Know who are the ascended masters and their powers

The ascended masters are very spiritual and enlightened beings, who in their past lives were common human beings, who evolved spiritually, that is, they reached a very supreme scale at a spiritual level, with the mission of protecting, governing and above all helping to spread their light. to planet Earth, in this article we will talk about them.

ascended masters

ascended masters

The ascended masters are  highly spiritual beings, they know what their mission is and they dedicate themselves to it with great devotion and love, they live in a perfect place. These enlightened beings are spiritual teachers who in past lives were common people, but acquired a lot of knowledge and managed to transform themselves, this transformation was spiritual to the point of elevating them.

These teachers have the mission of protecting, directing and helping to spread the light to the entire planet Earth. But they are the ones who make the student's choice, in addition to supervising how all the souls that God created evolve.

A Master is the source of "infinite wisdom" that has experienced many incarnations and this has led him in religiosity, to a great spiritual elevation due to his immense love for God. In this sense, the incarnations in a row have led them to a deep awakening to achieve that path to become ascended masters. Although they have God's supervision, they have free will, which is why they are not saints.

They are ascended masters because they reached a higher frequency in the vibration of their soul, that is, the vibratory frequency of their soul rose and that is why they live on another plane, one that has a high vibrational level, but they can still maintain mental contact with this world. Another area that also has outstanding teachers is Quantum Physics and Spirituality.

ascended masters

Great Masters and The 7 Rays

These ascended masters are represented by 7 rays, they are also known as the 7 cosmic rays; They have great relevance on the world and on people, since they have a feeling of deep love towards humanity, which is why they are involved throughout the history of evolution. These rays essentially have many virtues that come through a law or invocation, according to the following:

The first ray of the Will of God: The blue ray

This ray has as virtue trust, strength, protection and alignment between our projects, our life plan balanced with the spiritual plane. On the other hand, there are the guardians like the Archangel MichaelAlong with the ascended master El Morya.

The Master identified as El Morya He is a very powerful being, he even had as a disciple elohim hercules, among his past reincarnations was the Wizard King Melchiorplatforms, King Arthur, Patrick Constantine, he was also the famous emperor Akbar from India, Thomas Moore, among others. To request the protection of this teacher, we can pray like this:

Decree: “In the name of God, I invoke the blue ray, which is the most holy will of the Archangel Michael and Master Morya, so that in this way my spiritual path has a liberation, and to be able to fulfill the divine plan that God designed for me. me, here on earth and to be able to extend my faith and ascend, because I am the divine will of God, which is manifested everywhere, I am the perfect will of God, I am the perfect and unique will of God. Thank you blue ray”

Second Ray of Illumination: The golden ray

This is the Second Ray, it symbolizes the Sacred Pearl of the knowledge of God that manifests itself in wisdom, loyalty, patience and worship, this is how the divine love that we have within our being is demonstrated.

Guardians and rulers: The Archangel Jophiel y Cristinaalong with the ascended masters Lord maytreyaLord long, Buddha, Confucius, Kuthumi, Djwal Khul. The prayer to invoke the power of these masters through lightning would be:

Decree: "Oh I invoke you golden flame, that illuminates the heart of God, I invoke the presence of Archangel Jophiel and Cristina, Maytreya, Lanto, Kuthumi and the heart of meru that lives within my being and my soul, invoke the flame Golden, I am the divine intelligence of God, I am acting and thinking with the intelligence of God, I am intuition, I am illumination, I am wisdom, I am a golden river of peace, thank you golden ray”.

Third Ray of Love: The pink ray

This ray has as virtue divine and unconditional love, we invoke it to obtain and develop compassionate love towards others, it gives us peace, it grants us forgiveness, because all its energy comes from the Holy Spirit.

Guardians and rulers: The Archangel Samuel y Charity, ascended master Paul the Venetian. The prayer to invoke the power of these masters through the ray goes as follows:

Decree: «In the name of my beloved representation I invoke all the power of divine love so that it grows greatly within my whole being, I am pure and divine love, unconditional love, God illuminates all my shadows and transmutes them into pure love, I am love, I am the pink ray that protects all the animals on this planet, I am happiness, joy, I am impregnated with love, thank you pink ray».

