Mayan Legends, know the stories that accompany their culture

Through Mayan myths and legends we will be able to learn about the culture that represents one of the oldest and most interesting civilizations in our entire history. Most of the Mayan legends have in them the representation of magical and mythological beings that make the stories really exciting stories. Let's look at some of them below.


Mayan myths and legends

Mayan myths and legends have consisted of stories that have been told for centuries by people who are from that civilization, they have passed all their secrets and stories by word of mouth so that you can learn a little more about their culture.

Each of these Mayan legends represents something specific in the history of this group of people, they can be seen as a way of expressing faith or a specific belief. In this sense, each of these stories has an expression or representation of some particular belief of the Mayan culture.

These Mayan legends are the exact narration of events that have happened in the past, which are impossible to verify, all this was done in order to give meaning or a more appropriate interpretation to a specific event.

The best Mayan legends in history

The legends that have had the greatest appeal or are the most striking in relation to the history of the Mayans are the ones shown below:

Legend 1 – Dziú and corn

This is one of the best known Mayan legends, in it the protagonist is the great bird Dziu, a very brave bird. This bird had to respond to the orders that were given to it by yum chaac, who was for the Mayans considered the God of rain.

That was how yum chaac ordered the Dziu that in the middle of the corn field that was on fire, he flew and saved the corn seed, the reason is that said seed was considered indispensable for the life of the Mayans.


As expected, that bird followed the orders that had been given with great courage, flew over that huge cornfield that was burning in flames and rescued the seed of the golden corn from so much disaster. But when he delivered the corn he realized what the price had been for doing that act, he came out into the flames gray as ashes and with incredibly red eyes.

Thank you for this great achievement yum chaac recognized along with all the other species of birds that were present, that act of bravery so great.

It was then that the bird Dziu he could not worry about the creation of small nests to place his eggs when he needed it, since all the birds had been put in order to take care of his eggs and the young that he had, they specified that they would take care of the young as if they were their own. Another equally interesting story can be found in the moon legend, just a click away.

Legend 2 – The Chom

This story is also based on two birds, but in this case they are punished by a God. The birds were named Com and a great punishment was imposed on them by the King Uxmal.

There was a ritual that was performed very frequently and considered a sacred ceremony. In such was celebrated and honored the Lord of Life, hunab ku. Within all the celebration that this represented, were the Chom, which were two birds with large plumage and beautiful and vibrant colors, they had the task of flying over the palace in honor of the Lord of Life.


For that sacred party, very exquisite, select and delicious banquets were prepared, they were also prepared in large quantities and the menu was almost always prepared by the King and Lord of Life himself. One day while waiting for the celebration of said ceremony to begin, the Com they made a serious mistake.

Before the people started arriving, the Com They looked at the tables full of food and couldn't help but feel desire and desire to eat, that's when they decided to attack the tables and eat practically everything that had been prepared for the celebration. Uxmal learning of that disaster carried out by the Com, ordered a great punishment for them and it was a group of priests who were in charge of carrying out the sentence that had been ordered by Uxmal.

The priests to carry out the punishment of the Com, they created a special preparation with many spices and other substances, they put so many things in it that in the end it managed to take on a black color, very dark and also thick. This preparation was emptied on top of the Com and in addition to that, they decreed that they would never be able to eat delicious food again, from now on they would only feed on garbage and dead animals about to decompose.

After that punishment, Com their precious and radiant plumage was erased, turning into black and gray plumage, they also became birds with a bad temper and their heads were completely bald. It is said that after that punishment, the Com They avoid being seen by people and that is why they are hidden among the trees, they fly very high and only come down to eat garbage or the remains of decomposed animals.

Legend 3 – The Princess and the Maquech  

This story is well known within the Mayan legends, where the love of this culture can be seen reflected. This legend tells the story about a princess named Cuzan and her lover Chalpol, a red-haired young man.


Following her father's orders, the princess Cuzan she was to marry the prince E.K. Chapat, she accepts everything her father orders and agrees to marry the prince. As a result of the marriage and the love that existed between cuzán y Chalpol, Prince E.K. Chapat he wanted to kill the princess's lover, so that she could have eyes and love only for him.

