Esther Bible: Important facts about this powerful queen

One of the women blessed by God was Ester Biblia. Do you know who Esther was in the Holy Bible? In this article you will learn the important facts about this powerful Queen of Christianity.

esther bible

Queen Esther is one of the women mentioned in the Old Testament, who was described as an obedient and beautiful woman. Queen Esther or as she is known in the first chapter in the Book of esther bible, Hadassah was a Jewish woman who was orphaned at a very young age by both parents.

Esther was raised by her cousin Mordecai, who taught her the importance of obedience, but above all he showed her the importance of living under Jehovah's Law. The future queen Esther from a young age knew what it meant to have the Creator as the main source of life, so she never stopped praising her name.

A woman who came to have grace before God for her righteousness and good heart. esther bible It is a clear example that we must live under the mandates of the Lord, on His path, constantly praying and without breaking our beliefs, our names will be glorified in His Holy Name for all eternity

Structure and Characters of the Book of Queen Esther Bible

The book of Queen Esther has a very interesting structure which can be classified into eight (8) large parts which describe the important moments of the future queen of Persia, Esther the Jewess. The classification according to their chronological order is as follows:

  • Queen Vashti's denial
  • Proclamation of Queen Esther
  • Destruction of the Jews at the hands of Haman.
  • Esther's promise to her people
  • Esther's Banquet
  • Haman and Mordecai
  • Decree in favor of the Jews
  • Purim festivities

Before you start reading this article we will give you a brief introduction to the most important characters that were in the development of the events of the book of Queen Esther Bible

  • Queen Vashti: She was the first wife of King Ahasuerus and queen of the Persian empire. Her biblical story ends when she is dethroned for refusing the king's request to appear at one of his parties.
  • King Ahasuerus: He was the king of the Persian empire, he had two wives, Queen Vashti and Queen Esther Biblia. As long as he ruled the Persian empire he had great dimensions in all of India.
  • Haman: He was the son of Hamdathá, originally from the country of King Agag, who died at the hands of the prophet Samuel, dismembering him. Haman was the main adviser to King Ahasuerus and who validated the order for the extermination of the entire Jewish population, ignoring that Queen Esther belonged to them.
  • Mordecai: He belonged to the descendants of the tribe of Benjamin, which belonged to the youngest son of the patriarch Jacob, one of the twelve (12) tribes of Israel. Mordecai was Esther's cousin who took over as her father after her queen's parents died when she was very young.
  • Queen Esther: she was the daughter of Abihail, who was Mordecai's aunt. She was orphaned at a very young age and her cousin adopted her. Ester grew up with a great beauty and under Jehovah's laws thanks to her cousin. When we study the book of Esther in the Bible we realize that her name in Hebrew was Hadassah which is changed to Esther, which has a Babylonian origin meaning star.


The story of Esther in the Holy Scriptures

The story of Queen Esther is described in the book of the Holy Scriptures called Esther, it is made up of ten (10) chapters and one hundred and sixty-seven (167) verses.

The book of Queen Esther Bible, has very defined characteristics within what is known as the Old Testament within the Holy Scriptures. The first is that it has a woman's name, only two books (including this one) have female names. The second and very relevant is that nowhere in the Book is Jehovah mentioned. However, it shows us how the grace, power and glory of God is manifested in each of the events described in this biblical book.

Finally, it is a book that is located after the biblical books of Ezra and Nehemiah, which gives the impression that all the narration and events are part of events that happened after the mentioned books, which is not the case.

The events that occur within these words occur during the reign of Ahasuerus. Who was the great king of Persia, with more than one hundred twenty-seven (127) provinces under him, located between India and Ethiopia. Ahasuerus was also known under the historical name of Xerxes I. His chronological location is based on the years four hundred eighty-six (486) BC to four hundred sixty-five (465) BC By historically analyzing the book of Esther we can see that its location is found roughly in the book of Ezra between the sixth and seventh chapters.

