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It is common in popular culture, that in the presence of a disease, that the real causes that produce it are ignored, then an attempt is made to speculate about the disease. Simeón's disease or goat's leg disease does not escape this circumstance.

Kickstand Background

According to the beliefs held by the simplest people, who surely belong to the lower income social strata and lack academic university training, the diseases they suffer from can be cured, not with official medicine; For the majority of this population, there is the conviction of believing, approaches that from generation to generation have been transmitted effectively, in alleviating their ills.

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There is in rural areas of the Republic of Argentina in South America, a disease called Simeon's disease, known by the populace as goat's foot; it fundamentally attacks children, causing them serious discomfort in the dorsal part of the body or back, more specifically in the spine.

The discomfort is of such magnitude that the child, faced with the discomfort generated by the disease, tends to throw or keep his head back when he is carried. The symptoms associated with the goat's leg disease are varied, there is talk of the intense itching that children suffer in the back, inconsolable crying, as well as vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite or loss of appetite.

The diagnosis of goat's foot disease is not easy to determine, it is very common to find people who have symptoms such as those indicated above, who, when consulted by a health specialist, indicate the disease as severe gastritis. , parasites or gastroenteritis.


The visit to the doctor brings as a consequence, a medical prescription of medicines that are acquired, and do not produce any effect to the sick baby or child with goat's leg, also generating significant economic expenses, frustration in the parents, who worried seek the prompt cure of their children.

It is also quite common, especially in doctors or health personnel in the countryside or rural areas, that when they identify the symptoms, they recommend parents to go to a trusted specialist healer, who knows a number of procedures or rituals that can reach to cure the child with the goat's foot disease.


According to popular beliefs, goat's foot disease appears when the child is attacked by male and female worms, colored between green and black; These insects enter the child's body and are located in the back of the body, in the dorsal, since they like to tear and feed on the spine.

Apparently, all the liturgy and the procedures to face this ailment of the leg of the goat, comes from the Brazilian cult called Umbanda; this cult that as it was said was born in Brazil, has its roots in the African culture; When the Afro-descendant population arrives in America and comes into contact with Catholic and indigenous religious manifestations, they generate the cult called Umbanda.


This religious sect developed in the country of Rio de Janeiro, and spread throughout South America; existing centers of Umbanda spirituality, in many countries of the region (Argentina, Uruguay, Peru); but above all, it is part of the cultural and religious imaginary of the humble Brazilian people.

Causes and treatments

According to these groups that support their knowledge on assumptions that do not go beyond the vulgar empirical experience, that is, they do not support their knowledge on experimental scientific verification, no, they use certain procedures, rituals, seasoned with prayers charged with devotional faith , who after its application, perplexedly observe the healing process, in this case, of the child suffering from goat's foot disease.

Popular healers have classified the following among the possible causes of goat's foot disease: the coexistence of pregnant women with female dogs in heat, hanging the baby's clothes outside the house for a long time; and the sharing of the pregnant woman with elements that are bad influences (people with serious illnesses, with evil thoughts loaded with bad intentions).

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As far as treatment is concerned, as was said, the Umbanda developed rituals and prayers to cure goat's leg ailment; however, in each region it is common to observe the application of healing guidelines and prayers, but with adaptations, always seeking the same goal, to cure, to heal, in this case the sick child of the so-called goat's leg.


Two ways are known to relieve the goat's leg, in the first prayers are made for nine days, the child is placed on his back, surrounded by red and blue candles, during the ceremony the child must be fed with carrot juice This is so that the worms in her body feed on the carrot and do not attack her spinal column.

After the ritualistic procedure ends, the baby will expel the toxic worms that afflict him through feces or vomit. The second modality, to cure goat's feet, consists of making a mixture, introducing a red rose and a certain amount of rue, in olive oil, leaving it to rest for about an hour.

Later, putting the baby face up, the substance is applied to the forehead, abdomen, chest, knees, and wrists, while praying and drawing the sign of the cross, in the area of ​​the body where the ointment is applied. ; then it is turned over and the same procedure is performed on the back, neck, kidney area and in the vertebral groove. The relief of the sick child with goat's leg will not wait.

Science and crow's foot disease

Apparently, medical science does not present a precise diagnosis that physiologically explains the appearance in children of the disease called goat's foot or Simeon's disease, and of course it does not have a systematized and effective treatment for a cure. The classic observation that a doctor makes, when faced with the symptoms of goat's leg, is that it is the product of a very severe gastritis.

This gastritis is produced by the child's non-tolerance to dairy products, which in addition to generating gas and exacerbating stomach acids, irritating its walls, also cause a reflex activity such as quite painful spasms in the back, which forces the child to bend Head back.

Another explanation argued by doctors is that the goat's leg disease is possibly caused by a serious deformity of the spine, called scoliosis; trauma where the spine can be deformed so much that it acquires the shape of an S, or a C, this causes discomfort or pain of a certain intensity in children.

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