Learn how to attract money, in a simple and effective way

A ritual is a symbolic act that is performed with great faith, regardless of religion or ideologies, to attract fortune into our lives; but you must take into account having a lot of faith and also have a lot of positive vibes, so that the rituals can really work. In this article we will tell you how attract money with a few simple rituals that are very useful.


8 Rituals to attract money, spells that work

We all need money to be able to satisfy our needs, in fact we all dream of having money and abundance for it, but we will tell you something: there are many ways to attract money into our lives. No one feels good about the lack of money, which is why these rituals are usually very popular and people resort to them a lot to request it.

There are times when our thoughts drive us crazy, especially when there is a shortage of money we become anxious, constantly checking bank accounts, worried because we do not have enough money, we cannot pay our debts, sometimes we cannot plan a trip or simply go to dinner at a restaurant.

Some people think that money does not bring happiness, but it helps us to make our lives much easier and simpler. So we will teach you several rituals so that you can attract money and abundance into your life, they are very simple and powerful rituals, you just have to do them with a lot of faith so that they can work. We will describe the following:

  • Ritual to attract urgent money and abundance.
  • Spell to get money instantly.
  • Ritual for money with a lemon.
  • Spell to attract quick money.
  • Ritual to attract money and work.
  • Spell to attract fast and effective money.
  • Rituals to earn money in games of chance.
  • Ritual for money with Santa Muerte.


Ritual to attract urgent money and abundance

This is a very simple ritual that you can perform when you want to attract abundance and money into your life. The only thing you have to take into account is to do it on the first night of the full moon, to make it more effective, you will need to get the following ingredients:

  • Water.
  • 3 spoonfuls of sugar.
  • 1 glass or clay container.

Preparation: You must place all the ingredients in a glass or clay container, you have to let it carry the serene of that first full moon night, that is, place it outdoors from 12 at night and bring it home at 6 o'clock the morning.

Then you must open the door of your house and start spraying with that water from the entrance, to the patio. We advise you to use a sprayer, it will be easier for you to do it, while you spray you should repeat the following sentence 7 times:

"I attract into my life all the money and abundance that the universe knows I deserve and I give thanks for it."


Spell to get money instantly

There are times when we are urgent to have an amount of money to cover certain obligations. For example:

María had an urgency to get money to be able to operate on her mother, so she decided to do this powerful ritual with a lot of faith and energy, when 48 hours passed, she received the money that came from a commission for having made a sale many years ago, in fact, she had given him up for lost.

If you want to have money quickly you can attract it with this powerful ritual, but you will attract just enough, that is, what is necessary so that you can cover the urgency that arises, we advise you not to misuse this ritual by practicing it frequently, for this you will count with other rituals that can help you. You will need to get the following ingredients:

  • Crystal glass.
  • 15 Coins.
  • 1 dollar or 1 euro (banknote).
  • A golden candle.
  • 1 pin (new).

You must do this ritual when the moon is in a crescent, that is, on those days when the moon is in this phase, it is pending to have all the materials so that you can carry it out, you have to do it with a lot of faith, that is the main ingredient for this to be effective and eliminate your negative thoughts. How to do it?:

Take the glass and place all the coins inside, roll up the bill and insert it into the center of the glass. Write the following words on the candle with the pin: money, abundance, wealth and prosperity, add the amount you urgently need to get. You must put the spell in the center of a table and light the candle with a wooden match, leave it there until the candle is consumed and recite the following prayer 15 times, you must also visualize the payment of what you need:  

"Thank you, I give you the universe for the money received."

Then you must take the money and place it in your wallet, leave the glass with the coins there, that is if you place it near the entrance door and wait for the money to arrive.


Ritual for money with a lemon

This ritual is wonderful, since it helps you to eliminate all the negative charges that you have in your environment and within yourself due to money, as well as attracting that money you need to be able to cover all your needs. For this you will need: A lemon.

It is highly recommended that you do this ritual when the moon is in the last quarter phase, because it will become effective and powerful. Please get a lemon that is big enough and juicy. You must take the lemon and cut it in the shape of a cross, when doing so you must say the following sentence:

"I throw out of my life all my bad thoughts and all negative attitudes to welcome prosperity and abundance."

Place the lemon on a white plate and place it under your bed, just on the side where you sleep, you must leave it there for three days, after that time is up you take it out, at no time should you touch the lemon, you just have to throw it out right away. your house. Remember to do this ritual with a lot of faith, and you will see how fortune rains down on you.