Providence of the Lord

The development of the story of the book of Esther Bible begins in Susa, which was considered the capital of the Persian empire, where the nation of Iran currently resides. The argument on which the Book of Esther Bible is based is of a plot that was conceived with the purpose of exterminating every Jew that was in the Persian empire. However, it is shown in the Book of Esther bible how the Lord guided events to save the people from him.

The Book of Esther Bible can be divided into three main parts. The first part focuses on the first two (2) chapters of the Book. This segment of the book of Esther Bible, can be referred to as "providence anticipates the plot against the Jews". then we meet “the providence of the Lord in tribulations” which is located in the three (3) and eight (8) and finally we find the "glorification of the providence of the Lord" in chapters nine (9) and ten (10).

When we speak of providence, we refer exclusively to the government of God. We Christians must remember that the Lord is Sovereign over every thing, animal, plant and object that is on Earth. And that each one of us belongs to the Perfect Plan of building his coming kingdom.

In the book of Esther Bible, we appreciate how the Lord moves silently to fulfill each of his promises. So he believes and seeks Salvation in Almighty God.

esther bible

The Wonderful Life of Queen Esther

We as Christians know that God the Father is in control of all events that occur on Earth, for us the word fortuitous does not exist. The Lord is in control of everything and that is a reality.

The grace of God before the Jewish people and the future Queen Esther

The story begins when the king of Persia, Ahasuerus, makes a monumental display of power and wealth by throwing a great party for men. On the other hand, there was the queen who was only for women.

The relevant part of the festivities occurs when King Ahasuerus sends for Queen Vashti to exhibit her great beauty. Vashti, hearing the king's request, flatly refused her request. Which caused King Ahasuerus to go into a great rage. Consequently he removed her from her office as her queen, which vacated her majesty.

When this happens, a beauty contest is held that would have the grace of God to crown his chosen one, Ester. The king sent for all the young maidens of great beauty and virgins so that he could choose his new queen.

Esther 2:5-6

There was in Susa a royal residence, a Jewish man whose name was Mordecai son of Jair, son of Shimei, son of Kish, of the lineage of Benjamin;

who had been transported from Jerusalem with the captives that were taken with Jeconiah king of Judah, whom Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon had transported.

This summons reached every corner of Persia, including the house of Mordecai who had raised Hadassah. This after she was orphaned of father and mother. And although they were Jews and did not share the religious beliefs of King Ahasuerus, they had to comply with the ordinance to preserve life.

Ester enters the beauty contest

Hadassah, Esther, when she arrived at the beauty contest, she found favor with the person in charge of the event. The man was called Egae. This man assigned seven (7) maidens to help her. In the same way she was given the best products that were available to her at that time to prepare her for her interview with King Ahasuerus.

Esther 2:10

10 Esther did not declare her people or her family, because Mordecai had commanded her not to declare it.

However, Hadassah never named its origin. This was an order given to her by Mordecai, so that she would not be killed for her faithfulness to Jehovah. This reflects that Hadassah, who was Esther, was an obedient woman to her cousin.

For a full year, Hadassah found herself inside the palace, along with the other candidates. All of them were preparing to meet the king. As a curious fact, it is known that six (6) months lasted with myrrh oil and the other (6) months with cosmetic species.

Esther 2:12

12 And when the time came for each of the maidens to come to King Ahasuerus, after having been twelve months according to the law concerning women, for thus the time of their attire was fulfilled, that is, six months with oil of myrrh and six months with aromatic perfumes and women's makeup,

Hadassah is turned into Queen Esther

At the conclusion of the entire period of preparation, each of the candidates was presented to King Ahasuerus. The king upon seeing Hadassah was completely hooked on the beauty of this woman. He immediately had her crowned and take the place of hers who had been queen Vashti.

Esther 2:16

16 So Esther was brought to King Ahasuerus to his royal house in the tenth month, which is the month of Tebet, in the seventh year of his reign.

One of the events that caused Mordecai to gain gratitude in front of King Ahasuerus was to report that two soldiers had rebelled against his reign and that they planned to kill him.

