preferable to reflect and ask for forgiveness, because we do not know how long we have been here.

It is important that you have a moment of solitude in the presence of the Lord to think about these things. Since the moment where we are honest and transparent before Him.

Also reflecting on the blessings that God gives us, his protection and joy in our lives, will feed our soul and our faith.

Thinking about all those things that fill us and make us feel at peace, allows us to be an example for other Christians, for our family and allows us to stay on the right path.

Lovingly but firmly invite another person to reflect on the things they may be doing that intentionally or unintentionally harm another person, company or ourselves.

Let us be Christians not only in words but in deeds. Let us show the world how we have been transformed through his mighty blood. Let us be the light of the world that the Lord calls us to do in his word.

Let's trust, be joyful and grateful, let's forgive from the heart everyone who hurts us, let's keep in prayer and be merciful.

If you left this world today, would you feel good about everything you have done in your life as a Christian? Do you feel that you gave everything for everything in your work? Did you love your family as God asks us? Were you just and merciful? Making this type of approach helps us make short Christian reflections of our lives.

If we daily make short Christian reflections about our day, we can work on everything that we know is not pleasing in the eyes of Jehovah of hosts.

Therefore, I share the following link Christian reflections for women  so that you continue to fill yourself spiritually with the living word of God and reflect on these things.

Finally, I share this beautiful audiovisual so that you continue in communion with the Most High and reflecting on the things that surround you.

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