The Best Prayers of Thanks to God

Faithful Christians raise their prayers at every moment in the name of the Lord as a symbol of gratitude for the joy of giving us life. Prayer strengthens to better embrace our relationship between Him and each one of us and with this we approach the path that He wants us to follow. Therefore, in this article we will teach some prayers and prayer of thanks to God.


Prayers of thanks to God for each day

The collection of prayers and prayers that we present below are a guide to make a prayer or prayer of thanks to God daily, and give ourselves for a few minutes to the Beloved Father where we can fortify our hopes and faith. Here we present a compendium of powerful prayers of thanks to God, which will strengthen our faith and hopes:

Beloved God, today I come to You, I have not asked for my needs, because You know them very well, I come to thank You from my heart for being You, my merciful, kind and good God, for the gift of life, for every blessing that you pour on me every day and for every reason that you give me to give a smile to my soul. We invite you to enter the following link to inquire about Verses of thanks to God


Today I will be in Your presence at every moment, with my heart full of gratitude, in joy and full of thoughts that are pleasing to Your holy example, my only Magnanimous Lord. Today my spirit fills you with blessings, my beloved Lord, because there is no one more faithful than You, who believe in us to lead Your example on earth.

I am grateful for the blessings you have given me and those around me. Grateful because, even though I am going through tribulations, You are lighting my path to continue forward, you turn my suffering into full joy and you give me hope again so that what is to come will be better.

Oh my blessed God, I am grateful for my loved ones, my family, friends, for the people around me, as well, Thank you for the people who want to see me fail, because through them I can realize that You never abandon me, that You are by my side, giving me protection away all evil and any envy of my life.

Thank you my Lord, for the wonders you have given me in life. I appreciate every good thing, moment, person and situation that has come into my life, since your power and your magnanimity make it possible for this to happen. Every blessing you give me, takes away my despair, anguish and sadness, heals my heart and my soul from all past tribulation.

I thank you, my God of love, for everything you have removed or removed from my journey, because you knew that they did not help me to continue or grow, that they hurt me, because, although initially it was very painful to understand, I finally realized that your life plan for me was better than what I saw. My Holy Redeemer, I want to thank You for giving protection to the people I love and give me the wisdom to continue the path with them, guiding them with Your light to paths of health, well-being, blessings and love.

Grateful because in the most difficult moment of a storm I can find you, full of love, kindness and infinite mercy. Protect me from any danger always, and from anyone who wants to hurt. Also keep me from temptations and weaknesses.

Beloved Jesus Christ, thank you for the blessings that rain down on my life, because every second of the day you show me your immense love towards your children.

Lord, your love is more immense than everything else, and I appreciate that every time I have fallen into temptations you help me get up and continue, when I am sad or distressed, you encourage me to continue and because when I am going through the worst of any circumstance and everything seems to be against me, you appear with your infinite hope that renews me and tells me that everything will be fine, that I have faith and hope.


Here I present my prayer of thanks to my God, my Lord, for every blessing received at every moment of my life.

Never let me let go of your blessed hands, nor let me get away from You and if it were to happen, Beloved God, I beg you to bring me back to your paternal arms like the repentant prodigal son, leaving my gaze fixed on You and nothing more than in You, my Majestic and Only Lord.

I am with you having the firmness that you hear me, that each one of my words of thanks comes from my heart to yours as another sign of love.

Thank you Lord, because I know that you listen to my requests and never abandon me. In the name of our Lord.


Poems to thank God

A grateful heart cheers the spirit and beautifies the face. The children of God must be the most grateful beings on the face of the earth, because thanks to his immense goodness, our lives are full of motivation and hope.

In this section, we present paraphrased extracts of poems to thank God that we can get in the Holy Bible. This wonderful book calls us to thank God at every moment of our lives. And that should be our daily disposition and attitude.

Hear me, my Beloved Lord!

Grateful to you, my incomparable God,
by your Immaculate Holy Word
in which the flare illuminated me
of the fire of the Admirable.

You stepped out during my dark route
with all his magnificence and his clemency,
being my Redeemer par excellence
by making me a new creature.

That's why in the sacrosanct moment
that raises my prayer Your Throne,
receive my praise in the tone
that my happy spirit sings to you.

We started on the new path to travel

and on that road we came to meet and

Now we are two who continue on the walk

That's why they are my reasons to be grateful.
Thus, sustained in You, my glorious
Messiah, of the Anointed,
I will tell you with my redeemed verb
That only in You my Lord am I happy!

Gratitude for the wisdom and knowledge you provided us

To the God of my fathers, I implored you and I thank you.

You have given me wisdom and filled with your immense power,

You have shown me what we have asked of you,

You hear us and fulfill us.

(extracted from the Book of Daniel 2:23).

Gratitude for his Kingdom on Earth and in heaven and his infinite Power

Lord my Loving and Mighty God,

that you are, were and will be,

I thank you for taking your infinite Power

and you began to reign among us.

(taken from Revelation 11:17).

Gratitude for your mighty deeds

I thank you, oh my God,

I have invoked your sacred name;

We all speak and praise your mighty deeds.

(extracted from Psalm 75:1).

