Christian prayers for spiritual renewal

Christians must be interceding for various situations faced by our families, brothers of faith and people we love. only through the christian prayers You can have direct communication with God. A communion, which allows him to renew and edify his spirit.

christian prayers 2

christian prayers

When we speak of making Christian prayers we refer to communion with God. This unity is made through our conversations and petitions with the Lord. Prayer is building a unity between us and the Body of Christ. That act represents our submission to the Lord. It is recognizing that without Him we can do nothing. The Word exhorts us to pray for different reasons, among them to know  How to pray for offeringsPsalm for health

Jesus gave us a model of prayer to reach the throne of God. As obedient Christians we must adhere to the pattern of that prayer (Matthew 6:9-13) . When reading the biblical passage (Matthew 6:6-8) we realize that making Christian prayers is a spontaneous act, not repetitions or litanies. It is talking from the heart about what overwhelms us.

christian prayers 2

Steps to pray according to the model of Christ

There is no closed model of prayer, nor a specific pattern. What is certain is that the Lord left us a model, a pattern that we must try to follow.

  • The first thing we must observe is that the prayers must be addressed to the Father, not to another person or spiritual entity.
  • Next comes an acknowledgment of the Sovereignty of God, therefore we must praise Him and thank Him for all things.
  • Recognize that we must be forgiven for our sins.
  • Then ask that God's will be done in our lives.
  • Now, it is time to make our requests.
  • Cry out for God's protection and care.

Now, according to the teachings of Jesus, we must raise our prayers through Him. There is no other person who makes our requests reach the Father, but Jesus (! Timothy 2:5; John 14:13: Matthew 18:20) .

It is important that in our prayers we give thanks for everything including those prayers that we have made and that have not had answers. The Lord knows what is best for us (1 Thessalonians 5:18).

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Christian prayers for spiritual deliverance

Sometimes we must intercede through christian prayers for spiritual deliverance for a loved one. Christians know about the spiritual ties that come through generational chains. That is why we invite you to pray for those people who need spiritual liberation.

In the book of Ezekiel 22:30 the Word of the Lord tells us that God was looking for a man to build a protective wall around the town. This biblical passage tells us the story that Nehemiah was hurt in his heart that the city was without the walls that protected the fellow citizens from him.

Ezequiel 22: 30

30 And I looked among them for a man who would make a wall and stand in the gap before me, on behalf of the land, so that I would not destroy it; and I didn't find it.

Paul reminds us that there are no longer men or women, nor race, gender, but that the Lord refers to all his children with the term of men (Galatians 3:28)

This biblical passage, spiritually speaking, tells us that the Lord is looking for men so that we can build a protective wall around our homes, loved ones, the Church, the nation, for the sick, among others. This is only possible through prayer.

Interceding refers to the action of begging or mediating for another person, the Church, the home, a tribulation, the country, a family. When we refer to intercession, it is the action of a Christian who takes the place of another person. He puts himself in his place to plead and defend the cause of the person for whom he intercedes.

It also refers to seeking the good of the other intervening before the Father in favor of the person for whom he intercedes. This action is prostrating or gathering with the intention of making a petition for or against someone.

christian prayers

The best example of intersection is our Lord Jesus Christ. He himself, through his Sacrifice on Calvary's Cross, interceded before the Father for each one of us who have believed in Him. Jesus Christ gave himself for each one of us. The Word of God even tells us that even after his Ascension to heaven, Jesus Christ intercedes day and night for each one of us.

A Christian must imitate Jesus Christ. Let us remember that He is our role model. He told us that the way was the truth and the life (John 4:16). Likewise, the Word of God tells us in:

Jeremiah 1: 8-10

Fear not before them, for I am with you to deliver you, says the Lord.

And the LORD stretched out his hand and touched my mouth, and the LORD said to me, Behold, I have put my words in your mouth.

10 See that I have set you this day over nations and over kingdoms, to uproot and to destroy, to ruin and to tear down, to build and to plant.

This means that God is with us to deliver us from the attacks of Satan and his hosts of evil.

When we intercede we must keep in mind that the intersection cannot be the product of our own Words, but we must ask the Father to give us the word of his mouth, since He is the one who submits all principality, power and hosts of evil.

The word of God has power that serves to restore, transform, save, liberate and heal. When we are going to intercede for someone it is important that we enter into communion with God and then intercede for what we should do. In this sense, we propose a model of prayer to intercede

Beloved Father, great I Am, Eternal God, King of Glory

You Lord who dwells in heaven,

You, my father, who are everywhere,

In the Mighty Name of Jesus I place myself before your presence,

to glorify you and give you thanks,

ask you Lord to wash your servant with the Powerful Blood of the Lamb of God,

who died for me on Calvary's Cross,

sacrifice Lord who reconciled heaven and earth.

