Earn money writing. The best way to do it!

Would you like earn money writing? Well this is not impossible! In this article we show you the best way to do it via the Internet. Surprising! Likewise, we will show you special details that will be very helpful to emerge with this successful entrepreneurship model.


The best job you can have

How can you make money writing?

Known as one of the best ways to make money on the Web, the earn money writing interesting, unique and special content is a way to generate monetary income in a short time and with a level of prestige that other forms of entrepreneurship do not have, since not only thousands of articles are written on the Web daily, but also reviews, novels, opinions and important news for all types of audiences. It is important to mention that the first content creators on the Web are all digital information writers.

Being a Web writer does not only consist of having the desire to generate content, but also requires dedication, passion and effort, adding to this a good organization and manipulation of the information that you want to show to a specific target, which will determine with the number of views made if the message expressed in the written content reached said target audience or not. Likewise, details such as spelling and grammar rules are vital to creating written content that can be pleasing and acceptable to the naked eye.

This type of entrepreneurship earn money writing online, is mainly led by article writers or also known as «Bloggers», who largely generate 70% of the written content present throughout the Internet, being one of the most requested Online workers today, taking into account their relevance and importance in digital media. In the same way, there are platforms to create the aforementioned content, among which its undisputed leader is the WordPress app.

Where can I make money writing?

As mentioned before, there are countless Web sites and digital companies that allow many people around the world the opportunity to have a stable job, which is to their full satisfaction and from the comfort of their home, having only to have a constant interaction with the digital platform and in other cases have a simultaneous treatment between the aforementioned, as well as with professionals who guide you in your work. With these entrepreneurial models, it is vital to be dedicated and very detailed in order to have resounding success.

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There are many topics that you must take into account to work writing content on a specific topic, among which the image that you want to show to the public, such as the message that you want to express through the information that is being typed in, stands out. an Online platform, since this type of writers live from their image and the lexicon they use in each of their written works. Taking into account the above, platforms to earn money writing on the Web to earn money writing are the following to detail:

Eggshell Group

This great information system for the creation of blogs, has a worldwide recognition that surpasses other means of writing, where truthful, unique and special information can be expressed, in order to reach various types of audiences, who are interested in Get to know in an exhaustive way a subject that can change your way of working and even your way of thinking and taking care of your body. Around the world, there are countless blogs made with this platform, as well as a great diversity of writers who write quality articles every day.


The magnanimous website known as «Publisuites», is the best example that can be found on the Internet to monetize any content written in any Online medium, in which many people work hard to make money writing stories, opinions, news or any other type of interesting information that can attract the attention of many people who want to obtain new and important knowledge. The content on this website is cataloged according to the topic and the area that is being focused on in detail.

Likewise, the affiliation of many articles to this platform, may or may not have the joy of being monetized or promoted by many people on the Web, each sponsored being a guarantor of the protection of the articles they are contracting, and giving their contracted a freedom full financial, without affecting their interests and those established in their business systems. However, you will not receive profits immediately, as you will have to wait to be contacted by a sponsor within the website, in order to start generating profits.

With respect to payments for its services, you can receive it through different currency storage websites in a secure way, among which the Online site of this type of payment method by default in Publisuites, is the prestigious company and Online bank known such as "PayPal", which receives payments from almost 100% of the people registered on the aforementioned entrepreneurship website. Likewise, in Publisuites there is a day of payment for the written works carried out and sponsored, being Monday the favorite day for the payment of their services.


The present Online medium with fixed fame in Latin America, is focused on providing stable employment for make money writing reviews, reviews and specific details relevant to many people, being this a platform with a simple and convenient registration, giving editors multiple Web tools that facilitate the promotion of their written works, without having to make a monetary investment. An important detail about this website is that each user has a different level of importance from their registration on it.

En soyfreelancer reviews, user accounts, have different levels of prestige and importance, which will increase due to the daily work that they implement in their writings, always taking into account donations, visits, promotions and time spent on each literary work, which this entered on the platform in compliance with the internal regulations of the aforementioned. Among the highest levels present on the platform, you can see better monetary income that will allow your written content to have the prestige it deserves.

