Meaning of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit

The gifts of the holy spirit are presented in Christianity, points of great importance for the believer of the word of God, given that these allow him a better life and path to take, the Holy Spirit presents through these gifts the will of God, showing up seven of them.


Gifts of the Holy Spirit

The gifts of the Holy Spirit, are presented as a promise that was fulfilled at Pentecost, it is presented as a purpose of showing each of the facts that can be observed in the bible, given that in life the realization of these is always presented, and in addition to it stands out that there are several don which fulfill a certain function.

Each one of them is characterized by an objective or function in which they are applied, but their application and relationship of the holy spirit in the life of each one of the people is always emphasized, then each of the following gifts must be taken into account :

gift of wisdom

The where of wisdom is a knowledge of love on the part of God, to each one of the people, being his children, who have been created in his image and likeness, this knowledge, this gift, is presented by the people who are in holiness , who seek the greatest perfection of God, and that by the holy spirit are directly related to God, and allows them to have a direct reach with the souls.

A relationship of charity is presented to the person by God, in such a way that his life can be perfected, he is on the right path, and he has clear knowledge of God, each of the facts that they present is for the sweetness of God in his life, fully reflected in him towards others.

The experience of the person is important so that he can know his application properly, God is the one who has given him this God, they must be in order, in each of the activities they carry out they will be able to see the benefit that God has given them in their life by allowing them to have this gift. Very important for people of the world who seek the order of God.

gift of understanding

Much deeper knowledge is presented to people, in such a way that their supernatural presents the visualization of greater things, this type of gift has been granted to all Christians and for this to present a development it is necessary to present oneself in order and live always in the grace of God in such a way that greater holiness is achieved.

This presents that faith be perfected its virtue and this gift be much more useful in your life, in such a way that you will be more penetrated in the things of God, you will understand the houses that God reveals to you, of what he wants to teach you, that you can deduce the purpose of God in their lives, everything will be given by a spiritual reasoning which is what God allows from this gift.

It is much simpler for the people who present this Gift, given that many occasions situations or inconveniences arise in which the signs and guidelines that God presents are needed, for this it is necessary to have the knowledge of the word of God and that It allows each one to understand their purpose in life, and that they can overcome any situation of difficulty.


gift of science

This gift offers ease to the person on the understanding of each one of the things that have presented the creation of God, this presents perfection to the virtue of faith, and in addition to that allows the understanding of each one of the things that come by God.

This is allowed by the Holy Spirit, in this way each of the people present wisdom, in such a way that they present the goodness of God, in this way they have presented illumination from God, each of the things that have been presented from their part allows knowledge on the part of his brothers in Christ.

gift of advice

From this gift, the Holy Spirit presents prudent actions perfected to the person, the best ways and actions to carry out a situation are presented, in addition to this its objective of being able to make determinations in small aspects of life is highlighted, as well as in great aspects, which highlights its importance in the life of the person.

It is presented as a help on the path of the believer, those who understand and know the word of God will be able to observe the development of his word in lived actions, not only for those but also to help those around them, this is He has presented in people of authority who have had to make a certain decision and the gift of advice that comes from the Holy Spirit has allowed the best for their lives.

gift of piety

This gift allows the believer to strengthen and foster his love with God, given that God the Father has given everything for his children, despite the fact that no one is perfect, we all sin, God has had mercy and pity towards many, as father's love. God wants us to have a trust with our brothers in connection with his word.

The Holy Spirit allows through this gift that his children present love as their Father, perfecting the faith of their children towards the Father, in this way love between brothers is presented, it is easy for their lives that each of the actions be a blessing to all.

gift of strength

It is a gift that believers have to be able to overcome all obstacles, situations, that may go through their lives, the Holy Spirit gives them this gift that allows them to have greater security and strength in the word of God, they are presented covered by of the Holy Spirit and to whom it will be that will force it.