Father in this hour cover me with your Blood;

send in this hour guardian angels warriors and custodian around me.

Father guard our entrances and our exit;

our getting up and our going to bed.

Father in the name of Jesus cover with your blood all the members of my home; My Lord raises a bronze wall around our Lord;

do not allow oh God! let the darts of the enemy penetrate this home consecrated to you.

Lord, Father in the name of Jesus,

by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ

we intercede at this time in prayer so that you spiritually free my loved ones, especially _____________

Father, You know the generational chains that have been born.

My God, but only you can break those chains in Jesus name

Lord at this time I cried out to you to intercede for the soul of _____________

O King of Glory! In this hour, may the Blood of the Lamb of God break the generational chains once and for all.

I place before your Throne of Grace the soul of this loved one.

Be yours all the Glory and Majesty the Honor Lord.

You say in your Word that all the principalities, the powers, have been subdued Lord under your feet

And I think that is so

So, Lord, I trust in you and I hope that your my Father will break those generational chains.

Lord in the name of Jesus.

christian prayers

 prayers of thanks

Being grateful is a quality that we must cultivate as Christians. The Lord Jesus Christ when he walked on Earth exhorted us to show gratitude for everything. Therefore, a practice that a believer must have is to do christian prayers of thanks

Furthermore, in the Holy Scriptures, the apostle Paul urges us to be grateful. This man of God, for example, when he preached the gospel and someone accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as God and Savior, he gave thanks.

Giving thanks to God for all things is a good practice for a Christian. But being grateful is different. When we thank the Lord for all that you have given us, He protects us from ourselves. To believe that we deserve special treatment

Being grateful also protects us from dark feelings like resentment and envy. These characteristics alienate us from the people we love, and these feelings rob us of our joy.

Our heavenly Father, Creator of all things reminds us in:

Hebrews 6: 10

10 Because God is not unjust to forget your work and the work of love that you have shown towards his name, having served the saints and still serving them.

It means that God is aware of all our actions. This is how our gratitude becomes a blessing for our lives.

The Word of God tells us that being grateful leads us to meditate on the messages that God has reserved in the Holy Scriptures, his promises and his will. When we are grateful we feel joy. In this sense, when we are joyful and full of gratitude, our feelings will reflect precisely the peace and joy that passes all understanding.

We must be grateful to God at all times for each of our blessings, we must praise him, bless him and thank him. In this line of thought we offer you a model of prayer to be grateful to God.

 O Holy Heavenly Father!

In this hour I raise to you my hands, my heart, my life,

so that your servant (o) may be washed once more with the Blood of the Lamb of God.

O my Father! In this hour, more than asking you, I come to thank you.

Lord thank you for seeing, touching, for smelling.

Thank you Lord for another day of life,

thank you Lord, Almighty God for allowing me to enjoy the song of the birds,

to be able to breathe fresh air, to know how to appreciate each flower, each color, aroma that is in them.

Thank you Lord for the food you provide to our home,

I raise my thanks Lord for the work, thank you Lord for your salvation.

I thank you Lord for my children, my home, husband, health.

Thank you Lord for each of the blessings you have given me.

Lord, simply at this time I want to thank you for your sacrifice on the Cross of Calvary.

Thank you that we can be in your presence.

christian prayers

prayers for the morning

A good habit for a good believer to have is to do Christian prayers for the morning. Ideally, do it while everyone is sleeping. It is an intimate encounter with God to discuss with Him everything that worries us and everything that affects us.

Many believe that while everyone around us is sleeping, God will listen more to our prayers. It is not like this. God listens to us at all times and in all places. While we pray at the beginning of the day, many brothers of the Church are doing it too. The advantage of praying in the early hours of the morning is that we really are away from it all. We can avoid distractions, noise, and being interrupted.

This is a practice that our Lord Jesus Christ did while he was in his ministry here on earth. He got up early in the morning to pray and this moment of communion was extremely important for him (Mark 1:35).

The disciples concerned about this daily practice of Jesus Christ led them to ask him how to pray. They did not ask for anything else, not power, money, but they realized that the power of Jesus resided in communion with the Father (Luke 11).

christian prayers

That is why we invite you to discipline yourself as a Christian and seek that encounter with God on a daily basis. The father promises us that those of us who seek him early, he loves us. This is how we propose this prayer to pray in the morning.

 Father at this hour, in the name of Jesus,

I stand before your presence once more to glorify you,

thank you for this new dawn.

Lord in the name of Jesus wash me with your Powerful Blood,

clothe me in your Holy Armor.

Bless Lord this day that begins.

Be You Lord blessing the works of my hands.

Give me wisdom, understanding and discernment

to be able to be an instrument of yours today.

Father in the name of Jesus keep our entrances and our exits.

May this day Lord be a great blessing.

