Isaiah 41:10 Do not be distressed for I am your God

We Christians have the surest promise that God is in control of all things. Find out what this means verse of Isaiah 41 10, a beautiful verse from the Bible, which reminds us of God's promise to stay by our side.


Isaiah 41:10 Historical Context

In this section we will describe the historical context of Isaiah 41. God's chosen people, Israel, sinned by their disobedience to the ordinances of God's Word. The Lord through his prophet Isaiah ruled his judgment (Isaiah 40:66). In this sense, God delivered his people into the hands of his enemies. However, after this sentence of God's judgment, He promises his people not to fear, for He will be with them. Next we will read the verse Isaiah 41:10

Isaiah 41:10 (KJV 1960)

10 Fear not, for I am with you; do not dismay, because I am your God who strives for you; I will always help you, I will always support you with the right hand of my justice.

We also present you a more updated version on Isaiah 41 10 NIV or what is the same New International Version

10 So do not fear, because I am with you;
    do not worry, because I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you;
    I will uphold you with my victorious right hand.

Now this biblical text Isaiah 41 10 It is applicable to the Church. Today God's people face systematic attack from the world. However, Jesus promised the Church that she would be with us until the end of the world (Matthew 28:20).

have you heard any preaching of Isaiah 41 10? I think the answer will be yes, because it is a subject that all of us as Christians should learn, to be so sure that God, at all times and circumstances, will be on our side, to help us, even if we do not feel it around us.


Explanation Isaiah 41 10

In this section we will scrutinize the Word of God and introduce you to Isaiah 41:10 explanation:

Isaiah 41:10: Fear not

Just as Israel was afraid of the great world powers, humanity is also afraid of diseases, of economic problems, of family problems. In this link you can delve into the book of the prophet in the link entitled Isaiah, a prophetic book about the future of humanity.

The verse of Isaiah 41:10 meaning that reveals to us that fear of God is not the same as fear. This feeling of anguish, fear, insecurity does not come from God. Fear paralyzes the human being, it does not allow him to develop his potential.

Fear guarantees defeat to humanity. This feeling of instability comes from sin (Genesis 3: 8-10) When God was looking for Adam, this human confessed the fear that he felt being in the presence of God, because he was aware of his disobedience.

Fear comes from the Greek word yare which means fear, amazement. From the spiritual perspective, fear has two visions. The positive is to recognize how tiny, insignificant we are before God. This overwhelms us, because we know that we are tiny before the majesty of God. This is the kind of fear that Solomon refers to (Ecclesiastes 1:7).

On the other hand, there is the fear that Adam felt when he was outside the coverage of God. When the Lord tells us “Fear not”, he is telling me not to be afraid.

Isaiah 41:10: I will be with you

To be sure of God I must have fellowship with God. To do this, I must be in the presence of God, pray and read his Word. Insistently do the will of God. That is when I am not afraid, for I know that the Lord is in control of all things. He even promises me that he will be with me (Matthew 28: 19-20; John 14: 1-2)

Isaiah 41:10: I am your God

The way to find security, new strength, joy, peace so as not to lose heart is by knowing God (John 17:3). The only way to know God is through communion with Him and for this we must scrutinize the Word of God.

The only way to live in the spirit and be under the protection of God is to have this fellowship with the Lord. We cannot say that God is my God, if we do not know him. Just as the Lord does them to us through this video. It is your decision to know God.

Isaiah 41:10: I will help you

God is like the Sun. We cannot see it, but we know it is there. He gives us that energy, care and protection. The Lord is in control of things (Isaiah 41:4) This means that God is with us at all times, places and times.

God promises sustenance

God never promised that his children would not go through the fire of the test, on the contrary. Thus, God forms the character of the Christian. Jesus, the Only Begotten of God went to the cross. There he paid our debt. This makes us adopted children of God. While we are in this world we will go through adversity, however God promises us that He will sustain us (Psalms 23; 27; 91)

The right hand of God

God's right hand of justice is intrinsically related to his mercy, love, and kindness. The limitations of our mind do not allow us to understand how God is just and forgives at the same time. Justice is a quality of God.

After performing the study of Isaiah 41:10 We want you to tell us about what topic you want us to address. Tell us how God has cared for you in your times of anguish and tribulation. Let us give the Glory and Honor to God by telling our testimonies.

isaiah 41 10 for kids

This verse of Isaiah 41 10  explanation for children, you don't need to because it is quite clear, concise and easily understandable.

isaiah 4110

The Bible teaches us that we must be like children, they are not distrustful, nor do they have malice in their hearts, that is why simply talking to a child that he should not be afraid, because God is with him at all times, he will believe it in your heart and you will no longer be afraid. But we must talk to our children at all times about God and read him from his Word, using a simple vocabulary and that according to the age of the child, he can understand.

It is our duty to instill in them that respect for God and for his Word and teach him about all the promises that are available to him, just by believing in them, it is our job as parents or adults responsible for children, that this nourishes their spirit day to day, more if it is a child who still does not know how to read.

We can tell you the stories of the Bible in an animated way, just like children's stories and while having fun, you can be treasuring all those truths in your heart.

Certainly the Bible says in Proverbs 22:6 in the New International Version of the same that:

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  1.   Abraham Cruz-Lopez said

    God has been good to me, healed me of my kidneys and saved me from death, that is why this message identifies with me. Blessings and may God continue to use your life, your ministry and blessing your family.