On the part of the gift of strength, greater resistance will be presented spiritually, any danger or attack that may arise, the soul will be able to resist it, go through each of the obstacles, and any type of difficulty that may arise. , presenting relationship and understanding with the word of God and his will.


Gift of fear of God

This type of fear is not fear of God, it is a respect, a protection that only God the Father presents for his children, and only praises are presented to him, who despite all the temptations and problems is there with each one of his children for which both love and fear are presented towards the Father, through this Gift that the Holy Spirit presents.

Love with God will be the path that the believer will take, not as a fear of the world, of fear of certain things or situations, it is about closeness with God the Father, considering human respect, in such a way that it is not only for God or what other brothers in Christ see, but with the whole world, love for God can be highlighted.

The gift of fear also encompasses for the believer to move away from bad things, from sin, from what distances him from God, each one of the steps he takes are guided by the will of Christ because that is how the person wanted it. has arranged, as long as it is in his heart. It is presented that a person is not perfect, not even because he presents the gifts of the Holy Spirit, but he continues on the goal.

This is related to the gift of wisdom, that both can be visualized externally by each of the believers, for each soul that can be saved in Christ, a person who is on the roads and in the word of the Lord can count on this gift that the Holy Spirit gives you.

Previous religions

Considering that other religions have been presented before Christianity, many important points are presented about the knowledge of what the gifts were at the time, among the information taken, the prophet Isaiah has been taken, in which important points were presented, such as named other characters of importance at the time.

Jesse was named as a process where the sprout and the sprout of its roots would be observed, in this it is highlighted that there would be a rest in a spirit, which was Yahveh, which was considered as a spirit of intelligence, as well as of wisdom. , for this one also presented what were the spirit of strength, that of understanding, that of fear, the spirit of advice, but everything was by decrees of Yahveh.

The gifts that were presented by a certain reflection were also presented by other knowledge, then philosophers who were not related to it were presented before Christianity, therefore in the messianic that the application of the gifts by Christians to which were given, also references to these teachings were presented in the word.

Then on the part of Isaiah the explanation and understanding of who Jesus was is presented, and the important facts are presented as an understanding that his coming will occur, this was prophesied.


Christianity has been presented studied by the word of God, in the bible there are different books that present and express each of the points that Jesus Christ wants us to grasp, understand, and understand. In the bible there is a division of the old testament and the new testament0, which present different books.

Old Testament

The Old Testament is characterized by having a high number of passages that highlight the Holy Spirit, it is important to take into account in which books these mentions or explanations are presented for a better understanding, in some of them it is specifically highlighted in a chapter, for which should consider the following:

  • Genesis, in chapter 5
  • Exodus, are presented in chapter 6
  • numbers chapter 7
  • In Deuteronomy chapter 8.
  • in Judith
  • In the Psalms (There are many mentions of the gift of wisdom)
  • Ecclesiastes
  • Isaiah
  • Micah

These books present various bible verses for kids, which is important to know.

New Testament

In the new testament there are many references that are presented on the gifts of the Holy Spirit, among them those present in the Book of Saint Luke have been highlighted, in this citations are presented where the aspiration to not worry about being imprisoned is highlighted, given that the Holy Spirit is the one who will be in each of their lives and will say what they should say.

It is also presented in the Gospel of John, in which the moment in which Jesus Christ tells them the phrase is recounted, where he emphasizes that the wind is blowing and his voice can be heard, and he emphasizes that in this way he is presented for everyone who has been born of the Spirit; Another case that occurs in this Gospel is when it highlights that the Father will be prayed for, in such a way that another Paraclete can be obtained who can always be there and this was considered the Spirit of truth.

This type of reference is also presented in the book of Acts, which is considered the Gospel of the Holy Spirit, because in practically every page of this book reference is made to the Holy Spirit.

On the part of Saint Peter, what the Holy Spirit is has been presented, it is presented in Romans, in chapter 8 specifically The life of the Spirit is presented, in which the word of how the Holy Spirit gives life to people in Christ is presented Jesus, who allows to be freed from sin. Where justice is fulfilled in each one of our lives, in which the will of the flesh of its desires is not followed, but of the Holy Spirit.

