Phoenix Bird, what is it, origin, meaning and much more

El Phoenix, is a fantastic bird, its history is born in Greek mythology, in which it is said that its body is consumed by fire every 500 years, and then it rises from its ashes. However, the Egyptian myth tells us that the phoenix looks like an eagle, and represents the sun that rises in the morning and dies when night falls. Many compare it with the resurgence of the human being, that is, resilience, in this article the origin and meaning of this fabulous bird will be discussed.


Legend of the majestic bird

This is a very famous figure that has transcended many generations in all parts of the world. Because he symbolizes power, strength, wisdom and also transformation.

The Phoenix Bird has many qualities, and one of them is discernment, which it has achieved in all its years of immortality, many people describe that this wonderful bird has healing powers in its tears.

In addition, in all the cultures of the world it is well known, it has its representations in each one of them, in China it is known as the Feng-Huang; in Japan as the Ho-oo; Felix the bird in Russia is known as The Fire Bird, that musically immortalizes Stravinsky; In Egypt it is known as the Benu; In India it is known as the Garuda; North American Indians say the Yel; and the Aztecs tell him the Quetzal.

That is why this legend is very famous, it has gone around the world, also included in the stories of the Bible, for everything that this wonderful phoenix represents. If you are interested in this topic you may be interested in: the legend of the moon

The Phoenix Bird in the Christian paradise

It is said that under the tree of good and evil that God created in Eden, a bush of roses sprouted from which a small bird with beautiful plumage and splendid song was born.

From the beginning this bird had the most fervent values, since no matter how much it was stimulated, it never tasted the fruit of said tree and in the end it ended up being the only one that did not.


It is said that when Adam y Eva they were expelled from Eden for having eaten the fruit, a spark of fire fell on the beautiful bird from the sword of a cherub that incinerated it in less than a second, but incredibly from those flames a different bird was born, which we now call bird phoenix.

This bird was now much more beautiful than the previous one, its body was golden, its wings were scarlet red and when it flew it looked like a flame that crossed the skies. All this was a gift from God for his faithfulness, now this bird would not only have immortality, but would also have the knowledge of the world, strength and healing powers.

The phoenix now had a mission, and this was to transmit knowledge and be the inspiration of those who seek it in their day to day, whether they were from artists to scientists.

The Benu in Ancient Egypt

The first religious and cultural traces of the phoenix were in Egypt, for them this bird was known by the name Benu and it was regularly associated with death, the sun and the growth of the Nile River. For them this bird was very wise, since it knew that in order to obtain more wisdom it had to be consumed after a specific time had passed.

In Egypt every 500 years this bird would fly all over its surroundings looking for the most beautiful elements to build its nest, taking myrrh, tuberose, oak branches and cinnamon. When she already had her nest ready, she began to sing some beautiful melodies. Thus, he was preparing to let his body be completely consumed by the flames.


After three days had passed, this bird was reborn from its ashes giving way to a much wiser phoenix, with greater power and great strength. It took its nest and left it in the temple of the sun, with which its new cycle began.

The “transformation nest” for humans

The myth of the phoenix is ​​one of the most beautiful stories and also great meanings can be drawn from it if it is studied carefully. This wonderful bird builds its nest with the most precious elements of the earth, the whole combination of these elements contribute to the finesse and strength so that its transformation is carried out, that is, its resurgence, which is a process that is very similar to resilience. .

That is why many people are in search of those elements that help them build a nest and thus become stronger, to transform, reinvent themselves, leaving all the things that once hurt them in oblivion, and that contributes to their rebirth. .

That is to say, a new life in all senses, acquiring wisdom that helps us to leave the pain and continue forward, spreading the wings like the phoenix, that is why many human beings acquire resilience.

This wonderful Phoenix Bird has such an extraordinary history, which is full of so many meanings, that is why we feel so identified, so attracted to this world icon, and that it can provide us with company throughout our lives.

The Chinese Phoenix fenghuang o pinyin, is a Chinese legendary bird that reigned over the other birds. The males were called feng, and the females were called huang. Currently this division of the genders is not made and the two are united in a single feminine gender, with the denomination of yin.

There are some fables, which narrate that in Arabia there is a well where this beautiful bird took a bath with fresh water every day and when it did, it sang beautiful symphonies, causing the Sun god to paralyze his car just to listen to it.

That is why they rewarded him for so much fidelity, because he complied with all the divine mandates, and for having qualities such as discernment, his tears had healing powers and his unique strength surprised everyone, that is why they granted him immortality. That is why he transmits a lot of knowledge, since he was born at the foot of the tree of good and evil, so he is a source of inspiration for scientists, artists and many people.

His order of life is renewed, with each setting of this myth. This is how it lives and is reborn every 100, 500, 540 and in other legends it has lived 1461 or more than twelve thousand years, this bird builds a bonfire in its nest, for this it uses incense and some aromatic bushes, at the same time they harmonize the most beauty of her songs, lighting up until she was consumed. Being the only bird that reproduces by rebirth, that is why it is a symbol.

This myth of the Phoenix Bird was extended in the Greeks, for that reason they gave it the name of Phoenicoperus and its meaning is "red-winged bird", this nickname was also extended by Roman Europe, so those who started Christianity were influenced by Greek cults, making this creature a living and perpetual symbol of resurrection. It is also symbolized in the value that should never be lost in man. If you are interested in this topic you may be interested in:Ecuadorian Legends

As says  Ovidio, who are "when the bird sees its end coming, it builds an unusual nest of oak branches and fills it with tuberose, myrrh and other elements, on top of a palm tree. There she stands and, singing the most sublime of her melodies, she expires. After 3 days, from its own ashes, a new being arises and, when it is strong enough, it carries the nest to Heliopolis. as Egypt, and deposits it in the Temple of the Sun «.

Bird Phoenix Curiosities

  • The phoenix vanishes to resurface in all its perfection.
  • He had several special gifts, one of them was the virtue that they had his tears since they were healing, and the supernatural strength he had, when he controls fire with a lot of physical resistance to withstand it.
  • In Ancient Egypt it was called Bennu, it was believed that there was a link when the Nile River grew, it was also closely associated with the resurrection, with the Sun.
  • The phoenix bird is a symbol of the physical and spiritual body, also of the power of fire that purifies, representing immortality.
  • The phoenix inspired various religious doctrines.
  • It was known by the name of Phoenicoperus.
  • Its size was equal to that of an eagle.
  • In the Harry Potter movie, the phoenix heals his wound from the basilisk and with his great strength he rescues everyone by flying out of the chamber of secrets.
  • As well as in Egypt and Greece he is considered a deity.
  • They make mention of it in the anime Saint Seiya, in the Japanese animated series Pokémon, represented by "Ho-Oh", among others.

If you are interested in obtaining more information about the Phoenix Bird, we recommend you watch the following video:

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