Despite the pitfalls, 'Don't fuck with cats' is a Netflix 'must'

Don't fuck with cats it has times when it overuses the licenses. Like when she pretends to establish a direct relationship (and with surprise thunderous background music) between Luka's crossing of legs with Sharon Stone's famous crossing of legs. Not to mention the little pills of critical information that the script saves for later. If we have no problem with this kind of jokes, the latest Netflix series is a must-watch. By the way,  Do not miss our 2020 Guide to watch movies online for free.

Who was going to tell us? The best premiere of December 2019 with the word Cats in the title has turned out to be a Netflix documentary series and not the disastrous movie based on the Broadway musical.

Those who do not know the story of Canadian Luka Magnotta have in the documentary Don't Fuck with cats three guaranteed hours of very real entertainment and of having you glued to the sofa. Nothing "based on real events": it is a documentary series, there is not even a creative license in the pure facts (but there is in certain explanations), and that is what explains its magnetism.

Luka Magnotta actually put a couple of cats in vacuum bags and then emptied them of air and suffocated the animals. A group of vigilantes on Facebook actually spent months (in their spare time) to find the killer.

Now, make no mistake. The title of this documentary series can be misleading and we must insist on it: Luka is not arrested thanks to the freaks from Internet. Luka is arrested by the police investigation.

The docuseries boom is here to stay

Netflix has taken a case of picturesque dyes and has encapsulated its development in three episodes of one hour each that grow in interest and intrigue as a fictional series. We are not going to reveal any spoilers, really. We will only limit ourselves to saying that Don't mess with cats There comes a time when the matter is not about cats. And this is a good thing. But also something bad.

Following the spirit of the celebrated Making a murderer, Fyre y wild wild country, (to name three of the most famous recent docuseries), Don't mess with cats It has the soul of a documentary and the skeleton of a series. His edition is fantastic, full of rhythm, surprises and revelations that make evolve a simple cave anecdote of deep web to international persecution.

Don't mess with cats!

The series sells us the premise that, almost a decade ago, a group of strangers organized on the Internet to put a face on Luka the cat killer and take it to the authorities. Because everyone loves kitty videos. The police, who systematically ignore the deep and detailed (and almost sick) investigative work of the members of this group of Facebook friends, begin to pay attention to them when the matter gets out of hand. Luka Magnotta becomes a threat and the documentary tries to sell us a direct causal relationship between his arrest and the tireless investigations of the vigilante squad.

And this is not entirely true.

The beauty of the documentary lies in the unusual organizational capacity of a group of unknown enthusiasts mobilized because they can't stand someone killing two kittens. In the same way that hot girls wanted it showed us what the Internet's (pornographic) quick-money promises were doing to some recently-come-of-age American girls, Don't fuck with cats shines by telling us how Facebook can bring complete strangers together with a common goal. A bad in common.

Original Facebook group to hunt down the protagonist of Don't Mess With Cats, Luka Magnotta

Original Facebook group to hunt down the protagonist of Don't Mess With Cats, Luka Magnotta

the pitfalls of Don't mess with cats

Don't mess with cats It's gold, make no mistake. But certain elements of rigor are missing. Why is the murderer demonized so much and nobody tries to explain the causes of his psychopathic mind? By Luka (more information about him here) we are told that he was a vain man who fared poorly in his attempt to be a Hollywood star. Once the foundations have been laid (which are later conveniently and cunningly extended with the revelation of their escort male), the young man (clearly mentally ill) is vilified until the last second of the series. We feel sorry for him and we miss more background. In addition, Luka only has for his defense the testimony, obviously partisan, of his mother.

as it happened with making a murderer y wild wild country, at times reality is biased and crucial revelations are saved for later; for when its impact on the plot is more surprising. Why are there loose ends (such as the presence of a second individual in one of the videos)? Why isn't it explained to us until near the end of the series where Luka got the money for his hectic lifestyle?

That Luka leaves clues on purpose in order to imitate DiCaprio in Catch Me If You Can it's just a theory. The parallels with the plots of basic instinct, Casablanca y American Psycho they are interesting. But from there to taking them as dogmas of faith there is a long way. Do we have to assume that he looks in the mirror so much because he believes he is Christian Bale? Is the boy really going to Paris because of the Humphrey Bogart phrase? We do not know.

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