Then that person who lives in the spirit, will be able to feel each one of the things of the spirit, since it says 'Because if you live according to the flesh, you will die...' the works that the body desires, the flesh for the things, must die. of the Holy Spirit, then you will live. The life that should be led is highlighted, with the Holy Spirit of God all things will be possible, you should only follow in his footsteps, not follow the desires of the flesh.

It is presented in the Corinthians that God reveals through the Holy Spirit, given that this scrutinizes everything of the believer, to the depth of his belief, and also explains in this book about the gifts of the Holy Spirit, in addition to that it also stands out in Apocalypse that the Holy Spirit is often cited where mentions of it are highlighted about what it can do and its fundamental part in the life of the Christian.

In the case of the Jews who make use of the Hebrew Bible, they do not present seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, they only consider six, emphasizing that it is not the same, since the gifts of the Holy Spirit that do not consider that of piety , this is presented differently for certain reasons specific to theologians, and others. However, it is important to consider that it is different from Christianity.

Church Magisterium

On the part of Pope Dámasol I the gifts of the Holy Spirit were presented in a certain way in Rome in the year 38, the following points are considered that indicated about it that those where the Holy Spirit should be considered as seven, these presented certain mentions of the Holy Spirit and its gifts in passages of the bible, being:

  • They present the gift of the Spirit of wisdom, which highlights what Christ is, the virtue of God and the wisdom of God, is presented in the Bible passage of 1 Corinthians 1:24
  • The Spirit of understanding, the Holy Spirit instructs the believer on the way, gives him general understanding, present in the passage of Psalms 31:8
  • About the Spirit of advice, present in the book of Isaiah 9:6-23 where an angel is presented giving advice by the Holy Spirit.
  • The Spirit of strength, this presents the virtue or strength of God as well as the wisdom of God, which is presented in the passage of 1 Corinthians 1:24
  • The Spirit of knowledge, being the eminence of science by Christ Jesus, highlighted in the passage of Ephesians 3:19
  • The Spirit of truth is presented in the passage of John 14:6 where it reads 'I am the way, the life and the truth'
  • And finally the Spirit of fear, the fear of God which is presented as the beginning of wisdom, present in the passage of Psalms 110:10

In addition, the gifts of the holy spirit have also been presented by Pope Leo XIII who in 1897 presented a declaration that highlighted the following points.

  • It emphasizes that the just person who lives a life correctly, with grace, and who presents some processes according to the virtues, who follows the path of God, is in need of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  • From the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the believer will present himself prepared and fit for obedience to God, allowing himself to be guided and led by the Holy Spirit of God.
  • The gifts of the holy spirit stand out for being effective in the life of the person, which lead to a high degree of holiness, which lead to a path of God's perfection.
  • Thanks to the gifts of the Holy Spirit, a move of the soul is presented and it is also led to the achievement of the evangelical beatitudes, where the signs of the will of God will be presented.

So it has been considered that in the Catholic Church, believers can have the gifts of the Holy Spirit that will present grace in their lives when baptism occurs, where it presents a reinforcement of confirmation to God, therefore the imposition of hands is required and he is anointed with oil, so that the Holy Spirit may descend on him.

Fruits of the Holy Spirit

For the gifts of the Holy Spirit, there is a relationship with the fruits of the Holy Spirit, for its part, it is a supernatural force in the soul of the believer that does not present opposition to the Holy Spirit of God. This requires presenting the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

The teaching presented by the Catholic Church is given considering what Saint Paul presents, since he himself presents points such as:

  • Care
  • Peace
  • Gozo
  • Patience
  • Goodness
  • Benignity
  • Fe
  • modesty
  • Chastity
  • Continence
  • Others

First of all, love stands out, being the first manifestation that occurs in the life of a believer when believing and accepting Jesus Christ, a love of Father and Son, for which it is presented that the fruit of the Holy Spirit that the one who loves also enjoys , therefore there is a relationship with others of them, such as love and joy, since every believer who presents them will have peace and tranquility in his life, in total order.

