Don't Mess With Cats is a true story? – Don't fuck with cats

Given the bizarreness of narrated in the great Netflix documentary Do not mess with cats (Don't fuck with cats), there are many viewers who ask themselves the same question: Does the plot of Don't mess with cats it is real? Is it possible that we live in a world in which Don't fuck with cats be a true story? As if the numerous criticisms and what is exposed in the same documentary were not enough, we hope that this article will serve as a definitive clarification. We take this opportunity to recommend our 2020 guide to watch movies online for free.

Don't mess with cats it is completely real.

happened with Wild Wild Country. happened with Making a murderer. And not long from now, our children or nephews may be wondering the same thing about the failed music festival fyre.

That they ask their protagonist if Don't mess with cats is it a true story or not. A dozen German agents arrested Luka Rocco in Berlin in 2012 and later extradited him to Canada, where he was sentenced in 2014 to a permanent prison sentence (reviewable at 25 years) for first-degree murder. Here an example of a Spanish newspaper reporting on the matter.

Today, Luka Magnotta is a happily married man living behind bars. More information in this link.

It was more than proven that the young man murdered and dismembered the exchange student Jun Lin. Also, Luka Magnotta He was also found guilty of other crimes totaling 19 years in prison.. Among such crimes is the production and distribution of obscene material. And we are not only referring to the videos: yes, it is absolutely true that Luka Magnotta sent the feet of his victim by mail. One foot was received by the then Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper. The other foot went to the office of opposition leader and current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Summary of Don't mess with cats a story (unfortunately) very real

The documentary Don't mess with cats shows the exhaustive altruistic investigation carried out by a group of Internet users scandalized by viewing the first of Luka's crimes. When he was not yet a murderer persecuted by Interpol, Luka Magnotta uploaded a video to YouTube where we saw him suffocate two kittens. Later he repeated the barbarism drowning one cat in a bathtub and letting another loose in front of a python to let it devour it. Everything was recorded on video and shared on the Internet by the young man, who was then 27 years old.

Don't fuck with cats: hunting an internet killer shows the meticulous investigative work of the group of outraged Facebook led by a woman and a middle-aged man. Deanna Thompson and John Greene went so far as to download each and every one of the frames of Luka's videos for clues. Among his greatest findings are the location of a vacuum cleaner model that is only marketed in North America, as well as a tobacco package with a health warning used only in the United States.

The very intense search work of the group (made up of thousands of people) managed to locate the exact address of Luka Magnotta's home. Unfortunately, the authorities ignored Deanna and John's repeated warnings. The police only got down to business when it was too late. 

The villain's obsession Don't mess with cats

Confirmed the existence of his first human victim, Luka Magnotta begins a stealthy escape that takes him from Toronto to London, Paris and Berlin, where he is finally arrested thanks to the tip of the owner of an Internet cafe who identified the suspect.

Curiously, Luka Magnotta was arrested while consulting his own photograph published on the Most Wanted Persons page of the Interpol website. A golden closure to a lifetime of vanity, egomania and self-obsession. Luka Magnotta was desperate to be known worldwide.

And he ended up getting it.

According to the thesis of the documentary, Luka Magnotta aspired to emulate the Christian Bale of American Psycho and the Bogart of White House. He ended up being a pupil (spiritual) of Ted Bundy and Charles Manson.

The best (or worst, depending on how you look at it) is that as the years go by, Luka Rocco Magnotta seems to be making strenuous efforts towards the recording of a second part of the Netflix documentary. the canadian newspaper Toronto Sun has published several articles in which it is confirmed that the personality of the young man is without equal: he has married another convicted murderer, has a certain sexual obsession with the princes of the British royal family and frequently receives fans who come to visit him in prison .

Who knows, maybe one day there will be enough material for a Dont fuck with cats Volume II.

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