Improve SEO for good content best tricks!

improve seo It allows you to position yourself in content search engines. In this article you will learn in detail how to improve SEO to generate good content. We offer you the best tricks to achieve it.

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Improve SEO

Currently many people open blogs and websites, however few are able to position themselves in the different search engines. Actually, what usually happens is that people looking for content, products, services on the web only enter the first pages.

To achieve positioning there are various strategies that we must consider. All those that have to do with the content, the structure, the URL and the HTML are On-page SEO techniques. Those that are related to external links, shares, mentions are off page strategies.

If the intention is to position ourselves, we must take both dimensions into account. When referring to positioning we are referring to SEO (Search Engine Optimizers – search engine optimization).

In other words, it is necessary that we use the tools that allow us to optimize the position that search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, among others) refer to on our website when users make queries related to our content.

Also, to achieve this optimization of our website we must improve seo, in order to appear in the first places. Now, to improve the ranking it is necessary that we improve aspects inside and outside our website.

Obviously the search engines will place the best web pages. To comply with the indicators that these search engines require to position ourselves and improve wordpress seo We recommend the following strategies.

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Improve seo with On page strategies 

There are several elements that we must consider within our page in such a way that search engines position our content in the best rankings. Next we will make references to some On page strategies to improve SEO.

Content of interest 

The content of your page must offer original, interesting, attractive, useful, truthful information so that search engines position it and users can view it in the best rankings.

When we refer to attractive and interesting content, we refer to its content, but you must also insert images, infographics, videos, webinars so that the number of visits increases and your users consider the content attractive.

On the other hand, the content must respond to the needs and interests of users.

It is important that you consider that, for example, Google sanctions or penalizes those contents that contain plagiarism. When the search engines detect that there is duplicate content, the one who published after the first content is sanctioned, that is, the second to publish.

The percentage that Google considers acceptable is less than twenty percent (20%). However, in terms of textual citations, it should represent less than this percentage.

Now, if the intention is to generate content of interest and quality, and therefore improve SEO, we must know that it must respond to the needs of users. In this sense, we must develop strategies that allow us to determine what those needs and their search intentions are.

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search intentions

To produce content that generates interest and that meets the needs of users, we need to know what their search intentions are. This means that the articles must be aimed at a particular audience. Hence the need to know the users who are looking for content, so that we can build content that truly meets their needs.

Now, to know what users are looking for, what are the keywords they use in their search intentions, there are various SEO tools that allow you to identify these keywords, traffic, ranking, among other important data.

Finally, it is about generating content according to the needs of the users, therefore you must identify them. Then generate content that meets these requirements.

design a plan

When we are going to generate content we should not do it without a plan. This always responds to an objective and this in turn gives us directionality. We must also be clear, in addition to the objective of the text, the number of words that we require to develop it.

In this aspect there is not a certain number of words, it will depend on the topic and the urgency of the user to obtain such information. This helps you set goals. Also, establish time periods to publish your content.

Within the plan you must include videos. These cannot be missing, since the greatest consumption on the Internet is precisely the videos. Likewise, images that educate on the subject.

It is recommended that paragraphs have no more than four lines. Use the menu tools. Use bold to highlight subtitles, quotation marks to quote an author phrase, list or enumeration format.

Optimize your website

When we generate quality content that responds to the needs of users, we manage to bring countless people to our website. So, our blog, in addition to being a tool that attracts search engines, also allows us other important aspects that will position us on the Internet.

form communities

Many people are generating interesting content and some can complement your publications. When we link we are forming networks of people, that is, you are forming communities online.

If users share your content, you have reached the first step. Now it is time to strengthen that relationship. You can only retain your users with interesting content that meets their search needs. To achieve these online communities, you should only link your content to other third parties.

For this it is important that, in addition to internal and external links, it is also recommended that you participate in bloggers, forums and share your experiences. Likewise, it advertises your content among friends, social networks, among others.

form links

The importance of generating original and quality content will help us get the same users to share our publications. This brings benefits to the domain in general. This means that the more people share your content, the more you will develop a reputation on the web.

When we generate content that responds to the user's needs, you can achieve your objectives proposed in the design plan.

