Short stories by Ema Wolf: The best and most popular

Full of humor, they are the Emma Wolf stories. Being that this famous writer has dedicated herself to delighting children, with her fun and instructive stories, which are not only for children. She continues reading and you will see.

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The stories of Emma Wolf

The short story writer Ema Wolf was born on May 4, 1948. In Buenos Aires, Argentina. She studied in middle school in the Capital, and it was there, at the National University of Buenos Aires, where she received a degree in Modern Languages ​​and Literatures.

Then for the year 1974, he proceeds to carry out a series of investigations, which referred to the aesthetics of kitsch corresponding to the narrative of a popular type, as well as in the mass media. Being that said work was for the Instituto de Licenciatura Argentina through the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters. We invite you to enter the following link that deals with the Stories and poems by the author María Elena Walsh

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Filotea's story tells us in a very subtle way, about its main character, which turns out to be a leaf. And the implications for her of having to get rid of the branch to which she belongs. Being that she is armed with a lot of courage and a series of tools, she is able to detach herself from her branch and launch herself into the void.

The king who did not want to bathe

In the case of the story of The King Who Didn't Want to Take a Bath, told by a sponge. The one who is aware of the details at bath time. She says that kings in the past used to go to war.

The sponge also tells that the king arrived in exhausted physical conditions. That he was completely tired, exhausted. And that his sword was full of the enemy's blood.

Then his wife, who identifies herself as Queen Inés, without wasting time is going to prepare a delicious bath with hot water, so that she can cool off and cleanse her body from so many years of struggle.

However, when he got into the bathtub, the king steadfastly refused to take a bath. So all those present who belonged to the court were amazed at such an attitude.

forced bath

They tried to force him to take a bath, but they had to finally release him, since the scandal was not normal. Then the duchess, sister of the king, whose name is Flora, arrives, and she rebuked him as to what she was afraid of. She then told them that she missed the experiences of her and her companions in the battles. It seemed ridiculous to her to immerse herself in a bathtub. They then began to think about how to solve this problem. So the chamberlain, he had an idea.

toy army

They made him an army of toys that were just like his battalion, but in miniature size. With all the details. In short, all those things with which the king had contact in battle. And they proceeded to put everything inside the bathtub.

It was then that King Vigildo was fascinated and if he got into the bathtub, he began to play with his entire toy army. And then he was told by the sponge that now there was no way for the king to get out of the bath. And that it was from this fact that the custom remained forever, of placing toys for children at bath time.

An artist

This is another of Ema Wolf's stories, where she tells us that the main character's granddaughter is the grandmother named Eugenia. Grandma is a lover of the arts in general. She discovered that she knew how to paint well which gave her a lot of happiness.

So he bought materials to make his paintings. He chose the fruits. He would then begin by painting the "still life" motif. In the fall he began painting some apples and pears. Being that his work was celebrated by the whole family. Then this served to make him more enthusiastic about continuing to make his works of art.

Therefore, when winter came, then it was changed to whistle citrus. And he dedicated himself to painting as much citrus as he wanted, of all types, large or small. Total, he needed is that they were of the season.

house fruit painting

Then the granddaughter continues telling, that at the moment that October was ending, her paintings had everything that was harvested in the house. She, well, she was in charge of painting everything. Being that she was rotating the fruit. She exhibited her works to her relatives. When November arrived, she wanted to paint medlars. Of which the neighbor had. Don Cosimo. The grandmother went into the neighbor's land to look for the medlars. And she was caught red-handed by the neighbor.

withdraw from the place

However, he went home and the grandmother finally came back to the house, incidentally upset because the neighbor had discovered her. You would have seen Then she quickly began to make her painting of the medlars. And she only painted a handful, since her fruit vendor ended up carrying her with our pits that were brilliant.

For the granddaughter she thought she was going to stay like this, but the next day the neighbor called the father. And he told her everything that had happened. Likewise, he told her that he should watch over her and that it turned out to be rather a bad example for her grandchildren. Then when the father arrived he was very upset. He made her give the painting of the medlars to the neighbor.

The grandmother who steals

Now it turned out that then the grandmother took a liking to this, and it turns out that she began to visit other farms that were in the surroundings. And she proceeded to take out the ripe fruits, which were well chosen by her. She at all times she did it in the name of her art. And by the way that she was in broad daylight without having the slightest care of being seen. She even leaving the traces of her slippers.