Mordecai overhearing the plot of these two men, without thinking, informed Queen Esther. She sent her message to her husband, King Ahasuerus, the plan that would be conceived against him

Esther 2:21

21 In those days, while Mordecai was sitting at the king's gate, Bigthan and Teresh, two of the king's eunuchs, who guarded the gate, became angry and tried to lay hands on King Ahasuerus.

It should be noted that at that time those acts of fidelity with the kings were greatly blessed through riches and even titles within the crown. However, Mordecai, who was the one who unveiled the plan, received absolutely nothing from the king.

As Christians we must have the faith and the security that we, because we are children of Christ, will be greatly blessed as long as one lives under the Lord's commands. It is also important to clarify that the entrance to heaven is not bought by acts. We must have a heart and a mind aligned with what the Holy Scriptures say.

Esther 2:23

23 An investigation was made of the matter, and it was found true; therefore, the two eunuchs were hanged on a gallows. And the case was written in the book of the king's chronicles.

esther bible

Haman's plot against Queen Esther's people, the Jews.

Later, in the wonderful story of Esther Bible, we witness how King Ahasuerus gives an important position to Haman. This man detested the Jewish people. The son of Hamedata Agagueo managed to become so important that the king ordered obeisances to be paid to him if he happened to pass by his side.

Mordecai, being a believer in Jehovah's sovereignty, never bowed his face to Haman. This attitude of Mordecai made the chosen one of King Ahasuerus feel hatred and resentment against Queen Esther's cousin.

Esther 3:4

It happened that speaking to him every day in this way, and not listening to them, they denounced him to Haman, to see if Mordecai would stand firm in his word; because he had already declared to them that he was a Jew

It is noteworthy that although Mordecai had instructed Queen Esther not to declare that she was a Jew, he did. For this reason, Haman's heart hardened against all the Jewish people. He wanted to seek the complete destruction of the people chosen by God the Father.

Haman in a meeting with King Asedeo informs him of the Jews. He let her know that the laws were completely different from that of the Persians. For that reason, it was necessary to kill each one to prevent an uprising.

Esther 3:8

And Haman said to King Ahasuerus: There is a people scattered and distributed among the peoples in all the provinces of your kingdom, and their laws are different from those of all people, and they do not keep the king's laws, and the king has no benefit let them live.

The king was afraid of the things that Haman had declared. To prevent them from becoming true, he ordered that a decree be made informing that the Jewish people were going to be exterminated in a single day. The letters were distributed in the one hundred twenty-seven (127) provinces of the kingdom of Persia.

The sackcloth of the Jewish people

The bad news was all over the Persian empire. As Christians we must remember that the Lord Jesus Christ is at every step, every hour. Christ promised us that he would take care of us from all evil. The same thing happened with the people of the Jews.

Mordecai and all of God's people were completely devastated to learn of the order that had been given. But, Jehovah had not turned his face away from them. We must have the conviction that Jehovah will take care of us and sustain us in the face of every adversity.

Esther 4:2

And he came even before the king's gate; for it was not lawful to enter the king's gate in sackcloth.

One afternoon Mordecai visited the castle of King Ahasuerus wearing sackcloth. At that time it was the one that was shown when the body and the spirit were in mourning. Dressed in this way the cousin of the queen Esther Bible, he could not enter. The maidens who assisted the queen informed her of his cousin's visit and how he was dressed.

Esther ordered her helpers to send Mordecai the proper clothes so she could speak with him. Mordecai did not want to take off the mourning that grieved his heart. Let us try to imagine in today's times that a law completely endorses the extermination of us Christians. If we are true children of God, our anguish and pain in the heart would be something that we could not handle. The only way to do it is because we have the peace that passes understanding.

Queen Esther, not understanding what was happening, sent one of her most valuable workers with a message to explain to her what was happening. Mordecai gives the man the decree warning of the extermination of the Jewish people, the people of Queen Esther.

When Ester heard her cousin's message, she had to inform him that at that time she couldn't do anything. The queen had not been called and it was very risky to appear before the presence of King Ahasuerus to touch on this subject, which was so delicate.

