Aura colors, what they are, meaning, qualities and much more

In the following article you will know and everything related to the aura colors along with their respective descriptions and methods that will help you identify each color. When we refer to the word «aura», we are talking about a kind of luminous and polychrome halo that surrounds every existing living being, in some cultures they refer to it as a «cloud of light».

aura colors

What is the aura?

The term "aura" It is of Greek origin "air" which translated into Spanish is defined as "breeze" and that can be understood in different ways, such as an irradiation or luminous sensation coming from something or someone, which in most cases can be perceived when the perception of every living being around it changes.

Said luminous irradiation is immaterial, so it is imperceptible to the human eye, it completely covers the being of each individual as a kind of energy field that specifically covers certain things or people, which cannot be seen with the naked eye. .

It must be said that the aura of each human being is not the same, since each one possesses an irradiation of aura colors different, so this could also give us clues about the personality and way of being of each person, along with their state of mind, both emotionally and physically.

Then it can be said that the aura is capable of transmitting through its various colors certain specific information about the emotional and physical state of each individual, which is manifested through our souls.

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However, being technically invisible to us, we have to resort to a series of unconventional methods to be able to see and know the colors of each individual's aura while at the same time we are accessing very important information about the nature that represents each individual. specific soul.

In the world there are incredibly several exceptions to this, since there is a small group of people on the entire planet with the ability to see the aura of others in an almost immediate and innate way, although there are also those who work in the field where they spend many years perfecting this ability and very few have managed to achieve it.

This means that if you do not belong to that first group of people who are born with the gift of perceiving the aura, you can choose to work hard to acquire it little by little over the years, since it is not an easy task to achieve and only a very small number of people reach that goal.

aura colors 6

How to know the color and what does it mean?

Since ancient times, the human being was already aware of the existence of the aura, this is known because in prehistory the ancient human beings dedicated themselves to painting a variety of drawings on the walls of the caves, commonly of themselves or of animals and various these had around a kind of luminous halo.

Others to represent this luminous ring were the American Indian chiefs and the shamans, which are ancient groups of sorcerers and sorcerers, both were dedicated to symbolizing this type of auras in their feathered headdresses, as for the Egyptian pharaohs, they did exactly the same but in their tiaras.

This is supported by the general belief that there could be a kind of cosmic spiritual energy that not only surrounds us, but is also permeated throughout the universe. If you are interested in the world of spiritual energy and how it is capable of influencing our moods, you can take a look at the Mandalas of Colors and its virtues.

Continuing with the theme of the light halo, it is worth mentioning that not everyone gives it the same definition of «aura», an example of this would be the Chinese, who call it the qi, meanwhile the Indians call it huaca, in the country of Hindu they define it as the prana and the Hebrews tell him the ruasch.

aura colors 2

But despite the fact that they call it in different ways, its meaning remains the same for most people in the world, which is an immaterial illumination of a spiritual type that completely surrounds the entire physique of any living being.

For centuries, various doctors and philosophers tried to find a logical answer to this event and some like Galen y Paracelsus They pointed out that this owed its existence to a luminous substance that impregnates the entire universe and that any imbalance of this could give rise to a large number of different alterations.

Unfortunately, these types of theories for the XNUMXth century did not have any kind of foundation or evidence to support them, so any attempt to demonstrate this theory was automatically ridiculed and disintegrated when expressing them to the public.

It was not until the beginning of the XNUMXth century that with the amazing discovery of photography Schlieren by the German physicist augustoepler, all the density variations of a fluid could be captured through an optical process, where that light halo that surrounds all living beings and that we now call an aura could be observed for the first time.

aura colors 3

Although in 1939, with the emergence of photography Kirlian, the theory that absolutely all the living have an electromagnetic field around them, capable of radiating a light completely imperceptible to the human eye and that has the ability to change tones, was further substantiated, but this would already depend on the emotional state and physical that the living being presents.

Having clarified how this kind of luminous halo that surrounds our entire body, capable of altering its colors depending on our mood, originated, the concept of aura will be explained in a better way next along with the description that each color of it has, In addition to two simple methods that you can perform if you are interested in knowing what type of aura you have now.

Methods to know the color of your aura

In the event that you are really only looking to recognize your own aura, without the need to distinguish that of others, you can resort to several methods to achieve it, so if you are interested, just below we will let you know some of the procedures that must be followed so that you can examine in detail, what type of aura colors you have at this time.

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Mirror Method

The mirror method is one of the simplest and most common that exist today, it consists of you being able to visualize your own aura, this method is so easy that the only thing you need to be able to use it is a simple mirror, as its name indicates, although logically it also requires a quiet and calm place for you to achieve the necessary concentration.