So the neighbors begin to complain loudly. What was strange was that each time he took more from the bushes than he put into painting.

back for the figs

Since the month of February has arrived, now he is going for the figs. He even made an artifact that would help him cut the figs from the top. The same was a stick to which he added a pair of scissors that would be used to cut the figs, and which is operated by a string. Even a high ladder was found, well the average. Being that he even asked the same owner of the children for a ladder. Which is horrified.

Emma Wolf stories

Lupertius gets angry on Thursdays

In this case, the character named Lupertius, who had his place of residence in a place called Banfield. It was a man who every day had a very normal behavior. Also, he showed a lot of courtesy to his neighbors. However, on Thursdays his mood changed radically, and then he was very angry.

So then the story is about the following:

It turns out that on Wednesday nights, they broadcast on TV a movie that Lupertius's cousin didn't miss. Then then, even the cat stayed watching that movie. But he had nightmares, and even squeezed himself in bed. so he would take him out to the patio, and he would wake up the canary.

The awakening of Cousin Elvira

That's how then with so much noise, they always woke up the cousin named Elvira, who would stop and take her flip-flops in her hand, because she believed that it was always some thieves, and turn on the light.

Well, it turns out that this light ended up waking up the neighbor. That he took the opportunity to go to the kitchen and eat a spoonful of dulce de leche. The refrigerator, however, also made a loud noise, which woke up the dog, whose name was Fido, and he started barking.

Tales of Emma Wolf

Being that the lady from the upper part went up to the terrace, and proceeded to choose a pot that was also full. Upon finding it, she then proceeded to throw it towards the patio that corresponded to the usher, hoping to give it to the dog.

The wife of the cinema usher

Now with all that noise, the usher's wife was heading toward the patio. She shouted that they were bombing her house, she stole her dulce de leche that she had in the refrigerator. And then she proceeded to call the police.

When the police arrived, they began to carry out their routine procedures, and the first thing was the interrogations. So they did them to all the neighbors in order to make inquiries about who would be the author of such events.

Then, when they arrived at Elvira's house, it turns out that they were right next to the telephone, a piece of paper where the address of her cousin was written down, whose name was Lupertius, who was suspicious.

The Sales Detective

Therefore, the detective arrived at the suspect's house and proceeded to ring the bell when Lupertius opened, then the policeman in disguise, made all his paraphernalia of the sale, but told him that first he would conduct a small survey.

It is the case that at no time did Lupertuis refuse, and asked him to ask the questions. Now, the detective asked him if he was in the habit of throwing some pots into the neighbors' patios. Of course the answer was the truth, no. Later, he infers that if anything he stole dulce de leche in the early morning hours. To which he replies that who is he taking it for.

Lupertius Suspect List

In this way, the detective ended up crossing Lupertius off the corresponding list of suspects, and he left because he had nothing else to do. It should be noted that this happened this way every time. But what finally happened was that the character Lupertius, he was super angry.

Emma Wolf stories

From the stories of Ema Wolf: La Nona Insulina

It speaks here of a person, who was quite old when this whole story began, being the character named the nona Insulina, that is, the grandmother Insulina, but as time went by it turned out that she was smoothing out.

This is how his hands became more and more firm, and that his back was no longer curved. She even she was noticeable as she was taller. Likewise, her teeth were strengthening again and she already had the need to use the cane.

It was then that she started wearing her high heels more than her slippers again. And time continued to pass, and in a few years her last grandchild was born, that is, her youngest, and then the first one who was the oldest arrived.

Her retirement came as a piano teacher. In a very short time, she was twenty years away from marrying Beto Fregolini. She while she was raising her two children. Being that she was given more work.

her future husband

Then it was when she met her husband, Beto. Who took her to dance on a Saturday carnival. The place was the Carapachay Development Society. Being that she suddenly found herself attending the parties, but in the company of her mother.

Time goes on and he reaches twelve years of age, where he attended his seventh grade and also released a pair of new socks, which he would not abandon anymore. He cried nonstop when he got to school. And he got his first tooth from eating candy

This is how he arrived at the age of thirteen months, when his first blow was given when he began to walk. So he then began to crawl, at that time he offered his pacifier to everyone. He reached the age of a baby sleeping in the Moises.

Now the ninth insulin started awake every four hours by her bottle. And one September morning came, when very early in the morning, she gave her first cry. They slapped her tail and after that she was born.

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