Earn Money Watching Advertising and Free Ads

Have you ever wondered if you can earn money watching advertising and ads?, The answer to your question is yes and here we will teach you how to do it. Likewise, we will show you unpublished details about this system of personal economic entrepreneurship.


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Earn Money Watching Ads

Known as the “Paid To Click” modality, it is one of the best ways to earn money honestly from home, without having to make any type of investment that could impair your initial capital as an entrepreneur, allowing you to emerge as a future entrepreneur. However, it is very important to choose well the pages for earn money watching ads in which you are going to register, given that not all websites present on the Internet meet the objective of allowing many to earn money just by seeing an ad.

Earning money online with this business model is usually a bit slow and without great immediate profits, but with patience, perseverance and dedication it is possible to earn a good amount of money in a given time without many complications, and everyone who who works under this format obtains profits with their individual work, thus eliminating economic dependencies. Likewise, all entrepreneurs can organize their schedules to work comfortably, without having to pause or put aside their commitments.

Pages to Earn Money Watching Advertising

On the Web, there are an infinite number of Web sites that have the premise of offering a good job, without having to meet fixed hours, just by seeing a few advertisements which award a finite amount of points or digital money, which you You will receive at the end of the reproduction of the publication. Similarly, the earnings you receive for each display of an ad, accumulate little by little until you reach the minimum amount of withdrawal of funds obtained, to then be transferred to a digital account such as PayPal or Uphold.

It is essential to know well the level of security of each website of this style, since among them there are web pages with a high percentage of digital infection, which can greatly damage your computer with the incursion of a computer virus such as the viruses known as "Black List" and "Trojans", the aforementioned being an imminent danger to the information stored on your computer and its useful life. Similarly, the issue of security is raised many times, as some websites request the cancellation of Ad Block applications.

If you were interested in this method of generating profitable and sustainable income, then you will love reading our article on how Sell ​​Photos and images on the Web, which has information that specifically and exhaustively details which are the best websites where you can sell your photographic works, without suffering the risk that the aforementioned works are plagiarized.

Like everything on the Web, some pages use means to publicize their functions and be able to obtain more and more users, being the great digital platform known as "Youtube", where it is often possible to find a comment, review or criticism that is useful to us. choose the best website to start our entrepreneurial project, since knowing what tasks we will perform and its level of profitability is the key to success. Taking into account the above, the best websites to earn money watching advertising are the following:

Cashzine and Buzzmatch

These great apps for mobile cellular devices are recognized on the Web for doing a good job helping many entrepreneurs generate stable profits, just by seeing a few advertisements in different formats, where the video and image formats are the most used. to be able to establish a monetization for each click made for the reproduction or observation of each ad. Likewise, each ad or commercial ads such as promotional classifieds, have a unit payment from 1 cent to $10.

It is important to mention that each of these apps works on different mobile devices, the Cashzine application being exclusive for devices with an Android operating system, while Buzzmatch only performs its operations on mobile devices created by the Apple company, allowing a diversity of users who , because of their devices, they cannot access a certain number of applications. On the other hand, the earning system of both is categorized in an internal currency, which is exchangeable to obtain real digital money.

King of prizes

This is one of the multipurpose websites to generate profits on the Web, which is a computer product entirely developed by Spaniards, with specialties in computing, information technology and modalities of sustainable and profitable entrepreneurship, allowing many to be able to earn money quickly and in many ways, prioritizing the viewing of video ads and ad images. This platform only has the possibility of being able to earn money with advertising, but with other modalities.


The internal currency of this website and to obtain profits, is known as "Koins" an internal economic model that this Online app has, which when accumulated allows users to obtain gift cards from PayPal, Amazon and even for the play store of mobile devices, such as Google Play and App Store by Apple of mobile devices created by the physical and digital technology macro-company Apple. Lastly, the number of minimum ads is not set in King of Prizes as it gives freedom to its users in many ways.


Many users on the Web start their entrepreneurial model by seeing advertising on this website, which has countless advertisements that can give them profits, likewise, this one has unique ways to earn money in addition to the aforementioned , giving many users an opportunity to prosper without losing money or making investments at different levels. However, this website has visible flaws in its interaction with Ad Blocks, since advertisements viewed on a PC with that app do not generate revenue.

The deactivation of your Ad Block app will allow you to record the exact earnings for each advertisement observed in a given time without many problems, but always be very careful with external links, which are a potential danger to your computer and your personal data. . However, deactivating the aforementioned app is a dangerous action, since its deactivation allows you to generate these benefits in a short time, but the security of your devices is reduced by falling into uncomfortable situations due to some virus.


This application saw its beginnings in the year 2012, which is considered an excellent and stable digital platform for generating monetary income, which allows many users to earn money easily and quickly with advertisements of greater and lesser social impact, which They are focused on different types of target audiences. It is important to note that the aforementioned has gained many allies on the Web, who are recognized on the Internet for their advertising services, such as the level of professionalism and ethics they possess.