Once you have found the perfect place that meets the exact conditions for you to carry out the procedure of seeing your aura, you should sit on the floor or in a chair, in such a way that you feel comfortable and comfortable, without forgetting that when In front of you you should have a mirror with a considerable size, which measures approximately one and a half meters.

Next act you should close your eyes for a moment and breathe slowly and gently, with the aim that you can relax your mind and body as best as possible, since you will never be able to see your aura if you have other things on your mind.

aura colors 7

If you are the type of person who meditates continuously, it will be much easier for you to carry out this method, so you should only do the meditation exercise that you like, but if on the contrary you are not from this group of people you will only have to concentrate on your breathing for a couple of minutes.

When you really feel that you are completely calm and relaxed, you can open your eyes and immediately stare at your face in the mirror placed before you, while you continue to breathe gently, this will only last a few minutes, since at the moment when you have reached a total state of relaxation, you will perceive that an irradiation of light will begin to shine around you, which is precisely your aura.

If you are a novice in this meditation, there is a good chance that this will not happen to you at the first opportunity, but do not despair, you should take it easy and re-implement the same method the next day, and those that are necessary until it works. This happens very frequently and the most common thing is that people get tired and stop trying.

But most people do not realize that before they can see their aura, they have to reach a higher level of consciousness and for the inexperienced this is somewhat complicated at first, but with a little practice it can be achieved.

If you are one of those people who find it difficult to reach this level in meditation practices, it may be useful for you to know about the Metatron's Cube which has various benefits and advantages, where one of the most used is that of total concentration during meditation.

If you still find it complex, you can choose to complement this method with other meditations that explain in more detail what the correct way of concentration is like. For this reason, we will leave you below a video with some tips that could be useful when meditating:

If despite this you still do not get results and you cannot see any halo of light around you, there is also the numerology method that you can use and you may see the results in this.

Numerology Method

The numerology method is one of the simplest and fastest ways to understand what your aura says about your way of being or personality, since through this process you will be able to know which of the colors of the aura is the one that your being has.

The positive part of this method is that it allows you to access data or information of great relevance about your life and your personality in an efficient and fast way, and all this begins with the name that we are given at birth, which although we do not we create greatly influences the way we develop as adults.

Although this type of procedure has a flaw when perceiving the aura as such, and that is that you will not be able to know it if it is "dirty", that is, if at that precise moment you are going through a difficult or unfortunate situation, it is normal that your aura radiates various muted colors, which at the same time are very useful, since they are indicating to you that deep within your being there is a pain that must be healed.

 How to know my aura by numerology?

By obtaining the numerological horoscope of our personality, calculating the aura that we possess is very easy, first of all you will have to look for and write down each letter corresponding to your name on the board that you will see next, where a series of numbers will appear that you will also have to write next to each letter of your name, until you finish it.

At the end of it, as a final result, instead of your name, you will have a specific number of simple numbers, which you must add together as many times as necessary, so that the final result is a single-digit number, and that will be the number corresponding to your aura.

In case you still haven't got the idea, we will give you an example where you can guide yourself and see step by step the procedure that you will have to carry out later. Example: let's put the name "Maria" as a reference, which represented in numbers by means of the board would then be: 4 - 1 - 9 - 9 - 1.

The next act is to add all those numbers that manifested the name of "Maria", which would result in 24. But this does not end here, since this number has two digits, and for this to work we only need one, so we must add the numbers again, that is 2 + 4, which would give the answer 6, and that will be the number of your aura.

In case the second result also returns a two-digit number, you will have to repeat the addition process until you are left with a single single-digit number, but if the situation is a number that ends with a zero, you will also have to return them. to add

To finish, the number you have obtained must be found in the following list of colors that is already listed, so that the number obtained in the previous account will be next to the color that represents your aura, but if you were not satisfied with that, just below the meanings of the colors of the aura will be shown, and all you have to do is find the color that corresponds to you:

  1. Red color:
  2. Orange
  3. Yellow
  4. Green
  5. Azul
  6. Violeta
  7. Rose
  8. Silver
  9. Gold

Meaning of each aura color

Once we know exactly which of all the colors of the aura is the one that defines you, either with the first or second method, we will continue to know its meaning and the relevance it has on your daily life, together with the energy that radiates from it. you.

Red color:

The color red represents that you have a strong and dominant personality, and in most cases it has a somewhat attractive presence. It is only carried by those brave individuals who are not afraid of a risky situation, due to their stubborn, passionate character and great courage.

Red also has a harmonious physical and mental sense, while also having a close relationship with nature and the ability to adapt to the world. For this reason it focuses mainly on the body and the sense of survival.