Gratitude for always hearing our prayers

Jesus Christ raising his eyes to heaven exclaimed:

Beloved Father, I thank you because you have heard me.

I know you always hear me, but I follow you for the

who are present here, so that they can see that

You sent me to make yourself known and heard.

(taken from John 11:41-42).

Thanks to God for giving us healing

One of those present, seeing himself healthy,

He came back praising God with his great voice.

He lay down at the feet of Jesus Christ

and gave him infinite thanks.

(taken from Luke 17: 15-16).

Gratitude for your strength and for calling me to follow you

I thank God

who strengthens me, Jesus our Lord,

that you took me into account and made me worthy of your trust

to put myself at your service

(excerpted from 1Timothy 1:12).

Christian Morning Prayers

The prayer or prayer in the morning to thank God for one more day, asking him to protect us, to start our daily activities and bring us back home safe and sound, may it be a day full of vitality and to be a living testimony of his glory eternal, so that the people who surround me feel with my example of life from the hand of the Lord. That is why in this section we leave some wonderful prayers that you can use and always keep in mind to be grateful to God that, even if we do not see Him, He always hears us.

My Beloved God, I thank you for this new awakening, where the darkness of the night is slowly disappearing with your incredible presence, all fear is gone and it is Your love that alone governs.

This morning, I offer you my entire life, so that you can cleanse what is not pleasant in your eyes, allow me to have a renewed mind, to have thoughts about You and to be guided by your Holy Will.

This morning, I love you and glorify you for all eternity, I thank you for the family you put in my life and the job you gave me, with which I feel happy, daily. Give me wisdom for the moment that I have to speak, you can only say truths and certainties, and when I listen I manage to do it with great attention, give me serenity in every activity I do, and patience when I have to wait.

I beg you for the protection of my family, of my home, save us and keep us from all evil, it is You, our protection.

I thank you for being my loyal friend, for the opportunities and privileges you give me and that you open to me, for your love and your blessings.


My Almighty Father, thank you for this new dawn, since, by seeing the Sun, waking up and walking through life, I have the opportunity to have you close, to have another opportunity to be a better servant than I tried yesterday. .

Thank you for my family, my friends who guide me on the right path, and for all the things that guide me to You, which are the positive in my life.

Full of Glory with your Sacred Holy Spirit, every step I will take, to be a living example of your noble heart before everyone who gets me on my way today. Full of Glory with your Sacred Holy Spirit, my tongue, my lips and voice, so that they are the best defense of your verb and multiplier of them.

Give me your holy blessing with your sacred blood, so that I am loaded with your infinite obedience and in my work I am always blessed. May you be the one in my heart and may I be your devoted servant to be an instrument of your peace and love.

In your hands I put what I was, am and will be, so that you sculpt me in your image and likeness, for the good of my brothers, and to glorify your name with them.

I beg you in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.


Christian prayers for the night

At the end of the day's work, it is excellent for our soul to give a few minutes to raise a prayer to God. This nightly prayer to thank God, for giving us the opportunity to live one more day in his presence, to serve him devotedly and to be part of the defenders of his word on earth.

Likewise, we ask you to give us a peaceful and restful rest, and we beg your forgiveness for any wrongdoing we may have done during that day. We are grateful for the good fortune that we were able to receive during the morning hours and for being with us in tribulations and giving us your renewed hope that everything would get better.

Next, we leave you a compendium of prayers to give thanks to God during the night:

A few minutes after saying goodbye to the day, and culminating my day, I come to You, my Lord, to thank you and wish you Good night, my Beloved Father!

Thank you for the blessings that your love has given me, to you I owe everything I have and your forgiveness is infinite. Tomorrow is one more day to serve you better than I did today, with you by my side, who against me. Lord lull me in your arms, sleep next to me, and give the blessing to achieve my full rest.

I beg you tonight, to continue accompanying me, because without your presence my dreams would be full of barbarities and perdition, in You my rest is pleasant, like a baby sleeping on its mother's lap.

I glorify the Eternal Father, I glorify the Redeemer Son, I glorify the Holy Spirit, that all three give me fervor, three persons and one God.


Christian prayers to start the week

Every beginning of the week, we must start with a good attitude, good humor and first of all a prayer to God to feel whole and at peace and thus have a good attitude at work, at home, with family and friends.

These prayers are to thank God for his eternal love and his giving us his blessing. Because he is always by our side and gives us protection from any situation that generates fear.

My Heavenly King, today that begins the week, I want to thank you for your infinite love and blessings and for always being with me at every moment. Thank you for the life you gave me and all the gifts you give me daily.

With this prayer, I want to give you my entire week. I want to put it in your holy hands, because I am convinced that, in this way, each experience that I have to live will improve my spiritual evolution and will bring me closer to you.

I ask you to give me protection from evil, protect my home, my family and my job. Put all your angels around me to accompany me in every step of this week. Heavenly Father, I pray for my health, both physical and spiritual, emotional and mental, so I can go out and do my work.

That only people of good will come into my life, that we can help and serve each other. Beloved Father, make this week one more of my continuous development and allow me to continue working on what I am passionate about.

Thank you my Father for listening to my prayers, only You will take care of me, guide me and be with me.

Praise be to you forever.


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