Advantages of Earning Money Watching Advertising

This economic model of personal entrepreneurship has a series of relevant advantages that must always be taken into account, since they may be sufficient reasons for you to choose this special project to obtain considerable profits with effort and dedication through the Web, without having to to leave your home and leaving aside a series of common expenses that other types of workers carry out in their day to day. Therefore, the benefits and positive properties of earning money by viewing advertising on the Web are as follows:

First of all, we should not make any type of relevant investment, since this type of entrepreneurship is totally free and available to anyone, regardless of their current socioeconomic situation, which will improve with their performance and daily dedication. In the same way, the availability of these platforms is all year round and 24 hours a day, in addition, all types of users can use this platform, regardless of their level of education or their country of origin, generating a level of trust and social inclusion. .

Finally, two special benefits are presented, which consist of allowing all types of users high and extensive financial freedom, to be able to generate unique monetary income without suffering deductions, at the time of making an effective and successful withdrawal of their earnings towards a economic medium, which is of your total trust, being the clearest example of this the PayPal platform. On the other hand, withdrawals generally have a minimum amount to make a successful transaction, in order to store all your earnings where you decide.

Disadvantages of Earning Money Watching Advertising

As everything in life can be positive situations, the entrepreneurial modalities of this style are not exempt from having negative qualities, which all users must consider before registering as a user on any Web platform, which offers this series of models. of self-enrichment that may or may not be beneficial to you in some way. Therefore, each one of the disadvantages must be taken into account, so that you can make a good selection and be able to carry out this entrepreneurship model successfully.

It is important to note that each disadvantage is focused on a unique and very detailed aspect, which are established for users to draw their conclusions and choose healthily, which website represents them best and meets their economic interests, to then carry out their project. of entrepreneurship based on the visualization of advertising videos and business announcements with total tranquility and calm. For all the above, the disadvantages and negative qualities of this type of economic enrichment are as follows:

To begin with, the profits obtained are not very large and may even be very small, in such a way that a certain level of uncertainty is generated among entrepreneurs, who use this type of website to get rich, many entrepreneurs have come to leave their way as Paid To Click workers, because they lost their dedication and focus in these entrepreneurial jobs. Similarly, your earnings are affected by the number of advertisements viewed, reducing earnings by the unstable appearance of ads.

The permanence of the users as well as of the Web sites, is a very big problem faced by entrepreneurs in the display of advertising and commercial advertisements, given that many users run the risk of being unsubscribed for not having a constant level of activity, such as Some users have even lost their earnings because they were disconnected from the earnings website for a few days. Unfortunately, in the same way, many Web sites that work with this modality tend to stop their functions in a few days or months.

How much money can I earn?

This unknown is known as the golden question that, many entrepreneurs ask themselves daily, has a simple and easy answer to establish, which is that all the money you can earn through the execution of these tasks will depend on the effort and the self-imposed dedication to generate your earnings, which are not very high, since the earning rate can be equal to 0.0001 cent per Ad. As for the same, you can earn up to $5 for every certain number of ads viewed at a specific time.

Some Web sites force users to make recommendations for the registration of friends within the platform, which for a certain number of activities carried out plus a special profit margin, generate a profit percentage for the user who recommended the new registration. which is evaluated in different ways by each of the websites. On the other hand, there are also websites that allow users to generate profits and withdraw them without the need for recommendations, although in these also the aforementioned have a special weight.

How Do I Collect My Earnings?

The collection of each of your earnings will depend on each website where you are working, watching videos on advertising or commercial advertisements, since each of them has different social and economic agreements with foreign exchange management companies via the Web, which promote the management services of your money without making commissions, for the storage of the aforementioned. Among which stand out a specific number of economic entrepreneurship companies, which are in favor of the sustainable progress of people.

Among them, the large macro-companies known as “PayPal”, “Airtm” and the worldwide currency management and storage company known as “Payeer” stand out, these three being the leaders in the aforementioned area and their best options. to choose to safeguard your profits, in real time and against any type of threat of greater or lesser size. It is important to note that each of them have their regulations for the preservation of the privacy of their users, which protect these websites with much effort and dedication.

You can collect your money in many ways, which can simply start with the transfer of your earnings to any of the aforementioned Wallets, as well as carry out a series of necessary commercial processes, to receive the money that was honestly earned with your efforts. However, there are some means that, as mentioned above, ask users to make a series of recommendations so that they can make their first withdrawal of funds and enjoy all the profits they obtained.

If you were very interested in what is presented here, then our article on applications to earn money It will be very helpful, enter the link and you will be able to expand your knowledge about this form of digital entrepreneurship, increasing your opportunities to be one of the best in the world, in it you will find all the known tools to generate money and thus improve your capital with these types of applications.

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