The princess, seeing the risk her lover was in, made a pact with her father: she would stop seeing him forever, but if they swore that they would respect his life and set him free. Even though the father of the princess Cuzan he spared the life of his daughter's lover, Chalpol he decided to find a sorcerer to help him do something so that they could never see each other again. That was how the sorcerer proposed to the father of the princess, to convert Chalpol in a maquech or beetle.

When the princess found out, she could not believe it and looked for it and took care of it until the end of her days, then with its remains she decided to create a precious beetle-shaped jewel and thus she would always have it with her, to fulfill the promise of love that they had made. fact, which said that they would be together for life.

Legend 4 – The Flower of May

This legend is based on the need that a devotee had to be able to be a father, although he and his wife tried too, they could not procreate the small fruit of their love, so this is how this devotee decides to ask the gods to give him the opportunity to be a father even once in a lifetime.


The devotee prayed for days and nights to the gods to fulfill this wish. He observed with great love and beauty the stars that settled every night in the sky, particularly he did it throughout the month of May and also managed to observe the Southern Cross. It was in that month when the miracle happened, his wife was able to get pregnant and a few months later they were able to find out that they were expecting a beautiful little girl.

As the years passed, that little girl grew up with a lot of love provided by her parents, she had a really good life because they made sure that she lacked nothing. But by the time her adolescence arrived, the little girl began to look quite complicated, an illness ended her life precisely in the same month of May, at the same time that the little girl had been conceived.

This left a great pain in that devotee, but every May when the Southern Cross is illuminated, at that very moment the same May flower appears in quantities at the foot of her tomb.

Legend 5 – Huay Chivo

This little story of wow goat, is based on one of the most popular Mayan legends. In this story, reference is made to a black magic sorcerer, whose name is wow, this is turned into a black spectrum, which has really bright eyes and quite large horns that are curved at the same time. The mission with which this specter remained was to frighten and terrify all the people who came across their path on dark nights.


Closely related to this, it is explained that within the Mayan legends there is a belief that people who are bewitched or bewitched by evil spirits, can take the form of black goats at night, with quite bright eyes and scare the population. in order to fulfill some evil objective in this way.

Legend 6 – Xkeban and Utz Cole

This is one of the oldest Mayan legends, which also features two women who are very different from each other. This legend speaks of Xkeban, this was a woman who had the need to practice prostitution, but on the other hand she was a really noble woman, she liked to help the poor because she was humble and kind, she was also a woman who genuinely gave herself to love.

There is also talk in this legend of another woman named utz cole, which was said to be quite honest and virtuous. Over the years, Xkeban he died and when this happened an exquisite smell of wild flowers spread throughout the town, which was really very pleasant.

When they buried his body, as the days passed, different and beautiful colored flowers began to be born, which they called Xtabentún, these were considered wild flowers, which contained a very delicious nectar like the love it provided Xkeban.

As the years go by utz cole He always had a big grudge against Xkeban, everyone loved and adored her, while many people did not love her because the truth is that she was a superb woman. When utz cole died, at the time of her death a really unpleasant smell was dispersed, also when she was buried in her grave a plant called tzacam, this is a cactus that does not provide aroma, nor flowers and if someone wants to touch it, it emits quite a creepy energy.

Some time later it is said that utz cole with the help of black magic and members of the underworld, she managed to return to life, enraged by her envy of Xkeban, since it shimmered everywhere, it had a delicious smell and many men wanted to have it around. It was then that utz cole She decided to come back to life to make men fall in love and mistreat them, it was a simulated love since the truth was that she was dead in life.

Legend 7 – Che Uinic

This myth is about a great man who hides and lives in the woods, he is large and quite dark, since he has powers that are really supernatural and in order to feed himself he must look for human flesh, this is really someone from whom we have to fear.

The truth is that the people who have been able to observe it have described it as a rather creepy being, which has a large size, it is huge but deformed in its structure since it is said that it does not contain any type of bones, it is a kind of jelly.