Also, the Catholic Church presents the explanation about love, joy, and peace, where these will allow the believer to overcome the obstacles that are presented to him on earth, first of all it is necessary to be guided by God, let the Holy Spirit be in it, and in it the gifts of the holy spirit will be highlighted, where the gift of patience that allows it to be presented in a good mood stands out.

Among others that are presented, long-suffering stands out, which is very similar to patience, where the believer presents and waits in God's time, under his will, in such a way that each of the goals that are achieved according to their desires they are guided by the Holy Spirit, where the gifts of the holy spirit are manifested, such as the gift of kindness, in such a way that the person appears stable and wishes their good for other people as well.

In the case of benignity, this is presented as the disposition of the believer to do good under the will of God, this is presented by the gifts of the Holy Spirit, as is the gift of kindness, for which it is presented very similar to the previous case, on this occasion the Holy Spirit guides the believer to carry out the will of God, as it is in the case of meekness that allows reaching a path of almost perfection, therefore, there is no rancor, offenses , impatience on the part of the believer.

Finally, the last fruits are presented, being modesty, continence, chastity, these are totally related to temperance, this is due to the gifts of the Holy Spirit, such as the Gift of modesty, the believer presents a correct and fair behavior on God's part, which allows you to present your life in balance and in total blessing.

It is taken into account that modest people keep their lives in order and very simple, that they present it around them and stand out for their way of being, by the grace of God in their lives. For the gifts of the Holy Spirit, continence and chastity, the believer presents her internal and external purity, where she expresses the blessing and will of God in their lives, many passages are also presented in the Gospel of Matthew.

What are the gifts of the Holy Spirit for?

God gives each of his children the ability to their lives, which allows individual development as well as that of the church, for this it is important that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are used in the correct way and with the purpose with which have been granted, fulfilling the will of God, giving glory and honor to him for each of the blessings he gives to their lives.

It is important to note that the gifts are not given as a prize for the spiritual life of a believer, the reason why God presents the gifts of the Holy Spirit is to train the believer, give order to his life, allow union with other brothers and can achieve the goals and desires of your heart. Which is done by the mercy of God, where each of his steps must be guided by the Holy Spirit.

Completing the work of God is not something easy, but God is the one who trains each of his children, who are in the world and have to present themselves against obstacles, problems, difficulties as well as positive situations, for which he gives them the gifts of the Holy Spirit, who will allow everything to be for the better. Otherwise, then the person does not find peace and order in his life, despite how small the situation may be, if God is not the one in front of it, it will be very complicated.

The body must be submitted under the will of God, the efficiency of God in our lives, is the one who will allow us to reach the highest, get to where we want and much more. For this, it is important to know that the gifts of the Holy Spirit can be used when God is given the first place, allowing him to guide each one of his steps, allowing his will to be done and allowing his purpose to be fulfilled in each one of the activities. their children's lives.

How should the gifts of the Holy Spirit be used?

The gifts of the Holy Spirit are presented in the life of the believer to highlight the love, peace, joy, joy in their lives, in such a way that it is what expresses the life of that person, and can in the same way lead to other lives. , contributing good at all times, not only for your life but to help others and the advancement and building of the church, where God's purpose can be fulfilled, in this way each of the gifts that have been granted can carry out its purpose.

It is highly important to value the gifts of the Holy Spirit in life, you should feel a privilege as children of God, each of the gifts is very necessary, since their functions are specific and they always present a relationship, for this reason it is very important not to allow sin to enter our lives.

Serving God with all your heart and allowing yourself to be guided at all times is necessary for the believer, the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit they can be observed when the life of the believer is presented in total order and is allowed to be guided by it.

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