Christian missions An example of the Word!

As Christian children we must understand that they are the christian missions Do you know about Christian Missions? Through this article you will find out the powerful example of the word to the heart of Jesus.


christian missions

When we refer to the subject of christian missions It is important to know that as Christians we have two areas of our lives to develop. The first refers to our life as part of a family, a community, an organization. This mission has to do with our education, interpersonal relationships, the profession we have chosen, intellect, culture, among others.

On the other hand, the second has to do with our relationship with God, we are his children. This area of ​​our life has to do with our actions as members of a Church and part of the body of Christ. This mission encompasses what is related to our spirit and soul. Our salvation and eternal life, spirituality, as well as our fellowship with God.

A mission, a term derived from the Latin “mission” and what it means to send, is a call that the Lord makes us, through the Holy Spirit, to fulfill the purpose that He has arranged for us.

When we receive our Lord as God and Savior, we receive the Holy Spirit, the Comforter. In this sense, God says in his Word that he has given us everything, that we are complete. Well, through the Holy Spirit we have received the gifts and according to them we will have the evangelical christian missions in the world entrusted.


The grand commision

All Christians, as we have mentioned, have gifts. According to them, we must participate in Christian missions. However, the Great Commission is the last instruction given to us by the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a special calling that gives us Christians to go preach the gospel (the good news of the Kingdom of God, eternal life) throughout the Earth. This Great Commission is established in the Gospel of Matthew.

The Great Commission is the beginning of faith. It is the action that all believers in Christian missions must undertake. We must understand that it is a direct order of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Matthew 28: 18-19

18 And Jesus approached and spoke to them, saying: All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth.

19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit;

Looking at verse 18, we can see that it requires a true and profound act of faith from every Christian. The Lord validates his commitment to us. He even reveals the omnipotence of Jesus, therefore his deity. If we do not understand this, our faith is not complete. Jesus clearly and precisely reveals all the authority he has over creation.

Now, regarding verse 19, our Lord Jesus Christ pronounces a command to Christians. After receiving the Lord and declaring it, he commands us to preach the gospel in all places, times and people. Concretizing one of the most important Christian missions, in addition to receiving the Lord, is to be baptized, as this verse says.

The Missionary Call

All believers who have received the message of salvation and eternal life have a calling. Many of them are going through Christian missions to go around the world to preach the good news. Also, many of them have sacrificed their lives, jobs, comforts to preach in remote places. Now, there is no respect of persons. In this sense, the Lord commands us all to preach the Word of God and his message of salvation. So we must do our own mission, preaching to the neighbor, to the friend, to the family member, to the co-worker.

Jesus Christ the model missionary

Jesus Christ is without a doubt the model missionary. For He was sent to Earth to fulfill a mission of salvation for all humanity and to give us, by grace, eternal life. Once he gave his life on the cross of Calvary and rose on the third day, managing to overcome sin and death, before ascending to heaven he left us the great mission.

In other words, when we say that Jesus was the model missionary, it is really so. His ministry was not something mental that He set out to do. He had to wait until he was thirty years old to begin his mission. Even though he is the Son of God, knowing the Father, he did not rush. I await the call. This is a clear example of what a Christian should do. Wait for the real call.

A mission is Christian when we glorify and honor God. In this line of thought, Jesus Christ speaks to us about the two aspects that believers have, hence we have, in principle, two Christian missions. That bent refers to the good news or the gospel; and what refers to good deeds. (Hebrews 13:15; Matthew 25:31-46; Matthew 28:16-20).

Christian missions will culminate their mission when the Second Coming of Christ occurs to establish his Millennial Kingdom and later the Eternal Kingdom.

In the same way we leave you the following link for your enjoyment with time with God Psalm 103

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