Books by Eduardo Galeano: The 12 best and most popular

Eduardo Galeano's books are full of a lot of history. And they also inspire to go in search of the truth corresponding to the origins of Latin America. In any case, he was one of the most influential writers on the left in Latin America. He continues reading and find out all this interesting information. It will be very useful to you.


The 12 best books of Eduardo Galeano

Eduardo Galeano, known in the literary world as, among other things:

  • Essayist
  • Writer
  • Historian
  • Journalist
  • Poet
  • Symbol of critical journalism

Being that he himself began his career in the 60's. Becoming a beacon that perfectly understood history, and in turn the reality lived in Latin America. Within his literary assets, he has more than 40 books by Eduardo Galeano, which were in charge of marking different generations.

In the same way, he also obtained recognitions and distinctions such as:

  • House of the Americas Award – Cuba
  • Stig Daherman – Sweden

As for his date of birth, it occurred on September 3, 1940. The place was the city of Montevideo in Uruguay. Which was also the city where he died, when he was 70 years old.

So let's see the top 12 books by Eduardo Galeano, which are essential to mention as one of the best of his literary work.


The Open Veins of Latin America

Of the books by Eduardo Galeano, this book has a publication date of 1971. It is possible that it is possibly the work that turns out to be the most read, as well as the one that has exerted the greatest influence on a diversity of readers. of several generations.

Being the case that in it, the reader takes a journey through the history of Latin America. Taking into account that this occurs from the European colonization, until reaching the date corresponding to its publication. Even when it had a series of additions, made in subsequent reissues.

As for Eduardo Galeano books, it is noteworthy that said work was deserving of an honorable mention corresponding to the Casa de las Américas Award. However, it was the precursory work corresponding to revisionism of a historical type, produced by the left.

Days and nights of love and war

This work was written by Eduardo Galeano books made during exile, being what happened in the year 1976, when he was just 36 years old, and then he had to leave his country. And make a trip to Spain. Then then the date of publication of this work was in the year 1978. Through a context in which a series of irregular events took place such as:

  • disappearances
  • Murders
  • Other exiles of his compatriots

This is how then, Eduardo Galeano decides to write books such as this chronicle, which turns out to be very overwhelming. And that recounts the time that passed from May of the year 1975 until July of the year 1977. Being the case that there is captured a fairly rigorous photograph in relation to the political horror, from the perspective of the author, happened all those days.

Memory of fire

Author Eduardo Galeano books like these are a trilogy. Being that it had a publication date between the years of 1982 and 1986. There is the history corresponding to Latin America, from when the world was created until reaching the present times.

It is narrated through a succession of small stories. Likewise, this work is consolidated, made up of the number of three volumes, which are arranged chronologically, being the same:

  • Births: from the creation of the world to the seventeenth century
  • Faces and Masks: Includes the XNUMXth and XNUMXth Centuries
  • The Century of the Wind: Where the XNUMXth Century is Framed

The book of hugs

It is consolidated as one of the Eduardo Galeano books that enshrine great tenderness, as well as being quite warm and overwhelming. Being the case that through a series of brief stories, Eduardo Galeano offers a series of:

  • Chronicles
  • Dreams
  • Annual reports
  • Anecdotes

It is the case that it is possible to find in this book a series of stories which are memorable and that are made up of:

  • the culture of terror
  • The system
  • The Alignment
  • Until I reach the capillary mutilated self

The walking words

It is a work of Eduardo Galeano books published in the year of 1993. Being that in it is the best that was done by Galeano, where the facts of:

  • Anecdotes
  • Tips
  • count policy
  • The world
  • The history
  • The human through stories
  • mini chronicles
  • short stories
  • stories

Being that, at all times, this is made available to anyone who is reading said work. It should be noted that within the works of Eduardo Galeano books, it is also adorned by around 400 engravings. .

Use it and throw it away

Once again, Eduardo Galeano frames books where he anticipates stories, as well as objects that were in fashion. Being the case that is already alerted by Galeano, in said writings, about what is related to voracity. As with the cynicism corresponding to a system, which is capable of devouring both men and lands.