Esther 4:11

11 All the servants of the king, and the people of the king's provinces, know that any man or woman who enters the inner court to see the king, without being called, has only one law regarding him: he must die; save he to whom the king holds out the golden scepter, whom he shall live; and I have not been called to see the king these thirty days.

Purpose of Esther's reign

We Christians know that from the beginning of creation the enemy has wanted to exterminate us. The same goes for the Bible story of Queen Esther and the Jewish people. If we analyze this fact as a whole, we realize that Satan was seeking to exterminate the people who had been chosen so that the Messiah would be born from there.

When Mordecai heard the response of his cousin, Queen Esther, he reminded him that even though she was the queen, she could be touched by Haman's wrath. However, the man also informed her that if she did not help, help would come from Jehovah. However, she was going to have to suffer the consequences of her town's neglect.

Esther 4:14

14 Because if you remain absolutely silent at this time, respite and liberation will come from somewhere else for the Jews; but you and your father's house will perish. And who knows if by this time you have reached the kingdom?

In a deeper reflection on the part of Mordecai, it makes him see that perhaps her purpose as queen was precisely to preserve the Jews from the destruction that Haman had planned.

Queen Esther Bible, in her eagerness to help her people, gave instructions to her cousin asking each of the Jews of Susa to meet. Likewise, she commanded them to fast for three (3) days. They could not eat or drink, to ask for her life before King Ahasuerus. Her cousin did as Queen Esther had demanded and every Jew within the capital fasted for days.

Esther 4:17

17 So Mordecai went and did according to all that Esther commanded him.

The chronicles before the king

While Queen Esther Bible kept up the conversation through assistants, King Ahasuerus could not fall asleep. To calm his spirit a little, he asked the assistants to please bring the book of the chronicles of his reign.

The book of chronicles consists of a text where everything relevant within the reign is written. They did this in order to take care of each of the memories that had passed and avoid forgetting the good deeds that covered the kingdom.

Esther 6:2-3

Then they found it written that Mordecai had denounced the plot of Bigthan and Teresh, two of the king's eunuchs, from the gate guard, who had tried to lay hands on King Ahasuerus.

And the king said: What honor or what distinction was made to Mordecai for this? And the servants of the king, his officers, answered: Nothing has been done with him.

As Christians we understand that the anguish felt by the king came from our Father God. He will always take care of his people and he was not going to allow this action to take place. We must know and understand that Jehovah is not a God of chance. Everything that happens is within his perfect plan.

While the king was listening to the history of the Persian empire, he found himself protected by Mordecai, the cousin of his wife Queen Esther. Let us remember that he saved King Ahasuerus by letting him know the plan that had been conceived by Bigthan and Teresh. These were eunuchs of the king, and they had agreed to murder him out of discontent in his heart.

Hearing the story again, the king was curious as to how much wealth Mordecai had been awarded for this action. The king's servants replied that he had not been given wealth or any other kindness from the royal family of Persia.

Queen Esther's Cousin's Reward Bible

The king could not believe that no offering had been given to his wife Queen Esther Bible's cousin for saving his life. So he called the people closest to him to corroborate the information that the eunuchs were giving him.

At that moment, Haman, an enemy of the Jewish people, enters the Palace with the request in his heart to have Mordecai hanged. Upon entering, the king asked his highly trusted adviser what should be done for someone who deserves honor from him. Haman who was completely proud assumed that the king was going to exalt him more than he already did.

Esther 6:9

and give the dress and the horse into the hands of one of the noblest princes of the king, and dress that man whose honor the king desires, and take him on horseback through the city square, and proclaim before him: Thus be he will do to the man whose honor the king desires.

The king analyzed every word and every gift that Haman commented on. The king fully agreed that this was the way to honor Mordecai. We Christians can only imagine the face and the anger that Haman felt in his heart when the king gave the order to give all these benefits to the man he wanted to see hanged. This hatred was simply because he was Jewish and had never bowed down to him.

esther bible

 Feast of Queen Esther Bible

Haman, after having done what the king requested in favor of Queen Esther's cousin Bible, went to her house, but he did not imagine that the king's guards would go looking for him at the request of Queen Esther to invite him to the banquet that had prepared.