Usually it is also closely related to sexual vitality and it is also the dominant color because it is the chakra that absorbs the energy of the planet, this is due to its constant search to satisfy its main needs such as water, food and oxygen.


The orange aura is one of the most prominent in the area of ​​personality, since these types of people are generally balanced in both mind and body. They are happy, positive and very loyal people to their loved ones, and they are one of those who accept any type of challenge that is presented to them at the moment.

Sometimes they are somewhat bipolar individuals, but they are still people with a pure heart, since their chakra is defined as the inspiration of the heart. Due to this, usually their suffering arises from conflicts linked to their intimate life.


Holders of the yellow aura are usually charming, cheerful, self-confident, very attractive people with great creativity, along with a great sense of intuition and intelligence. This aura infuses those who have it with an individual will and absolute efficiency, traits corresponding to power and control.

This chakra is capable of getting emotions and desires under control, so it is characterized by the ability to make decisions, security, self-esteem and power. Although sometimes they can be somewhat shy and have a sense of uselessness, this is due to the ease they have in assimilating experiences obtained in the course of their lives.


Green is the color of balance by nature both spiritually and in the knowledge of oneself and the feelings experienced. Those who have the green aura tend to have a consistent logic in any situation, so it is difficult for them to accept someone else's opinion.

Although on the other hand, they are really faithful with those friendships that are extremely important to them. Their personality type is usually compassionate, dynamic, healthy and full of love, which is why being green they are considered as the fertile areas of planet earth.

Their chakra represents that they are people who enjoy giving their love and affection to others, without asking for anything in return. But if the individual has experienced some type of strong conflict in his life, such as the abandonment or loss of a loved one, these virtues are automatically closed.

If you are in a similar situation, we recommend that you take a look at the Healing Mantras, which will help you a lot to release all that energy that you have accumulated in you due to the pain that you still feel.


They are usually optimistic, idealistic, very calm, responsible, patient, adaptable and very focused on the things they love. It is the most expressive chakra in terms of intellect and clear and sincere communication.

The imbalances that this may have can manifest itself if there are problems of lack of communication or the inability to be able to clearly and simply transmit to others the ideas that your mind possesses, which can cause stress and introversion.

In the colors of the aura, the blue color represents the inspiration par excellence, because it is the spiritual color. So normally people belonging to this group tend to have a high degree of spirituality, integrity and deep sincerity.


People associated with this color usually have a very calm, wise, affectionate, generous, sentimental and sometimes even artistic personality. His aura reveals greatness and worthiness.

Your chakra is mainly based on the cerebral cortex and the development and opening of your own intellect and consciousness, since your main objectives and functions are defined by a knowledge superior to what you already possess, a state far beyond our rational possibilities but that through experience he will analyze and understand it.

The pink color was considered in ancient times by various philosophers as the only one of the colors of the aura with a mystical character, since this is not the hue of some other color, that is, it does not have a chromatic variation like most other colors. , so for this color to be explained or understood was a bit complicated.

The aura that this group of people possess is usually mostly calm, refined and even modest. It is also characteristic of people with a somewhat aggressive and dogmatic character, the latter means that they are inflexible individuals and that their ideas or opinions cannot be judged or objected to.

It manifests itself very frequently in those individuals who like to lead a peaceful and quiet life in a healthy, artistic and beautiful environment. This type of aura also shows us that they are subjects who have a great and firm devotion to their ideals.


The silver color is characterized by always being perceived in the gluttonous energies, that is, it is the one that gives us those necessary energies in difficult times, which we need to move forward. It is also the color that has the necessary capacity to stimulate the other colors that surround it.

These people belonging to this type of aura are characterized by their strong personality, they are also courageous, but very little trust others. This color is metallic and reflective, which means that it has protective qualities.

Versatile, active and graceful people are the ones who normally have this color, since they are very detailed in matters related to movement, language, and even travel. They are often that group that dabbles superficially in various career fields but doesn't really specialize in any one specific field.


Of all the colors of the aura, the color gold is the only one that is defined as a reflector that closely resembles the gold metal. Only a small number of people have this beautiful color because it has a very special shine that, when it appears in the aura, is simply majestic.

This color is characterized by always manifesting itself in the guiding energies and in all the chakras. Its strength and spiritual nature provides those carriers of protection and purity, high and beneficial vibes capable of cleaning and purifying.

All those purifying properties of the color gold can be very useful if used wisely, since through visualization they can somehow completely cleanse the chakras and the aura that has been affected by some negative vibe.

To complement the information provided in this article about the colors of the aura, we offer the following video where everything you need to know about the chakras is explained. Managing the knowledge of both aspects in your life, you will be able to keep your colors in balance and harmony.

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