My God, for your glory and majesty here I am once again as a living sacrifice giving my body Lord

to be used Holy Father by your power;

and through your Holy Spirit I can do your will.

In the name of Jesus.

Another model of prayer is in this audiovisual content.

prayers at night

Prayer allows us to be in communion with our Creator, it is where we can delight in his presence, deliver our burdens and worship him. Today the world lives a lot of tribulation and the day to day can be exhausting.

On the contrary, it can be a very blessed day. Perhaps a new member of our family arrived, we received a call about a job offer or everything went as expected.

The important thing is that regardless of how your day has been, do not go to bed without thanking God for his blessings, asking God to fill us with his infinite peace and worshiping him with spirit and truth.

That's why we do our christian prayers at night as the following:

Jehovah, the great I Am, my reason for existing and being.

Creator of the heavens and the universe.

Who gave his Son on the Cross for love of me.

What infinite love.

Today I enter before Your glorious presence, covered in the blood of Jesus Christ to thank You for today.

Lord, your blessings towards my life are innumerable and my trust in You increases every day.

Thank you for keeping me from the snares of evil. Thank you for not abandoning me and keeping me as you say in Your word.

Lord I give you my burdens, my concerns, my ailments, because in You I am more than victorious.

You are my strong Rock, who sustains me and I will always be by Your side.

You know my heart, I cannot hide, I come to look for Your love, Your peace… fill me with You, beloved Jesus.

Now I know that you are working on me and on everything that is related to my life. I know you will answer me.

I give you my heart and in You I rest.

In the name of Jesus.


christian prayers

Christian prayers for children

When we have been blessed by God to have children, it fills us with great joy and satisfaction. An inexplicable love develops in our being. Joy overwhelms us. However, parents face hard battles every day to free our children from the dangers that life brings. Currently, society is rapidly decomposing.

The anti-values ​​promoted by humanity through the media, social networks attack the emotional and psychological life of our children.

In this sense, science has shown that the power of christian prayers for children it can heal the wounds of the heart and mind.

Christian parents have the authority and power to pray for their children and intercede for the salvation of their souls. Also, we must remember that the prayer James 5:16. In this line of thought, parents have a lot of work to do in intercession for their children. Therefore, we leave you this prayer as a model of intercession for your children.

Celestial father. Creator of the heavens and the Earth.

You who dwell on high

I come before your Throne of Graces to recognize that you are my God

Once again I prostrate before your presence to ask you to wash my being with your Powerful Blood of the Lamb of God.

In this hour Lord, I cry out for my children.

Keep them from all danger and evil.

Show them according to your will the path they should follow.

Cover them with your Mighty Blood.

Fill them with the presence of your Holy Spirit.

Make him see and feel what you don't like.

Make them follow your will.

Do not turn from them to the right or to the left.

Apart from you we can do nothing.

Lord, I hope and trust in you.

Christian prayers to give thanks

As we have previously noted, the christian prayers to give thanks  It is a biblical theme of great importance for Christians. The first letter of 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 tells us that

When we understand that we should give thanks in all things because this is the will of Almighty God, we really should give thanks for all circumstances.

Give thanks for the good and the bad. As good Christians, we know that God is in control of all things and the very Word of God tells us that all things work together for good. Grateful is a quality every Christian should practice.

The Holy Scriptures tell us:

Salmo 136: 1

Praise the Lord, for he is good,
Because His mercy endures forever.

As we review this verse we can see that there are two reasons to be thankful. The first reason is because of the permanent goodness of God. The second is the constant love of him. That is why the christian prayers to give thanks They are a blessing in our lives.

When we recognize the nature of our sin and that the consequences of this is death, the natural response to this reality is to be grateful to God for his sacrifice on the cross of Calvary. In Psalm 28 we see how David thanks God for hearing his cry and his prayer. These are the examples that we must follow from these men of God. Here we propose a model of prayer to give thanks to God.

beloved father. Once again I am here to thank you.

Today I just want to thank you for one more day.

For the oxygen I breathe.

Thank you because you can see, smell, touch, hear.

Lord thank you for my home, my family, my work.

I thank you because I have to eat.

Thank you for the blessings you have given me even without deserving it.

I recognize your mighty hand in all things.

Lord thank you for your sacrifice on the Cross that redeemed me from my evil.

Thank you for your direction and for the anointing of your Holy Spirit.

Glory to your Name.

I come with thanksgiving, to adore you and praise your Name.

Thank you Eternal Father.

daily christian prayers

As we have noticed during the course of this article, daily christian prayers they are a great blessing.

Prayer is the instrument that every Christian has to be in communion with God. This tool allows us to face the adversities of life. Many are the testimonies kept in the Bible and today about Christians who are protected under prayer to face severe trials.