Esther 6:14

14 They were still talking with him when the king's eunuchs came hurrying to take Haman to the banquet that Esther had arranged.

Esther at this point had analyzed the words of her cousin Mordecai. She knew that she was not to sit idly by regarding the salvation of Jehovah's chosen people. So she prepared a banquet to start petitioning King Ahasuerus for her people, the Jews.

We must remember that in all this time Queen Esther Bible, had hidden the origin of her nationality. However, at this banquet she would let her husband King Ahasuerus know that she and her people, the Jews, had been sold for extermination at the request of Haman.

Esther 7:4

Because we have been sold, I and my people, to be destroyed, to be killed and exterminated. If we were sold for servants and maidservants, I would keep quiet; but our death would be an irreparable damage to the king.

The husband of Queen Esther Bible, was completely stunned by the statements that his wanted wife had made. Filled with anger in his heart he asked her who was that man capable of even thinking of harming the queen of the Persian empire and her people. Queen Esther Bible, without a second's hesitation replied that Haman had been the man who had planned each of these things.

The death of Haman enemy of the people of Queen Esther Bible

As we can read, interpret and analyze God's purpose was being fulfilled in its entirety both with his people and with Queen Esther Bible. God will always keep us from the wrath of our enemies and protect us from all evil. The only thing he asks of us in exchange is to live under his mandate, on his path. In addition to recognizing him as God and Savior. We will see all of his promises that are in the Holy Scriptures fulfilled in our lives.

King Ahasuerus, upon hearing the truths that his beloved and beautiful wife, Queen Esther Biblia, had told him, left the room enraged at everything that was happening. When he took a breath and calmed his spirit a little and went back in, he could see Haman very close to his wife. He saw how Haman spoke to him in an act of arrogance and little respect for him.

Full of fury he asked that he be imprisoned and one of those who had imprisoned him reported the plans that Haman had made against the cousin of his beloved wife. The king sentenced Haman to hang. He sentences that he would be executed on the same weapon that the counselor had built for his Jewish enemy.

Esther 7:9-10

And Harbona, one of the eunuchs who served the king, said: Behold in Haman's house the gallows fifty cubits high that Haman made for Mordecai, who had spoken well for the king. Then the king said: Hang him on it.

10 So Haman was hanged on the gallows which he had had prepared for Mordecai; and the anger of the king subsided.

Queen Esther Bible people prepare for battle

Having carried out Haman's execution, Queen Esther Biblia tearfully requested that the order that had been given to each province of Persia to exterminate the Jews be rescinded.

Esther 8:9

Then the king's scribes were called in the third month, which is Sivan, on the twenty-third day of that month; and it was written according to all that Mordecai commanded, to the Jews, and to the satraps, the captains, and the princes of the provinces that were from India to Ethiopia, one hundred and twenty-seven provinces; to each province according to its script, and to each people according to its language, to the Jews also according to their script and language.

King Ahasuerus understood the pain that afflicted the spirit of his beloved and beautiful wife, Queen Esther Bible. He instructed her and her cousin Mordecai to inform her people, the Jews, that on the day he had been appointed for death and extermination, the Jews could fight for her defense.

Queen Esther Biblia and her cousin, Mordecai, felt full of peace and joy, since the heart of King Ahasuerus was in a position not to bring down what would be the people of the Messiah. When the good news was spread throughout the one hundred twenty-seven (127) provinces of the Persian empire, the Jews took off their sackcloth and peace and joy reigned in their hearts.

Esther 8:16-17

16 and the Jews had light and gladness, and joy and honor.

17 And in every province and in every city where the king's command came, the Jews had gladness and rejoicing, banquet and day of pleasure. And many among the peoples of the earth became Jews, because the fear of the Jews had fallen upon them.

