Meaning of dreaming about cats

Meaning of Dreaming about cats

It is likely to dream about cats, they are a very common animal in our daily lives. We see them on the street, on television, in the houses of our friends, neighbors, family members or even in our own. Now, what does it mean to dream about them?

Today we return to the dream world to find out What does dreaming about these felines mean? that are so present in our lives and about which many feel true passion.

Dream about cats

Dreaming about cats is common, as is dreaming about other animals, especially those we live with or see daily. When dreaming our mind releases feelings, emotions, perceptions and also reviews things that have happened or are happening to us.

Whether or not we have a cat at home living with us, it is easy for us to end up dreaming about one and It depends on how that cat appears in our dreams, they have one meaning or another.. Let's break down the different meanings of dreaming about felines.

cat perched on the sofa

Different meanings of dreaming about cats

The cats are one of the animals that most often sneaks into our dreams. An animal venerated in Ancient Egypt, a symbol of femininity, of life, a symbol of power, a symbol of the occult and the mystical. And in the dream world it has many more meanings as we are going to see.

Dream About Newborn Cats

When we dream of kittens it symbolizes that something is about to begin, it is a sign of a new important beginning. It implies the opening of new opportunities and that we must be attentive not to miss that opportunity. We must not let ourselves be carried away by our impulsive part but with our head and heart but meditating well before acting.

When the cat is aggressive in our dreams

The cat that appears in our dreams may not be a little one starting its life but an adult cat that becomes aggressive. If that cat tries to scratch or bite us, it means that we feel threatened by something What happens in our lives, it can be a matter of work, family life or a relationship.

The color of the cat also has meaning

little black cat on the street

If the cat is black

Black cats have always been part of popular ideology as part of the mystical, witchcraft or paranormal. A symbol of superstition for many, but in dreams bad luck is not what accompanies the black cat. This cat implies that An unknown stage is coming, it can be good or bad and it will depend on us guide this stage, although we can only do what is in our power to do.

If the cat is white

White is the color of purity, of goodness, and therefore dreaming of a cat of that color implies something positive. Maybe we are involved in a personal or work project, in that case It implies that everything is going to be fine. They are also cats that can appear in our dreams so that we do not throw in the towel, so that we have hope in difficult stages of our lives.

How to give your cat a safe and cheap space

Cats love cardboard boxes

When in the dream we are playing with a cat...

Whether we are the ones playing with the cat, others or the cat itself, when we see a cat playing it implies that we want freedom. It is possible that we are going through a stage of stress, of overwhelm, we are stuck at work, personally, romantically, in studies... It is possible that what we let's look for freedom to get out of that situation.

In the dream we pet the cat

Caresses are something good, positive, they relax us. But it can also have a slightly negative side, If petting that animal does not transmit that peace and relaxation to us, it means that someone around us has problems. and needs our help.

If the cat we caress is calm and asleep, it means that we are in a moment of our life with that same energy. We are well or we are about to feel well and calm in a stage of our life. Without a doubt this is the best cat dream we can have.

half asleep cat

A dream with many cats

A single cat does not have to appear in dreams, there can be many cats at the same time and that can imply many things. A large number of cats means that an important change is coming to our life, a good or bad change, but a change. If that change is work then it implies success.

In the previous case we will see the cats active, moving, surrounding us, rubbing on our legs, playing with each other, walking down the street... But If the cats are still and are also watching us, it means that we feel lacking in privacy, watched, overwhelmed. by our superiors, maybe our bosses or our parents. That worry may come because we feel inferior or that we don't measure up to the tasks we have to do, so start trusting yourself.

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