Another topic related to spirituality and that you will surely want to know because with it you will learn to connect with the teachers, is the spiritual response therapy.

Fourth Ray of Purity: The White Ray

This ray represents purity, resurrection and ascension, we invoke it to attract peace into our lives and eliminate any negative energy that is afflicting us.

Guardians and rulers: The Archangel Gabriel and the ascended master Serapis Bey. The prayer to invoke the power of these masters through lightning would be:

Decree: “From the depths of all my being where my creator God rules, I decree that I have a lot of compassion for all those people who have a physical or emotional condition, because of the ascension trip that I will give, I know that I also have many things to heal I give infinite thanks because I am healing everything that happened in my past and I am resurrecting thanks to it. I am the white ray, here I will transmute everything and release every bad thing that happened to me, so I will raise my consciousness above every difficulty, I am the light, thank you white ray”.

Fifth Ray of Healing: The Green Ray

This ray represents truth, also healing and brings abundance to us, it should be invoked when you have a physical condition, since it restores your health, visualizing the majestic color green. Guardians and rulers: The Archangel Rafael, ascended master María and the ascended master Hilarion. To invoke the help of these masters through the beam, we pray:

Decree: «Beloved presence I am, at this moment I invoke the healing flame of the green ray to fill all my family and friends and even me with its great light, in the name of our beloved Father. I am the green ray, I am and I bring the truth, I am life and that is why there is health in me, thank you green ray for everything you give me».

Sixth Ray of Peace: The Gold-Ruby Ray

This ray has the virtue of providing peace, grace, healing, provision, because it is the light of the resurrection, invoke it when you need prosperity, and you can always do it so that it grants you that well-being for you and other people. Guardians and rulers: The Archangel Uriel y Aurora, Ascended Master Jesus Sananda, ascended master Mary Magdalene – Lady Nada. We can request your help through the following prayer:

Decree: «I am perfection, that is why I am the resurrection and that is why there is much life and abundance in my life, I am the resurrection and that is why life gives me wonderful gifts, that is why I have eternal life, youth and beauty , I am the ruby ​​ray, I am abundance, wealth, I am peace and tranquility, thank you ruby ​​gold ray».

Seventh Ray of Freedom: The Violet Ray

This ray has the virtue of forgiving, it grants mercy and compassion, because it transmutes all the negative energies freeing you from all charges, invoke it so that you can release the karmas of past lives, the violet flame will give you a lot of peace so that you can ascend because you will be full of forgiveness and love.

Guardians and rulers: The Archangels Zadquiel y Amethystthe ascended master St. Germain, teacher Qwan yin, Lady Portia. Requesting the help of these teachers will be possible, through the following prayer:

Decree: «At this moment I invoke the beloved master St. Germain, Zadquiel and the entire legion of angels to release and transmute all the negative energies that are around me and that are in me, so that everything is transmuted in a positive way. positive, I invoke the violet ray, so that it covers me with its cosmic mantle of healing and transmutation, I am the violet flame of transmutation, I am free from all evil, I am the truth of God, I forgive myself and I also forgive, thank you violet flame for setting me free with your light.”

Areas in which teachers work 

These ascended masters have different areas of work and each one was designated to make special emphasis on them, with their good energies and their knowledge full of love towards humanity:

  • first area, is governed by the governments of the world and the teacher is in charge El Morya
  • second area, is governed by the teaching of the Master koot hoom.
  • third area, is governed by culture, and the one in charge is Lady Rowena.
  • fourth area, is ruled by art and the one in charge is Serapis Bey.
  • fifth area, is governed by science and the manager is the teacher Hilarion.
  • sixth area, is governed by devotion and mysticism, is in charge John the Beloved.

Then we recommend that you watch the following video to learn more about the Ascended Masters and thus complement all the information contained in this article:

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