It is incredible to see the glory of God throughout the book, his hand never left the people, but there was still the battle where the enemies and the people of God would face each other in battle.

esther bible

victory of the Jews

The day of the battle arrived and both the Jews and Queen Esther were attentive to everything that was going to happen. The battle began and only in Susa, the capital of the Persian empire, more than five hundred men died, including the ten (10) children that the enemy of the Jews, Haman, had had.

The king gave the news to his wife, Queen Esther Bible, and asked her again what her wish was, to which she replied that the offspring of the man who had caused them so much harm should be hanged, and the king complied. Queen Esther's cousin, Mordecai, was placed as King Ahasuerus' chief adviser, and the Jewish people were respected according to Jehovah's will.

Esther 9:7-10

They then killed Parsandata, Dalfon, Aspata,

Porata, Adalia, Aridata,

Parmasta, Arisai, Aridai and Vaizata,

10 ten sons of Haman son of Hammedatah, enemy of the Jews; but they did not touch his goods.

After winning the battle, Ester called for the initiation of the festival called Purim, which will be held to remember how the people who are the apple of the Lord's eyes were kept under his protection after they wanted to eliminate them.

Facts to consider from the Book of Queen Esther Bible

At the beginning of this article it was established between the years four hundred and eighty-six (486) BC to four hundred and sixty-five (465) BC. This is a period that is located between the first return of the chosen people of God, the Jews, after they were subjected for seventy (70) years in Babylon. And the second return who was led by Ezra in the mid four hundred and fifty eight (458) BC

The great story of Queen Esther tells us in a forceful way how the enemies of the Lord wanted to annihilate his people. But the glory of God was shown in every raisin that is narrated in the book of the Holy Scriptures. It should be noted once again that nowhere is Jehovah mentioned or referred to. However, Mordecai by declaring himself a Jew shows himself to be a son of God.

If we analyze the book of Queen Esther theologically speaking, we find completely relevant values ​​within the text. In the book we can read how the providence of the Lord changes the course of a history that was determined to fail on the part of the Jews. These displays of power are seen throughout the Word of God.

Éxodo 3: 12

12 And he answered: Go, because I will be with you; and this will be a sign to you that I have sent you: when you have brought the people out of Egypt, you will serve God on this mountain.

Although as we have already read the name of God, it is not mentioned anywhere in the text, if clear references to Him are made. One of them is when Queen Esther the Bible is talking with her cousin through a eunuch and he tells her She assures that if she does not intervene with her role as queen, the liberation of the Jewish people was completely assured.

Esther 4:14

14 Because if you remain absolutely silent at this time, respite and liberation will come from somewhere else for the Jews; but you and your father's house will perish. And who knows if by this time you have reached the kingdom?

These words emphasize the glory of the Lord within the Jewish people and that no matter what it was they knew that their deliverance has always been in the hands of the Lord.

Another of the important characteristics found in the book of the Queen Esther Bible, are the beginnings of the Purim festival, which is a celebration that from that date to the present continues to be held to celebrate as the grace of God saved the people of the Jews from the clutches of the enemy. Nowadays in the Jewish celebrations a fast is realized where the book of Esther is read completely.

esther bible

Author of the book of Queen Esther Bible

In the Holy Scriptures it is generally revealed who was the author who wrote the wonderful works that Jehovah did on Earth. However, in the book of Esther it is not clear who he was, many have attributed the authorship to Queen Esther's cousin, Mordecai, on the other hand there are others who assure that he was Ezra. The only thing that is certain is that the author was a Jew who was completely familiar with the popular customs of the Persian empire.

The author, although he remains anonymous, makes us see that he has a modern style and that he fully knows all the ancient traditions of Israel, he does not make historical mistakes and narrates in a wonderful way how the origin of the Purim festivities.

Learning that Queen Esther left us Bible

Queen Esther left a great legacy based on courage and the Faith of God. Esther was a woman who fully trusted that God would keep her from her husband if she did not like what he was going to tell her at the banquet and that if she were to die she would do so knowing that she would be rewarded with one of the chambers that God has reserved for us. eternal life.

Although she did not know how the Jewish people were going to be liberated, we know that she was convinced that she was going to do so, that is why she asked her husband, King Ahasuerus, to stop the day of extermination that had been reserved to finish off the Jews.

