All About the Biography of Carlos Cuauhtemoc Sánchez

If you don't know about the biography of Carlos Cuauhtemoc Sánchez, find out in this post everything about the life of this Mexican author. Likewise, in this article you will learn first-hand details about this great writer, who with his excellent literary works has inspired young people to improve themselves every day.


Biography of Carlos Cuauhtemoc Sanchez

La Biography of Carlos Cuauhtemoc Sanchez, begins on April 15, 1964, being the city of Mexico the one that saw the birth of this great human being, he was born with dual nationality granted by inheritance from his parents, being the Mexican nationality on the side of his father and the Spanish nationality of his mother, cataloging him as an Ibero-American man. In his primary and secondary studies, he was recognized by his teachers and his classmates, being considered by them as an intellectual man with a great imagination.

Likewise, thanks to his strategic mind and full of culture during the first years of his life, he was awarded as state champion in two disciplines that require intellect and cunning when making decisions, being the first honorary won in chess and the second in declamation, one of the many ways of public expression of beautiful poems or texts in verse as well as in rhyme. Likewise, he performed like no other student, displaying a unique level of distinction that was renowned in and out of school.

His university studies never stopped him from continuing to be an active and athletic man, taking into account that his first professional career is engineering, one of the university careers that require a lot of dedication, but this did not prevent him from playing sports, with an unwavering will. to keep the body as strong as the mind. However, he changed his mind about his career path, which gave him enough strength to switch from an engineering career to a literature career, this being a total change of 360 degrees.

At just 20 years of age, he worked as a teacher in the area of ​​literature, making him a young man with a promising future, since teaching the masses would allow him not only to train the youngest in the wonderful world of literature , but also would keep fresh his knowledge about his beloved passion, which would give him the fame that in a short time would come to him at the hands of one of his students. During his beginnings as a teacher, one of his most faithful students introduced him to a great teacher who totally changed his life.

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That teacher, was more and nothing less than the illustrious of literature and teaching whose name was "Juan Rulfo", a man who devoted himself body and soul to imparting literature to the world, this man received a great impression from Carlos Cuauhtemoc Sánchez , asking him to know and see about his work as a novel writer, since his students knew that he carried out such work. Shortly after, Carlos Cuauhtemoc Sánchez would get a joy that the aforementioned man causes him, making the mention of his name as an honor.

That happy event was nothing less than the awarding of Carlos Cuauhtemoc Sánchez, receiving the award known as the "National Youth Medal", since it was the great Juan Rulfo who nominated him before the committee in charge of delivering this honorary through a statement, which requested the nomination of Carlos Cuauhtemoc Sánchez as a promising young author. That communication was sent to the committee on October 17, 1984, and its response was almost instantaneous since it exhaustively reviews each nominated work.

The following year, this award is given to Carlos Cuauhtemoc Sánchez, when he was only 21 years old, turning him into a young writer with a bright future, who would be full of successes and great successes throughout his life. . The award was presented by the president of Mexico in 1985, who was the Mexican politician Miguel de la Madrid, who was in his third year as president of the aforementioned nation, who considered him as a young man with a creative mind and full of big ideas.

Among his works, books such as the renowned book "La Fuerza de Sheccid" stand out, which together with his books belonging to the story "Los Ojos de mi Princesa", made him stand out among different types of audiences, this book being focused on the young public, overcame different barriers, filling the hearts of adults and the elderly, demonstrating that anyone can identify with his works. At 22 years old, he took two big steps that would make his life more rewarding, and today he values ​​those decisions with great pride.


The first of those decisions was to finish his engineering studies, which he had put in the background during his time as a literature student, when he only had a short time to graduate, and that decision was carried out successfully. On the other hand, That same year he married a lady named "Ivonne", with whom he had fallen completely in love and wanted her to be a continuous part of his life, as the mother of his future children, this marriage being blessed with lasting love and without type. of problem.

In a short time, he was a young man with such an intellect that he was given management positions in 4 educational institutions, but being the great school of Zurich, which is located in the beautiful Switzerland, since all those institutions considered him as an intellectual potential that they should take advantage and exploit, to train the younger generations to establish a better and equal world. During that time, he made convincing works from the world of Mexican literature, among which the book "La Ultima Oportunidad" left the entire world stunned.

His ability to speak with people with an impressive tact, gave him the facility to help entire families, which had internal problems within their intrafamily structure, as well as help people who suffer from intrafamily violence to understand that they are so valuable as any being in this world, in addition to being a participant in great discussions about education in general. On the other hand, she carried out different educational and informative workshops, which are focused on different topics such as education and art.

In a short period, which was from 2012 and 2013, he worked for the television network known in the world as "Telemundo", where he read special letters from his viewers, who advised on any of their problems, and their duration It consisted of no more than 1 hour approximately. In addition, his strong and intellectual strength served him to be part of the advisers and advisers of great leaders, being an important man with decision-making strength respected throughout the world.


There are many awards that Carlos Cuauhtemoc Sánchez has received in his life, the first of these being the award for breaking a speed record, which was awarded to him in 1984, that same year the president in turn awarded him the award "National Youth Award Medal", being nominated for this honor by the illustrious Juan Rulfo. On the other hand, Carlos Cuauhtemoc Sánchez is awarded the "Creative Minds" prize for his great literary works published to date, considering him a unique and incomparable young author.

Likewise, his books always inside and outside of Mexico were considered best sellers, since, according to a survey carried out in 2016, among the options for the author of favorite literary works was this great man, who won undefeated in the survey, named as "Favorite Author of Literature" in Mexico, surpassing illustrious figures such as the great "Gabriel García Márquez" and the intellectual "Miguel de Cervantes". This great success filled him with honors in the nation where he was born, but the same boom throughout the world.

Published Works

There are innumerable works that Carlos Cuauhtemoc Sánchez publicized, several of them being renowned best sellers around the world, he himself wrote writings focused on the business world, being a total of 4 books respectively, but highlighting among them the book entitled « Emerge or Die”, an interesting novella about truth and self-improvement. Likewise, his education books, which consist of 2 books, and his personal growth works, which are approximately 4 books, were a source of inspiration for many in the world.

Likewise, I make books focused on marriage and family union, as well as on experiences of youth and all the harsh realities that young adults and adolescents often cruelly have to go through turns of fate. Likewise, he made his own autobiography entitled "Being Happy is the Goal", recounting everything he lived until the time of writing said work, and finally compiled in approximately 2 books, each and every one of his special phrases. .

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