The charging system for the services performed on this website has a special modality known under the pseudonym "Escrow", which is more and nothing less than an income management process that allows transparent payment for content to be acquired in a medium. digital, which must be selected first and then requested, to finish with the payment of this, but the writer receives a percentage of the profit. Sadly, many people avoid these payment models as they don't deliver consistently and smoothly.

We Are Content

Known as one of the platforms in digital marketing, the digital company behind We Are Content offers unique ways to earn money selling content in different formats, which is available on their systems since its first appearance in digital media in 2016, when they barely sold some smaller formats that were beginning to emerge, demonstrating that permanence is based on good service. On the other hand, its user registration system model is very pleasant and easy to carry out in a matter of seconds.

Everyone who enters this platform to work as a content creator goes through a series of exams and internal processes, We Are Content considers necessary in order to have the best possible staff, since all workers must perform their duties as content creators. content, in an excellent way and without making many relevant mistakes, to demonstrate a good image of the company. The accreditation of knowledge as a content creator, they go through a verification for a few days to detect various details.

If accepted, each new content creator is cataloged in different internal categories of We Are Content, where you can make money writing books, articles and news, all adjusted to the level that each worker has obtained in their content verification, always respecting a sustainable and profitable hierarchical system, for the progress of the company as well as that of each of the content creators. Regarding the payment, this is done by currency storage platforms present on the Web, where PayPal is the most used.


This digital medium offers many writers who join it a constant sponsorship in each of their written works, which can be obtained by many people around the world who are in a position to have in their possession, content written in digital format. digital quality and in the best possible conditions. Likewise, this platform is known as one of the most used entrepreneurship Web systems in the world, in addition to having one of the best-established and best-performing communities of Spanish-speaking writers.

This modality allows many users around the world to earn money not only by writing articles, stories, opinions or criticism, but also to obtain income through the creation of permanent links, specialized content files for editors, among other wonderful activities, which are a fundamental part of the proper functioning of Influnet, establishing an administrative structure with good foundations. On the other hand, a system of earnings is established for content acquired by clients, such as the flow of views in the post.

Something very special about Influnet is the possibility of being able to buy and sell articles on different topics yourself, without having to depend on a third party or someone who works internally in the administration of Influnet, the writer having a high level of financial and administrative freedom, establishing new profit canons, which are positive for the entrepreneur in many ways. In addition, this website asks the editors to establish a permanence time for their articles within the platform.

The payment for your writings is carried out in a reasonable time after its content has been acquired by a buyer, who wishes to sponsor your work and give it the prestige it deserves, in the same way, you can charge for your services through different ways, one of them being PayPal, Zelle, Uphold and even direct bank transfers to any type of recognized Wallet platform. However, many editors must be patient, since some media take time to receive the funds from their sales.


Finally, the multifaceted platform known as "Fiverr", which allows you to post different types of articles and advertisements in any type of format, but unlike the aforementioned, it requires the user to make a minimum payment of 5 US dollars. to be able to upload content to their systems, this being the negative point of this platform, leaving aside entrepreneurs who cannot invest in this way. Despite this, this Online system has a high clientele that grows every day.

It is important to note that many affiliates on this platform can earn money by translating countless documents on the platform, so that they can be understood by people who do not have command of several languages ​​at the same time, allowing the scalability of the progress of the writers and that of the platform rise exponentially and positively in favor of progressive mutual growth. Finally, the writers earn 80% commission for the sale of their writing, making great profits.

Recommendations to earn money writing

If you want to earn money writing, the first thing you should take into account is to have good parameters in the use of spelling and grammar rules, such as a good use of punctuation, question marks and exclamation marks effectively, taking into account every detail. however large or small it may be, always avoiding spelling errors, which can damage your image as an entrepreneur and writer. Lastly, you should always be vigilant not to plagiarize content.

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