He also frequently uses a cane, which he needs to be able to walk through the woods, since his feet are turned upside down, his fingers point towards his back and it is said that when he catches his prey he runs backwards because that way he manages to be much faster. When it is close, you can hear how all the animals try to run away from it and it also gives off a really fetid smell.

It is said that if someone is caught by this horrifying man there is only one way to escape: legend has it that people who wish to escape from the monster must perform a dance with many branches and do it in front of him, they must manage to get his attention and this It will cause him a huge laugh that makes him stumble and fall, that's when they should run away and get as far away as possible, since due to his soft structure it is very difficult for him to stand up.

Legend 8 – Alux

This is one of the Mayan legends that may be more frightening to children, since it speaks of alux, This is the name of a little goblin, who has always been very interested in the little ones in the house. alux he tries to get the children's attention by playing with them at first, but then most of the time he ends up being interested in playing with devilish things and involving the children in these games.

The myth within the Mayan stories referring to the goblins or alux It supports the idea that these goblins become invisible in front of the people they love, but when they want to attract the attention of someone in particular, they take their visible form and what they seek with it is to be able to scare whoever wants to observe them.

The alux or goblins, they are associated with large forests or caves, it is there where they can commonly make their appearances and usually move around the world with two specific purposes: the first is to scare and hide objects from people, making them get out of their senses and get angry, on the other hand they usually look for treasures and offerings.

There are several theories involving the alux or the goblins. One of them, which is actually the most famous, is that these little magical beings are invoked by the peasants on their land. For many years there has been a belief that the peasant who managed to adequately invoke the alux I would have seven years in a row of good harvest.

That is why it is very common to see or run into them in the fields where crops have been sown previously. After these little beings are invoked, they take over the place and start calling the house as house of alux o Kahtal Alux.

Although not everything is really good, after the seven years have elapsed, the peasants must be very aware of the alux, since they must lock him in his house and it must be hermetically sealed so that he cannot escape, because it is said that if they let him escape he will begin to be aggressive and malevolent with the people he meets.

Legend 9 – Whoops

This is one of the simplest Mayan legends, since this story speaks specifically of a sorcerer or magician who performs enchantment phenomena that are clearly related to black magic.

In addition, said magician or sorcerer usually takes different forms, especially black animals, since this will help him to be more and more ghostly and carry out his evil plans against the people who are close to him.

Legend 10 – Sac Nicté and Canek

This is another of the Mayan legends where we can observe true love. A long time ago there was a prince with a strong personality, this was Chichen Itza, had a big heart and also great courage despite his young age of 21 years.

He fell madly in love with a princess who was only 15 years old and her name was Sac NicteShe, like him, felt madly in love. Unfortunately, that princess had already been arranged in marriage with ulil, this was the crown prince of Uxmal.

caneck convinced of the love he felt for the princess and that she also loved him, he decided to fight for her and appeared with his army to look for her precisely on the day of her wedding with ulil. When he arrived at the place, he took her princess in her arms and in front of all the witnesses who were there he decided to snatch her from ulil. After this he left, triggering a war between the army of caneck and the army of Uxmal.

But the truth is that caneck He was quite intelligent, before performing that feat he had already caused his people to emigrate to another place, and that was where he took the princess, in a totally new and unknown area by the army of Uxmal. Days later when the army of Uxmal appeared in the city of Chichen Itza, the city was completely empty and there were no signs or reports of where everyone could be.

Legend 11 – When the Tunkuluchú sings

This is one of the Mayan legends most respected by all, since many people have lived to hear the song of this bird. The story tells about the song of a bird that is really mysterious and is totally lonely, flying the ruins of Mayab, this bird was given the name of Tunkuluchu. It is said that when I sing it, it resounds in the city because it announces the much-feared death.

The Mayan man in earlier times ridiculed this bird and she, thirsty for revenge, began to perform this ritual whose song made people die. This bird had a great sense of smell and took advantage of that, that is how it approached the cemeteries to keep in its mind the smell of death and thus be able to warn the Mayans when the end of a life was approaching.

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