The content must be precise, complete, so that the user finds enough information that prevents them from searching in other portals for what you do not provide. Only in this way will you be able to retain your customers on the network. It is important that you keep in mind the following:

Internal link

  • Internal links help the user stay longer on your website.
  • Balance the forces for all the publications on your website.
  • Increase traffic to other content on your website.
  • It encourages the consumption of content, goods and services.

External link

  • When you make links to other portals, let them be with content that is related to yours.
  • You should be careful with anchor texts.
  • Avoid linking more than twice to a similar website.

web aesthetics

The image of your blog, of your web page must be attractive. Remember that image is fundamental in business. She reinforces your identity on the Internet. For this, it is important that you take care of the images you select, the color palette, the videos, your links. That all the elements that strengthen your article are in perfect harmony.

URL structure

When you are in the design or structuring phase of the URLs, consider including the keywords. This is critical. Also, focus on your URLs not being long. In URLs remove accents, capital letters and the letter Ñ. It is recommended that the URL be no more than one hundred and fifteen (115) characters.

Content CTR

To optimize the CTR (number of times someone clicks on the content for every thousand times it appears in the search engine) we recommend that you perfect the snipetts. These are referred to the following elements.

Meta description

The meta description in a brief reference to the content of your publication. It must not be longer than one hundred and forty (140) characters.


It is the first thing the user will see. Try to make it interesting and not exceed sixty characters. The design of a good title contributes to the traffic of your content being positioned. Also, try to have your keyword on the left and call to action.

Improve seo with off page strategies 

Now, there are other aspects that are important to consider outside our page, such as the behavior of the market, the needs of the clients, expanding the client portfolio, among others.

Analysis of the competition

The analysis of the competition aims to improve your offers and publications. You review its contents and improve the content, images, videos, among others. To do this, we make the following recommendations:

  • Analyze the first hundred pages that occupy the first places with your keyword.
  • Check the keywords in each of the domains.
  • Contrast the contents that each one has.
  • Examine the natural and non-organic searches that relate to your market area.
  • Evaluate the evolution of your competition. It takes into consideration the following indicators: chronology, period in which it is most frequented, keywords, amount of published content, ranking, traffic, positioning, among others.

Market analysis

Among the tools that we can recommend you to analyze the market, it is important that you frequent the forums that are related to your job market, products, goods and/or services.

Take into consideration the criticisms, claims made by users to improve the service and products offered to customers.

Also, these reviews can serve as an opportunity to produce tutorials and content that inform users and truly meet their needs and demands.

These spaces also give you the opportunity to find out what information users need and what requirements they are demanding from their providers. This data will allow you to generate quality content adjusted to the needs of the client. Therefore, it will have more visits and will be shared by a significant number of users. To achieve this analysis there are a series of tools that will be very useful. For this reason, we leave you the following link that will help you to complement these tools SEO tools

Boost social networks

It is important that you promote social networks (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook; Linkedin, TikTok, Pinterest), as they help you form virtual communities that will help you gain positioning. If users don't know you, they won't give you links, so use these virtual means to make yourself known.

Change of formate

Promote different formats for your publications. Send videos, e-book, blog, among others. Do not get stuck in a single format. There are users who consume diverse content, hence the importance of producing content in different formats that respond to the different demands of users.

quality vs quantity

These variables must be considered. They may have high-quality content, but not enough for users. Or the opposite can happen. You can have a lot of low-quality content. In this sense, users will not share those publications.

Therefore, there must be a balance between quantity of content, but high quality.


All the studies on the different digital media reveal that videos or audiovisuals are the format that users consume the most. This data must be considered for our different contents. In all your social networks incorporate videos, in your blogs introduce videos. This tool positions content very well, so it is a mandatory tool to use in our different formats.


Creating a brand and getting a reputation for it is a process that can take some time. However, branding is fundamental, because if people do not know your identity, your brand, they will hardly look for you. Therefore, branding requires certain parameters, therefore we recommend that you respect this process, so use these tools.

Improve SEO in WordPress 

As we have warned, search engines have their own algorithms to position content. One of the friendliest websites is WordPress. For improve wordpress seo It is necessary to comply with some technical tools that will allow you to optimize your website.