Being that, through said anthology, which has been prepared by the author, texts are gathered. The same ones that are considered as “green and ecological”.

Soccer in sun and shadow 

Being a football fanatic, Eduardo Galeano's books were published in 1995. He pays homage to this sport so dear to him as football. This being the best way this author knew how to do it, which was making a portrait of what his music was, as well as his party.

As well as making the respective complaints, in terms of the corresponding power structures. To one of the most lucrative businesses known in the world.

Upside down: the school of the world upside down

During the year of 1998, Eduardo Galeano, makes the publication of this work considered ironic. In it, we proceed to unravel what is related to the influence corresponding to the logic of the capitalist system. Taken in activities and actions considered more human and of a daily nature, within which we have:

  • Politics
  • The economy
  • and consumption

It is therefore a guide in which the author proceeds to perform the nude, in a rather cruel way of what is the current state. Corresponding to a world which is shown as if it were schizophrenic.

mouths of time

Of Eduardo Galeano books the publication of this work was carried out in the year of 2004. Being that in said book it is condensed, a great amount of stories which are small. And they also make the story both in a single story. It is referred to the relationship that corresponds to man, with what is nature.

In relation to what its protagonists are, they make their appearance and then proceed to vanish in order to continue with their lives. Which they carry out story after story, through another series of characters, who proceed to give it continuity.

The children of the days

Of the works of Eduardo Galeano books this is one of his latest literary productions. having as publication date the year of 2011. He is therefore in charge of making a compilation of the amount of 366 stories corresponding to anonymous heroes. As well as a number of events which take place at times that are different and which also turn out to be surprising. Whereupon it becomes a calendar.

"And the days began to walk. And they, the days, made us. This is how we were born, the children of the days, the investigators, the seekers of life”


As for women, Eduardo Galeano has turned women into an axis which is the backbone in relation to his creation. In order to defend it. As well as with the purpose of exercising in it what is related to its claim corresponding to its dignity. As well as her very precarious position as a human being.

Thus, through the anthology of this work, some female characters are told about their intensity, which are crossed by the weight corresponding to a cause, such as the cases of:

  • Joan of Arc
  • Rosa Luxemburg
  • Rigoberta Menchu

In the same way as for what is related to beauty or also for the talent of these women, within which we find:

  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Rita Hayworth
  • Frida Kahlo
  • Marie Curie
  • Camille Claudel
  • Josephine baker

The collective exploits of women

In the same way, he also makes the corresponding account of the feats that, collectively, the women carried out anonymously. Being those who proceeded to fight in what was the Country Commune. Like the warriors who dedicated themselves to the revolution produced in Mexico.

Taking into account that they proceeded to refuse to pay attention to the soldiers, who had been able to repress the workers. This event occurred in a brothel located in the area of ​​Argentine Patagonia.

Eduardo Galeano, makes the delivery with his mastery in each of the stories of the oral narrator. As well as the craftsman corresponding to the language. In order to make the spell corresponding to oblivion. Just as the character that opens the book named Scheherazade, which corresponds to the work of "The Thousand and One Nights", is presented.

Mirrors: an almost universal story

This is a work whose title corresponds to Eduardo Galeano Books that was published in 2008. Since about six hundred stories are compiled in it, and for this reason the bibliographic sources are not included.

Then then it is narrated in these stories, the same number of stories which have the history of humanity, through what is the life corresponding to the characters that are not official. And they also turn out not to be known.

Also, a number of thirty-one small illustrations are included. They turn out to be engravings, taken from the name exhibition: Monsters and imaginary beings. Being that they are located on each side of the titles corresponding to the texts.

Topics covered

Among the topics that have been included in this work are:

  • foundation of machismo
  • Resurrection of Jesus
  • Ages of Juana La Loca
  • Forbidden to be a worker
  • In God We Trust?

Now I invite you to go through, for example:

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