Spell to attract fast money

This spell is very powerful to attract money, it is also very quick and easy to do, many people use it to considerably improve their economic situation, the good thing about this ritual is that you can do it every Thursday of every week for a month, to make it much more effective. To do this you must get the following materials:

  • A white plate.
  • Rice (enough to fill the plate).
  • A yellow candle.
  • Cinnamon incense.

Preparation: You must heat the base of the candle with a wooden match so that you can fix it in the center of the plate, place the rice around the candle, light your candle and the incense that you must have in your hand, you must turn the candle six times the candle with the incense and repeat the following prayer:

“I am a money magnet.”

Then place the incense near the candle until both are consumed, remember: the intention must be charged with a lot of faith, so that it can take effect.

Ritual to attract money and work

This ritual is very powerful so that you can get a job if you don't have one and you want to get one, so if your things are not good, with this ritual they will improve, because we all know that with a job you can solve all your needs.

You must do this ritual for 7 consecutive days and at a fixed time, for example you can do it at 9:00 at night. For this you must have the following ingredients:

  • 7 cinnamon sticks
  • Basil (a branch with many leaves).
  • 7 cloves.
  • Chamomile.
  • 3 tablespoons of sugar.
  • Water.
  • A large pot.

Preparation: In the morning, take the pot and add enough water, since you should keep a cup so that you drink it when the potion is ready, put it to boil and when it starts to do so, add all the ingredients, leave it for 5 minutes, after that time you turn it off and cover it, reserve it until the time indicated above.

At 9:00 at night sharp, take the cup and add the potion, while you are drinking it, repeat the following sentence in your mind:

“Money, money, come to me, money, money, here you are”

Rituals and Spells for good Luck

Many times when we talk about luck, we say that it is almost always a fortuitous event and sometimes we attribute it to destiny for all the things that happen to us, if you want to attract money we will leave you these powerful rituals that will be very helpful, reminding you that you must have faith, because it is the main ingredient for all good things to begin to arrive:

Spell to attract fast and effective money

This ritual is very simple and also very easy to do, remember to have a lot of faith and a great positive intention, so that you can achieve what you long for, for this you must get the following ingredients:

  • 3 silver candles.
  • 3 gold candles.
  • Basil essence.

Preparation: You use your hands to grease the candles with the oil, place them in a candlestick if you have and if not, use a large plate, place it in the middle of your home and light the candles, while you light them put all your faith and good energies in positive And while you do this ritual, begin to ask the universe to grant you the money you need to be able to solve and cover all your economic needs.

Rituals to win money in games of chance

This ritual is effective if the universe understands and gives permission for the person to have profits in this type of gambling, without a doubt, if you are destined for it, it will happen.

But you must take find that most of the people who get their winnings in the game of chance are very unfortunate, this ritual will help you to win the lottery and it will really work if you are prepared for that to happen and if the universe believes that you are For this you will need the following ingredients:

  • 1 green candle.
  • 1 yellow candle.
  • The figure of a white elephant.
  • white sheet
  • Gold ink pen or marker.

Preparation: When you are doing this ritual, you must visualize the game that will make you win the money, you must also visualize that you collect that money. Then you write on the white sheet of paper the name of the game with which you want to win the money, in fact if you are playing the lottery put the number with which you want to win and of course you have to have already bought it. Take your paper and you must roll it up, then place the roll in the elephant's trunk, if the paper is not attached, take a thread to hold it.

Place the green candle on the right side of the elephant and the yellow candle on the left side, then light it with a wooden match, it is very important that you remember this last part, this ritual must be done on a crescent moon, to May this award grow together with this moon.

Ritual for money with Santa Muerte

Many people talk about Santa Muerte and are very believers in it, this ritual will help you get and attract money effectively, for this you will need the following materials:

  • 1 golden image of Santa Muerte.
  • 7 coins.
  • A round magnet.
  • 1 white plate.
  • A red bag.
  • 1 gold ribbon.
  • A golden candle.
  • 1 pin

You must take the pin and write the words money, prosperity and abundance on the candle. Place the image of the golden Santa Muerte in front of the plate you have and the candle too, put the magnet and the coins. You have to light the candle with the wooden match and pray the prayer of holy death for money, if you don't have it, don't worry, here we indicate it:

“Dear Death of the heart, always offer me your protection, day and night, my lady, I beg you to attract fortune, success and abundance to me and that through this blessed flame you receive my pleas for you. Thank you, my lady, for always listening to me.

After making your request and after the candle is consumed, take the magnet and the coins, place this in a red bag and tie it with the gold ribbon, this amulet must be carried with you for 15 days.

If you want to know more about how to attract money, we recommend the following video with additional methods to attract abundance into your life:

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