But the king, following God's commands, informed him to tell his people to defend themselves and it happened that God protected each of his children as he promises us in each of the promises of the Holy Scriptures.

Salmo 91: 7

A thousand will fall by your side,
And ten thousand at your right hand;
But it will not come to you.

As Christians we need to know and trust that even though we may not see or hear God, He is working with each of us in His Perfect Plan. That is why we always call on you to declare him your only God and Savior, to live under his mandate and to pray to establish a spiritual bond that will strengthen you in a way that will make you invincible before your enemies.

Queen Esther's Tomb Bible

It is said that after the death of King Ahasuerus, Queen Esther Biblia and her cousin Mordecai retired to the city of Ecbatana, which was known as the ancient capital of the Medes. This house was the one used by the royal family when the summer season arrived in the Persian empire.

According to what they say, the queen who saved the Jews from the wrath of their enemies is buried in this residence. It is located in the middle of the Isfahan desert. Currently eight (8) hours of vehicle are needed to reach this destination. If we imagine the days that the Persians spent on walks or caravans to be able to move, the admiration grows even if one does not want it.

Although it is not known from any text what the original tomb was like, it is known that there have been modifications by the Iranian Jews that have transformed the resting place into a tourist attraction for the enjoyment of the Jews.

When they arrive they are met by an aisle of roses that lead them to a humble little synagogue just above the tombs of Queen Esther and her cousin Mordecai.

esther bible

Queen Esther in the movies

This story by possessing such a magnificent plot and with so many elements of surprise, the seventh art has been tempted on many occasions to recreate this wonderful passage from the Holy Scriptures

We have been able to enjoy this story about seven (7) times in theaters around the world. From American theaters, to Italian, Israeli and UK cinemas. The bravery of Queen Esther Bible has been shown.

In the same way there have been adaptations of series for the small screen, television, at least five (5) original series have been broadcast where they refer to how Mordecai and his cousin Queen Esther through the grace of God save the Jewish people from the death sentence.

Movies and series have also been made for the enjoyment of children, in cartoon or easy-to-learn format so that from a young age, they find and are fascinated by the wonderful graces of God, His unconditional love and the way in which each of the promises he has made to us.

Final thoughts

We Christians, like all human beings, have suffered difficulties and tribulations at different times, which in many cases we do not understand. The difference in how we Christians and others handle things is centered solely on the Faith we have and feel for our Almighty God.

As Christians we know that we are going to go through fire, that our enemies will gather and put a price on each of our heads. But, we can sleep peacefully because if God saved the Jewish people from the clutches of Haman, we are also going to see that blessing in our lives.

We must understand that the tests are not that God stopped loving me or that I am simply no longer His son. On the contrary, when the Lord has us as children, He will always find a way for our spirits to be strengthened by different tests. that we get through. When we have grace before God we are invincible.

When referring to the grace of God we cannot forget that it refers to the virtue by which the Lord can bless us in an amazing way. The grace of the Christ comes through constant Faith and recognizing the sacrifice that God made by sending his only Son to Earth to die on the Cross of Calvary for each one of us.

The grace of God is the result of a constant and daily communion with the Lord Jesus Christ who after his death sent us the Holy Spirit. This so that we could obtain through Him the wisdom, discernment and ability to understand the messages that God left us hidden in the Holy Scriptures.

In difficult times we must have the fortitude that Jesus had in the last moments of his life here on Earth. Where although he asked the Father to pass that cup from Him, he also asked the Father that his will be done. In the same way we have to act, if we do not understand something let the Lord do his will in our lives and accept the facts.

After reading this interesting text about the life of Queen Esther. And how, together with her cousin Mordecai, they saved the Jewish people from destruction at the hands of Haman. We invite you to enter this link and continue enjoying the wonders of the Lord and the teachings that he left us behind the prayer of the well-known Padre nuestro

In the same way we leave you this audiovisual material about the fascinating life of Queen Esther, who was also known as the queen of the Jews. We hope that she is to your liking

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