Essay on the blindness of José Saramago

Essay on blindness is a novel that deals with psychology. This work is narrated by an omniscient narrator focusing on the wife of a doctor who is the main character. Let's learn more about the trial.

essay on blindness

Essay on blindness

The Essay on Blindness is the authorship of the great writer born in Portugal, named José Saramago, who for his expertise and passion for this work has been recognized with the Nobel Prize for Literature awarded in 1998. It was published in the year 1995. The author has also been awarded on multiple occasions for his dedication to writing, also admired by other novelists around the world.

Essay on blindness, is one of his best known books and he himself defined it as a novel that featured, criticized and exposed a consumed and disjointed society.

The story marks a deep selfishness in each of the different characters who are constantly fighting to survive. This turns said literary work into a mirror of today's society, making blindness known beyond a physical illness.

In this novel, the author gives himself the luxury of describing the characters by individual characteristics that make the reader identify them without having to read or remember their names. For example: the doctor's wife, the woman with dark glasses and the squint-eyed child, etc.


The story begins with the tragedy of one of the characters who goes blind waiting in his car for the traffic light to turn green, so he can continue on his way, but suddenly he realizes that he cannot see and becomes frightened and starts screaming I'M BLIND. I'M BLIND HELP PLEASE! the other people who were in other vehicles are upset because the man did not start his vehicle without realizing that his vehicle was blind.


When these people realized that the driver was blind, some tried to calm them down and help him, other ill-intentioned people stayed only to torment him by honking their car horns, but a man offered to take him home due to the conditions he presented with the sole intention of stealing his car instead of actually helping him.

The idea of ​​the author of this work is to show us through the different characters how they face a pandemic known as white blindness that is spreading throughout the world.

Focusing on the first infected by this disease, such as the so-called doctor's wife and her closest circle, including her husband and several of her patients who by mere chance managed to contract this disease.

Going through a long and very tedious quarantine in an insane asylum, the group of characters establishes themselves in a family unit to survive by their acuity for the recovery of the doctor's wife who has unexplainedly overcome blindness.

In these times, the population lives in great fear due to the appearance of this disease, in addition to fighting against extreme government measures of repression with the aim of counteracting it, causing a breakdown in the social order.

essay on blindness

What the author is trying to convey to the reader

José Saramago tries to convey a terrifying and at the same time moving image of the dark times that are currently being experienced on the eve of the new millennium, awakening the intrigue of the reader in that in such a world there will be some kind of hope and in turn awakening in the same an imaginary experience that he had never lived before crossing his literary part with his wisdom.


Any reader who can understand this book and compare it with the current situation that is being experienced can realize that the author of the book did not write in a prophetic way but was merely by chance.

The facts that you described in your publication allow us to recognize that the facts of humanity are constant and that when a pandemic situation arises, some feel safe and think that they cannot be infected when they are not. Everyone is prone to such a disease.

Today the news is not very good for the population, sometimes such information is exaggerated causing a worldwide panic. To improve optimism in people, this must change, although it also depends on each of the receivers of said information.

In this work it was not in a different way since the people who were getting the disease of blindness found out about news that was circulating daily, this could affect it in a negative or positive way depending on the degree of optimism and pessimism of each one. The City and the Dogss: Libro de Mario Vargas Llosa is a work that can captivate you.

In the last pages of the book, one of the blind men refers to the fact that organization is the same as having eyes, implying that it is necessary to be organized in order to establish rules that make coexistence more bearable. He talks about rules like those that already exist and govern us used from reality by the author Saramago in this book.

In these last pages the author continues to address a society that by counting with its eyes could be immersed in a selective blindness to sink further into a deformity caused by the terror of planning a future that is actually uncertain. This suggests that the reason for this crisis is not due to a problem of darkness, but of excess light.

This 2020 challenges the world with the recent Coronavirus pandemic, detailing something similar to the deterioration that Saramago offers in his book.

This novel really talks about almost the same thing as what we are seeing today about the pandemic. But as it was said before he was not a prophesy, simply that he had an imagination to create this story of the virus.

Critics of the work 

Here you will see some of the opinions of each of the inspirers who were able to read the book. For example, Ismael Serrano says that it is a work that does not lose validity over time., since we still seem like people unable to open our eyes to a reality that urgently needs to be seen in another way.

Meanwhile, Sidecars says that it is a work that catches you, that without the need to name the characters, it makes this a very welcoming and interesting story.

Long live Sweden ensures that Saramago develops an excellent story exposing different existential crises of the human being, being a hard book but that makes you savor certain things.

Film adaptation

The film titled Blindness known in Spanish as Ceguera or A blind was released in the year 2008. It is the adaptation of José Saramago's Essay on Blindness that gave its consent to the filmmaker Fernando Meirelles, after having rejected numerous previous offers. The joking explanation that the writer has given so far is limited to the fact that he liked the filmmaker's face.

Saramago begins this story with a pandemic of blindness that manages to get into the most primal instincts of human beings. those that flourish in all their fullness under certain situations. On the other hand, the film version, Blindfolded, takes the form of a thriller with an apocalyptic tone.

Perhaps you could say that the book tends to be a bit complicated, but it really touches on issues of emotions and sensibilities that human beings experience in infinite circumstances.

I recommend you read this novel with your family, it is very good. Here you will see other articles of novels that will captivate you: The neighbors die on the novels.

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