Meaning of dreaming about pregnancies or pregnant women

Dreaming about a pregnant woman

Dreaming about pregnancy may not be the most common thing. If you have ever dreamed of a pregnant woman or being pregnant yourself, you are interested in the article. We will talk about the different dreams where a pregnant woman may appear and its meanings.

Many possible dreams related to pregnancy: pregnant women known or unknown, giving birth, having our own pregnancy...

What does it mean to dream about pregnancy?

If you have dreamed about someone being pregnant, you are probably wondering what dreaming about pregnancy means. The figure of a pregnant woman has been venerated by many cultures since the beginning of humanity. See that figure in our dreams can have different meanings, is an idealized image. But like everything in the dream world, the interpretation depends a lot on who is dreaming.

There are different studies on dreams, pregnancy and their meaning. Projects for the future, life, entrepreneurship.... They are the meaning of many of these dreams. The important thing is that dreaming about a pregnancy does not have to do with a baby coming unless that is something that is very present in our life, such as having the desire to get pregnant, be grandparents or be uncles.

Dreaming about pregnancies implies excitement and happiness. He advises us to lead our lives with maturity and responsibility. There are many ways in which a pregnancy can appear in our dreams, let's see what some of them mean.

Dreaming about someone else's pregnancies

When the pregnancy in a dream is experienced by a person other than ourselves, the dream warns us that We must be attentive to what may come.

The dream indicates that there are things of our life is about to undergo a change positive and that change must also be received positively. It can also mean that an important stage is coming to an end or that there is a very relevant date that we are waiting for.

When the pregnant woman is someone we know

In addition to the above, it implies that we are optimistic about the future. A pregnant woman is symbol of blessing and is related to good luck. All of this goes hand in hand with being strong, having self-control and not letting ourselves be carried away by an impulse since the good things in our lives depend on us.

In dreaming that a person we know is pregnant, The meaning varies depending on who the person is. 

dream about pregnancy

If the pregnancy is your own

Just like a mother cares for her baby, We must be the ones who take care of our life, of the elements that make it up. and nourish everything that is important. Pregnancy is "the sweet wait" for something that is to come.

We must differentiate, of course, if we have an important desire to be mothers, because dreaming that we are pregnant would have a very different meaning, it would be a reflection of what we want.

If the pregnant woman is our daughter

On this occasion the meaning can be very different. If we are expecting or wishing to be grandmothers, the dream of our pregnant daughter is not premonitory but reflection of our own desire. 

When we are not wishing for the above, that dream is telling us about the Life projects that we have, so we must attend to the other things that appear in the dream.

If the pregnant woman is our daughter, but In reality we do not have children, it can symbolize a specific moment of depression or the need for emotional support. Look at yourself and assess if you need help so that the situation does not get worse.

Dreaming about pregnancies of unknown people

When the person is a complete stranger, it means that In the present our life is full of doubts and uncertainty. If we are in a specific stage of our life, with a project that is already coming to an end and then everything is doubts.

pregnancies in dreams

Dreaming about family pregnancies

Our subconscious is aware of everything that happens to us during the days and can notice things that we do not consciously realize. On this occasion our subconscious reflects that That specific person is at a time where they need us, our support or advice. It is likely that you do not know where or how to solve a problem.

The pregnant person is our sister

If we have a sister and we dream that she is pregnant, it can mean something negative. It implies that Our sister is not clear about where she should take her life. 

By contrast, If we don't have a sister, we ourselves will be the ones who don't know where to direct our lives and we need to seek support to achieve it.

When the pregnant person is our girlfriend

When in our dreams the woman who appears pregnant is not only known but is our partner, it means something good. This dream tells us that we are traveling a specific path in our life and that path is the correct one. That there will be difficult moments, where we will have to make a great effort, but it will certainly be worth it. Our dreams encourage us to fight for our goals and maintain the chosen path.


Dream about giving birth

Dreams are very varied and among those we can have in relation to pregnancies, it can be the specific moment of childbirth. A moment of effort, fear, happiness and expectation. If we are pregnant, it may be that we want that moment to pass. or whether it is something that scares us, will depend on what the dream is like.

If, on the other hand, we are not pregnant, it means that We wait for the right moment to pursue our dreams or develop our projects. That moment will be full of adventure, challenges, effort but it will be worth it. When our project is completed, we will feel elated.

A birth involves pain and if these appear in our dream, they warn us that we must remain calm in the face of something that is happening to us. Everything is fine, the problem is really in our mind not outside.

In the event that the birth is not your own, is a symbol that we are facing a not very good stage and that we are assuming responsibilities that do not belong to us. Therefore it is a warning that we must let go of what is not ours and take care of ourselves.

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