Visibility of your website

To improve wordpress seo, it is important that you check if the search engine display option is activated. Some configure this tool so that search engines cannot see you while they are designing the blog, and end up placing the elements that users will actually see. However, after the image structure is created remember to activate this option. To do so, we recommend the following steps.


You must enter your Wordprees website and locate yourself in the Settings field. There select reading. Check the Search Engine Visibility tool. As we show you in the following image.

the urls

The URLs are the addresses with which they can access our content. These addresses are considered friendly when the content of the page is briefly described.

They should also be easy to read, both for our users and for search engines. In this sense, the URLs that are considered friendly must contain the keywords.

Hence the importance of activating permalinks to improve wordpress seo as we show you in the following image. To do this, as you can see in the image, you must go to Settings. Select the General field and then the WordPress address and the site address. You can only make this selection once.

Many want to know if it is preferable to use the www or not. So far there is no evidence that using them does not imply advantages or disadvantages in positioning.

SEO plugin for WordPress

Among the benefits of WordPress in that you can use many plugins in order to improve seo. However, among the most used are Yoast SEO, All in one pack. It is the content generator's choice which plugin to use. Ideally, it should offer all the necessary SEO tools that allow you to position your content.

Installing a Plugin

To install a plugin in our WordPress you must go to the desktop menu. There select the plugin field. Select the “Add New” section and select the plugin. In this case, the example is Yoast SEO, as shown in the image below:

After you have selected the plugin that meets your needs, you must activate it, as shown in the following image. To clarify any questions about how to improve SEO WordPress, we leave you this video.

Improve SEO PrestaShop

It is a plugin that allows you to create online stores, which offer their products and services through electronic commerce.

Now for improve seo prestashop Some strategies are recommended, such as the following.

frequent acknowledgment

It is recommended that you constantly review your website in order to verify if there are any impediments that affect search engine tracking. Among the aspects that you should consider for periodic recognition is the repeated links, as well as the meta descriptions, if any code is missing, among others.

Page layout

It is important that when you create your store you describe in detail what audience it is aimed at, the values, products and/or services you offer. Try to make the image attractive, because it will allow you to attract customers.

The home of your website must contain all the information that users require. It must be described in an interesting, quality and relevant way. Remember to optimize the keywords that you insert in the text that describes your store.

Store URL

As we have previously warned you, the URL must be friendly. It must contain the keywords with which you want to position yourself. The length should be moderate.

Internal links

You must be careful that the internal links contain the categories, subcategories, pages, and publications of your blog linking those that we really want Google to position.

Titles, subtitles and descriptions

As we have described, the main title must contain the keyword and must not exceed seventy-four characters. You must optimize the main H2 subtitles and the H3 subtitles that will give structure and image to your publications.

Regarding the meta descriptions, it is important that you include your keywords. This description should not exceed two hundred and sixty characters.

Product sheet

Each of the products that you offer in your virtual store must contain a detailed description that offers users interesting and relevant information about each of them.

Also, you need to verify that the categories are in "Index" so that search engines can include them in the index of results.

Store images

It is recommended that the images that you upload to your online store in prestashp are of high quality. They try to ensure that these images are not generic, since they can be used by your suppliers and competitors.

blog update

This tool complements your online store. In the blog you can publish interesting information about the market of your store, news. Trends, among others.

For the proper management of the blog it is important that you consider all the recommendations that we have mentioned previously. Likewise, you must take into account the considerations about the URL.

Improve the web for mobile devices

 For the design of your web page, we recommend that you use responsive designs, since they offer the possibility of adapting your online store to any size of device. Know how improve seo Prestashop It is essential for your online business to be successful. We also leave you this contemplative audiovisual material on how to improve SEO Prestashop.

Finally, if we seek to position ourselves in the search engines, we must develop our work plan. This means discipline and perseverance. Likewise, our website will be able to position itself as long as we generate quality content and use the tools that will allow us to improve SEO. On the other hand, every business requires perseverance, so start with a plan.

The content of the article adheres to our principles of editorial ethics. To report an error click here.

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