A clear example was the prophet Daniel who prayed three times a day. He used to open his window and look out over the city of Jerusalem. He prostrated himself three times to pray and commune with God (1 Kings 8:46-49; Daniel 6:10).

Prayer kept Daniel out of the danger of praying to God. Let us remember that King Nebuchadnezzar issued an edict that prohibited praying to any other God than his own figure. He even raised a statue that they should worship. Daniel under all circumstances refused.

His constant prayer even freed him from being devoured by lions. Rather, his constant prayer placed him in a privileged place in the Babylonian kingdom. When Daniel constantly prayed, the Angel Gabriel appeared to him and told him that he was someone very desirable (Daniel 9::20-23) already.

However, currently the accelerated life that humanity leads has caused this practice to be neglected. Jesus during his ministry exhorted us to pray continually (Matthew 26: 41). Jesus even being the son of God incarnate, prayed without ceasing in the morning (Mark 1 35). At the end of the day Jesus looks for a space to have an encounter and communion with God (Matthew 14: 23). There is always room for prayer (1 Peter 2:21). Our model to follow Jesus Christ.

Father in the name of Jesus, blessed be Lord your Holy Name.

Glorified are You Holy God of Israel.

Ancient of Days.

Father in the name of Jesus I place myself before your presence

to give you once again today.

Ask Almighty God to take control of our steps, of our mind,

our thoughts, our words.

Be You blessing the works of our hands.

My Lord, be You Lord removing all danger, all evil, removing every dart of the enemy from our path Lord.

Almighty God we trust in you.

We hope Almighty God in your glory and majesty.

By the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, we thank you for the blessings you have in store for today.

Lord deliver us from all evil.

Thank you Lord for everything you have given us. Blessed be your holy name Lord. Thank you Lord for this new dawn and we hope Lord that this day is a blessing.

evangelical christian prayers

As we have warned, Christians must pray without ceasing following the model that Jesus left us. That is why we invite you to do every day evangelical christian prayers.

Father at this hour in Jesus name;

I stand before your presence to praise your Name.

Give you thanks and glorify you, sanctify and adore you.

Thank you Lord for this new day, for the blessings you have poured from heaven to my home.

I raise a thanksgiving Lord for my husband, my children.

Eternal Father, thank you for this home you have given us.

I can't find words to thank you Lord for each of the blessings, food, provisions, that you have given us.

Father in the Name of Jesus at this hour I want to intercede for the pastors, the anointed ones, the brothers of the Church.

That the Word that we are going to preach; May the good news that we bring to people bear fruit.

Lord in the Name of Jesus may it be You blessing their lives.

Be You granting the requests of his heart to your mercies in Glory and perfect will.

Almighty God at this hour I raise a cry for my brothers who suffer from diseases.

For those who are facing difficult situations, who need resources to be able to defray their expenses, father in the Name of Jesus.

Glorify yourself as only You know how to do it, in the lives of your children and your servants.

Be You blessing Lord to each of those who have trusted and believed in your Holy Name.

We send all this to you in the name of Jesus.

 christian prayers for healing

During the Ministry of Jesus Christ on Earth, there were various diseases that the Lord healed. His power is infinite. We must not stop praying for the sick because we doubt that we cannot do it. The Word of God warns us that before starting his ministry during the day, he would get up very early in the morning to pray. That was his secret (Mark 1:35).

 Now, before ascending to heaven, Jesus made reference to the signs that his true disciples will have. The Lord affirms that Christians, through the gifts of the Holy Spirit, will be able to continue with the Ministry that He carried on Earth. This means that our prayer for the sick will be heard (1 Corinthians 12:4-10).

All the christian prayers for healing it is an individual act that must come from our contrite and humiliated hearts. We must cry out for the soul of the sick person and the restoration of his health. We recommend that you stick to the model that Jesus gave us to pray.

It is important that you know that healing is subject to the will of God. There are times when God decides not to heal. But we must take into account three verses that guide us in this case.

The first warns us that whatever the circumstance, everything helps us for good. When Jesus cried out to God so that the cup of crucifixion would pass from Him, he ended by saying thy will be done by submitting to the designs of God (Romans 8:28; Matthew 26:39; Philippians 1:21; Revelation 21:3-4).

Death for a believer is the Kingdom of Heaven. The good news of the message of Jesus. Paul warns us that death is gain for a Christian.

Father in Jesus Name, here I am.

My God I raise a prayer to thank you for life.

In this hour, my God, I ask that your Powerful Blood cleanse every sore of disease.

May your healing Holy Spirit restore my bones, my body, my soul.

Eternal God restore my health.

Also in this prayer I intercede Lord for my brothers who are broken in health.

Lord at this time I cry out to you for those who are in hospitals suffering from terminal illnesses.

I cry out to You Lord for those who have been tortured, insulted. Restore Lord their minds, hearts.

Save them Lord.

Lord in You I hope and trust.

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